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Making Defense Feel Impactful/rewarding

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rasako, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    Valkyries are IG, the SM non-Apoc transport is the Stormraven, which is pretty much a flying Land Raider (lighter armor of course, because flying).
  2. AlphaLegion Active Member

    Chaos has some stormbirds which are more powerful but you can dumb them down for air combat so everything has a chance, like it Dark Crusade, by all rights the necrons will destroy everything in their path but the devs made them able to be beaten if you see what im going for here
  3. AlphaLegion Active Member

    I knew it was something else but i would like to see Thunderhawks more for well they can carry squads and they would be a flying banblade in lack of other words.
  4. Etherion Etherion Subordinate

    Actually, Necrons were overpowered in that game. The Monolith was effectively invincible for no particular reason, the Nightbringer was ridiculous, they had a ton of damage ignoring stuff, units that get back up where they last died, easier resource gathering, and high damage units. They were downright silly in that game.

    As for balance in EC, I'd rather they didn't nerf or buff units, unless absolutely necessary. And in regards to flyers, there's no need for a super heavy for one faction, but no the others.
  5. AlphaLegion Active Member

    if you read all the books and stuff, everyone is evened out like one side could be better in air but the other dominates the ground. and yeah the necrons were OP but you could stop them if you were an effective player, and you will have orbital bombardments if im correct and if that happens it will be leaning to one side for more effective firepower. orks are at a strategic disadvantage from the start anyways but make it up in numbers so each side has its strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    I like the idea of levolution from BF4, but on a much bigger scale. It would be nice if the objectives altered in some sort of way as you captured them. As chaos icon comes to mind... shifting and rotating with every objective taken....
  7. Bishop520 Active Member

    The problem with making walls and arming them is that you need enough people to get on the walls and use what they have to offer. PS2 had this problem, where some bases were walled off, but the defenders still only went for the gaps through which the enemy would come in, rarely using those turrets.
  8. AlphaLegion Active Member

    I can see where your coming from but the devs might add npcs to help defend maybe as well
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  9. First we make expand, then defense it.
  10. Etherion Etherion Subordinate

    What do you mean by that?

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