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Making Defense Feel Impactful/rewarding

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rasako, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Yes, I completely agree with you there. Again it would make sense to ensure that you were fighting over the territory rather than the just base in the middle of it.
    Either way, a non-linear base structure would be great and (to a certain extent) the more freedom the better when it comes to deciding how you go about assaulting and enemy fortification.
  2. Etherion Etherion Subordinate

    In my opinion, bases shouldn't even get spawn or capture points. Attacker wins when all defenders are dead. Let the defenders defend as they will, and hold off the attackers until reinforcements arrive, or the attackers go elsewhere. Bring some real siege warfare into the game. And, hopefully spawn points will be far enough behind the frontline that a zerg rush wouldn't be too effective (personally, I am hoping that you respawn on your factions ship in orbit, and then can take various forms of transportation down to your faction stronghold, or spend extra requisition for a drop pod or transport flyer to deploy squads closer to the battlefield). Make the bases defensible, and base assaults/defenses would be way more interesting than the Planetside 2 shoot things that leave the spawn point until base caps method.
  3. AlphaLegion Active Member

    this is a good point. and to prevent like spamming drop pods they would have a powerful air defense so allied forces could drop in. and i think it would be pretty cool if it was a major strategic point they would put a void shield over it so it could resist a heavy amount of bombardment, yeah and hopefully they only allow you to respawn as the defending team a certain amount of times so its not nearly impossible to take the base.
  4. Etherion Etherion Subordinate

    Well, like I said. You only go straight in the base if your willing to pay for a flying transport/drop pod/rok/etc. And those should be able to be shit down (although it'd be tough to hit a falling drop pod). Otherwise, you can sneak through siege lines or hit the attackers hard. Other than that, I agree completely. The bases should have plenty of defenses, and void shields would be interesting to see.
  5. Stmichael StMichael Subordinate

    I made the same assessment of Keeps in Warhammer Online some years ago, and I think this applies to future fortress defense in Eternal Crusade.

    One of the biggest issues with Keep defenses in WAR was that they were indefinite. Even years later after they added a timer, it just meant that the attackers came back in 10 minutes. There was no end for the defenders, and because of that it was pointless unless you could rally a larger zerg to go on the offensive and take their keep before they took yours.

    Assaulting a fortress is a risky play, they've got the deck stacked against you. If you really want to go ahead with it, you'd better have a lot of expendable troops and resources, because you're going to need them. On the flip side, a valiant last stand can be sufficient for the defenders to claim victory. If you caused your attackers to give up more than the fortress was worth, you've come out ahead.

    As such, the best way I can think of to handle bases/forts is to make sieging one cost actual requisition based on how much the attackers lose. If one side throws 3 whole companies against a wall and loses everything, that should cost them, and they should feel it.

    On a slightly related note, sieges shouldn't be instant. They should be declared ahead of time by someone of sufficient rank (maybe not exclusively war council, but not every player should have that power) and the defending faction should be alerted by their "scouts" that an outpost is under attack. Otherwise there will be huge incentives to zerg unoccupied forts for easy gain.
  6. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking something along the lines of 'crafting' and building/repairing.
    You can get xp or maybe skills from it and it can be an incentive for players to hang around a base and guard it.
    Or, and this would be an annoying option: certain crucial things can only be done while at a friendly base, making sure that way a base always have some people in it.

    Or you could assign (warcouncil?) a garrisson squad for a limited amount of time, while on garrisson you should get awarded something or else no-one will do it.

    I think it;s important to really think bases through otherwise the game will be like a bunch of nine year olds playing football ( aka soccer for americans): a whole bunch of dudes chasing a base or goal and nobody to defend a base which gets capped by one smartass going deep behind enemy lines, and everybody suddenly stops what they are doing and they rush back at their base to prevent the cap.
    ( ad benny hill music and you get the idea)
  7. Rasako Rasako Well-Known Member

    This is insanely huge when it comes to the war effort, especially the part about taking empty territories for massive gain! very glad you pointed out and disappointed in myself for not mentioning it sooner! hell, a lot of my time spent in planetside 2 even was just capping less traveled points and avoiding the hot spots.
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  8. Kakuzo New Member

    There will always be the risk of the enemy attacking an empty fort - that's the path of the least resistance. The obvious solution to that is timers, to let the defenders time to organize a defense.

    However, there should never be a need or incentive to "guard" a fort when it is not under attack. That is simply boring, and bad game experience.
  9. Rasako Rasako Well-Known Member

    well sadly with the tyranids chewing at borders that might become a very real and unending threat. except you would be going down into dungeons to stop them instead of standing on the keep walls waiting for them to siege the base, I would think anyways.
  10. well just let the warcouncil place autocannons up to a limit to some strategic points
    and if they get destroyed then they get some kind of notification

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