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Make Your Very Own Space Marine Power Armor In Just 15 Easy Steps!

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by BloodGusher, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. I'm gonna work on a prototype...see what I can manage with some glue sticks and construction paper.
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    Moved thread into our new Cosplay section. :)
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  4. And a steal at only 4000 bucks! :p

    I'm not familiar with the term "laser sintering" but from what I can tell it produces more accurate models with less assembly perhaps but I still don't think the material would be good enough for serious use. They show a wrench head on the indiegogo page but I sort of doubt you would get very far with a wrench made from plastic synthetic material they talk about using.

    I did however help fund the Micro 3D Desktop printer, a whole whopping dollar!, which will retail for 300 and I think will be a more realistic price range for widespread consumer use.,2817,2456090,00.asp
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    Regards the Indiegogo one.... Some quotes:

    That thing is darn serious. And the target-market is also more like ppl that wanna make money with it than just DIY, although if you have the money to spare, certainly you can also use it in private area.
  6. Yeah, but a nylon/plastic still. There are actual 3D printers that will print using metals, carbon fiber, fiber glass and more durable resins or combinations of materials like that, like the Local Motors 3D printed car, made with carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic aka ABS. I have a feeling that PA12 wrench head, while looking highly accurate, probably wouldn't make a great actual wrench.

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    That I know, but hey we talk about cosplay stuff here... So I think it would do just fine for most of the components. Of course the limit of the printer itself requires to make many smaller pieces and then put them together, but that is to be expected with any non-high-industry 3D printer I suppose.
  8. So what I'm hearing is: a sufficiently advanced 3D printer and its schematics are basically the STC's of the third millenium?

    (Less the detailed instructions on how to most efficiently manufacture the desired product, of course.)
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    It basically would be yes.

    I am looking forward to the next few years and how it will revolutionize cosplay.
  10. A lot of advances have been made, prefab housing, cars, industrial parts, even 3D printed food! We're not up to snuff with the replicators from Star Trek yet though.

    Btw, here are some "working" miniature bolters, 3D printed.

    It can be done on a larger scale but it of course requires more materials, higher grade printers and more money.

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