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Major Issues With Marine Models.

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Kyle994, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Kyle Kyle994 Recruit

    So after looking at the recent character models I really have major issues with the marine characters. They really lack the proportion and massive feel that we have seen done so perfectly before by plastic wax in their dawn of war 2 cinematic and relic in space marine. While I cant but my finger on exactly what it is that is wrong with them I know that something is definitely off, especially the helmets but ill get to that.
    I know this is all very early stuff but i thought I might as well make my opinion known sooner rather than later and to see if anyone agrees with me.
    The issue I have with the helmets is another proportion issue, they just look so not menacing, they look cartoon like and unrealistic. This is another thing plastic wax and relic perfected.
    The eyes of the helmet could be smaller and the 'nose'/'grill' could be heightened and the forms of each armored body part could be shifted to better represent the hulking size and mass of the space marine, right now they look dwarfish like the tabletop models and it doesn't transfer well into animated 3d space.
    Just comparing the models shown to the relic and plastic wax models really shows what i mean.

    Not many people know about this small piece of CGI but here is plastic Wax's original space marine test render:
    And obviously the dawn of war 2 cinematic is a great reference in itself, maybe you guys could contact plastic wax for model references or something i dont know, i just really want this game to be perfect and im obviously a huge space marine fan.
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  2. Hosk Hosk Curator

    New marine models are on their youtube channel that just came out today. Do these look more like what you'd like?


    I put them side by side and the proportions look pretty spot on with Wax's model.
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  3. Kyle Kyle994 Recruit

    Nope they dont, they are the models im describing I have issues with. As other people have pointed out another problem is the size and position of the shoulder pads, as well as everything else I described.
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  4. God God Well-Known Member

    The EC marine model looks a lot like the Dawn of War 2 space marine models as far as proportions are concerned:


    Which is fine in my opinion.
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  5. Destabilizator Destabilizator Nickname Change

    Actually they don't, DoW marines have their heads between the pauldrons, giving them meanier and shouldery look.
  6. God God Well-Known Member

    no thats just the perspective. The EC model is filmed from below

    They're practically the same model and I'm not sure why certain people are so upset about it
  7. Destabilizator Destabilizator Nickname Change

    I disagree, even from below, the DoW would have higher collar... meh, it's so hard to describe those tiny nuances which sadly in this case make it good or bad
  8. Carnage Carnage Deacon

    You can find a million pics of each, high or low pads in reference to head, official SM I think it really depends on the position of the shoulders, relaxed or firm, SM's are not clones, they don;t all have the exact same body shape.

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  9. [​IMG]

    Clearly shows correct anatomy of SM and how the armor should properly be rendered around the body. Inspect the far left overlay, the top of the shoulder armor clearly sits at eye level and the backpack covers the back of the neck and most of the back of the cranium. Sure there's a TON of stylized artwork out there, but this is the BEST and most correct example I could find of how the armor fits around an actual SM body.

    Oddly enough this is a silhouette study done by Behavior. It seems whatever knowledge was gained by the study above was forgotten or ignored when they made their model.
  10. Kyle Kyle994 Recruit

    I definitely agree, there is a very clear difference between the quality of their 2d concept art and their 3d models, and that is not a good thing, most of the concept art ive seen is fantastic, including the one you have shown, but the 3d models are not of the same quality.

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