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Make PvE more worth playing?

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Data8671, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Maybe we shoudl get a significant amount more XP for PvE. Maybe 15 XP per gaunt kill?
    Maybe more XP for completing missions, or even some unique cosmetics for completing achievements in PvE...
  2. Zarbustibal Zarbustibal First Blood!

    Would be great but since the pve team is no more we wont get any improvement ^^
  3. I will state Lairs need an overhaul and I dislike how beefy Warriors are. More importantly, tactics/weapons that work for gaunts/gants don’t work for Warriors at all, which makes it super hard to PUG with as you aren’t really useful until the Warrior or you aren’t really useful when your team needs the help clearing the Warrior...

    Where else can your entire kill team make the kind of bank you can in Hard Horde?

    Wave 1: 200 xp
    Wave 2: 400 xp (600 total)
    Wave 3: 600 xp (1200 total)
    Wave 4: 800 xp (2000 total)
    Wave 5: 1000 xp (3000 total)
    Wave 6: 1200 xp (4200 total)
    Wave 7: 1400 xp (5600 total)
    Wave 8: 1600 xp (7200 total)
    Wave 9: 1800 xp (9000 total)
    Follow the same trend after 9, but the first Warrior generally wipes most Teams.

    With each wave being a couple of minutes of work, you and up to 4 buddies can RELIABLY rack up top-level PvP numbers with minimal effort. I don’t see how people think PvE needs MORE XP rewards.

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