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Major Issues With Marine Models.

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Kyle994, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. I really have to go to the Chaos Space Marine thread to clarify the whole thing asap, but regarding all the comments since my previous, the answer is YES. But most of what you describe will be achieves thru what is presently missing pieces (as I said, these are naked characters) and most importantly, thru posing (i.e. animation). What you have in the turnaround are T-poses (for those wh don't know waht T-poses is, it's the position in which the character is modeled, it has usually no personnality whatsover and is meant to give a good hold for the rig/skeleton so that when animating it will deform optimally without breaking the character's silhouett). Next step is indeed giving those character animations so that they stop looking like dead corpse.... until they are executed in game, that is ;)
  2. Marneus Carnak Ascendancy Active Member

    I get the feeling that the actual game is far ahead of what we're being shown.
  3. A little, the world would nearly be finished by now, and the character models would be finished, its just the matter of applying alot of extras, like vehicles, armor customization, stats and programming and the addition of the game engine.
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  4. The game is assets but it's also features. There is a lot of that going on right now. It's what is going to make all the assets fit together in a credible whole. For example, the customisation process: the space marines are built around a rig/skeleton that is used for animation, but also to build the marines. all the pieces of the armour are separate pieces (which is great for dismemberment) which can be assembled in different manners to make different armours.
  5. Keep the bouncing shoulderpads, so badass.
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  6. Wobbley Wobbley Curator

    That is the prettiest footage so far, no gameplay, but the prettiest :)
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  7. Glad you like it. For the game we're aiming at continuity with this regarding the environment, but with better textures and shader, more consistency in modeling density and better lighting solutions... And pushing the enveloppe, conceptually. I think were in line with the architecture of the brand but it definitely could be more iconic... That's what we're also working on right now.
  8. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks like that.

    I really hated how the Aquila Mark VII power armor looks like in Space Marine game. The helmet. What the hell?

    I mean, compare it with the Strategy games of W40k. The Space marine helmet is looks line a full helmet. But in the Space Marine video game, it looks like a helmet with a gasmask.

    The Space Marine helmet should not look like its separate. The line where the helm joins with the face mask should not be so visible that it looks like two separate items worn to accompany each other, and it should NOT be pointy! Just compare them with DoW models. Their helmets are not pointy between the eyes. That makes them look much more awesome than the Space Marine game model. Also, the eyes should be much smaller.

    Of course, it is WIP and very early to judge, but I just really want them to realize these stuff and make the prettiest Space Marines evah!

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  9. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    They also screwed it up in DOW II, where the vox-grille extended far too long from the head to give it a swine-like appearance, which is just wrong. Incredibly wrong. They also went really weird with Corvus, as I don't recall even in the rogue trader days Corvus helmets being bent.


    Somebody give that helmet some viagra.
  10. It's great to know the Developers are aware of our concerns, thanks Ghislain for enlightening the masses.

    I'll second the thoughts on wanting to see much bulkier models, especially below the waist. Wider at the hips, thicker thighs and lower legs.

    In my opinion "skin tight" or slimmed down models you see from some 40K artwork and other 40K games do NOT properly portray the "reality" of the 40K universe. If you know the SM canon, you know of the exoskeleton muscle fiber suit SM's wear in under the armor, plus all the servo motors and hydraulics that power the suit. There are internal medical systems that can pump adrenaline, pain killers, antibiotics, anti venom, and an assortment of other medical concoctions into the body. There are also the cooling and heating systems as well as the life support systems. All of these systems are BENEATH the outer layer of armor, then there's the actual thickness and layers of the exterior shell.

    The game play footage from Space Hulk: Deathwing in my mind really captures the correct "massive", EPIC, bulky proportions that would allow for all those systems to be functioning under the armor. I know it may be a "no no" to post footage from another upcoming 40K title, but I think it's definitely justified in the context of this discussion. I'd suggest going full screen to capture the EPIC vibe those models give off.. and it does say "in game" footage.

    Granted they ARE wearing Terminator armor in that footage, but they are still absolutely MASSIVE in scale for Terminators. I hope EC will capture the feel of those epic proportions for all the SM/CSM, Ork and Eldar models. Can you really go too big in the 40K universe??? I'd rather see a bit too big than too small or too slim.


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