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LSM - What Is Your Opinion?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eldritch, May 16, 2017.



  1. LSM need Nerfs

  2. LSM are Fine

  3. LSM need Buffs

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  1. You know it would be an interesting experiment to have all classes respect weapon choices of basic troops/vet troops based on TT.

    Could let them rebalance weapons too since now instead of a whole team filled with said weapon now only comes on a one life Vet etc.
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  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    If you do that then the eldar options that can be put in currently would make em cry even more.
  3. Delgear Steam Early Access

    I voted they were fine, however ... i don't think EVERYTHING about them is fine .... just like i dont think everything about every faction is fine .... im not a big fan of the present state of the Stalker, and servo skull, apoth beacon, and the PC are not really in good places ....

    But i also think alot of similar weapons on other factions need tweaking like the AG/AC, Ace dakka, reaper, road kill, suicide orangutans, rockets ...lets just say theres a long list.

    What i think is killing this games balance 100% and why people are SO angry at the game in general and its play ability is that there are 2 prime problems, problem one ::

    melee kills too slow or ranged kills too fast it feels really unrewarding and often times frustrating to play a melee right now Especially !! a foot slogger .... but honestly JPA's dont really have that much of an impact on whether you win or not on a map save a few really specific locations on certain maps most of which are fortress maps and even then you only need them until you have "pushed past" certain spots, then it suddenly once again becomes sub optimal to have one at all. But the real victims in the current meta are GA's or melee equipped classes like them because if you dont have a shield ... im looking at you CGA you are mostly screwed and your life is just infinitely harder than any other player in the game.

    Problem 2 we don't have enough variety in tactics. Yep, most factions dont even have much cover deny to choose from, theres only 1-2 classes that can suppress or mess with fire, most AV is relegated to AV specific weapons, Our CqC specialists are forced to almost entirely melee .... so everyone is stuck in perpetual trenching/zoning tactics or going straight to flushing with no way to cover deny so you have 2 states of the game either two opposing trenches angling for better zone control, or a meat grinder ..... where your only option is to run to certain death hoping to catch the enemy when they are reloading or distracted by someone else .... our weapon and strategy diversity is abysmal and a lot of the problems people are complaining about would be fixed with more meta archetype weapons being added to the mix.

    both of these things are actually a symptom of a root cause ..... not having a "Role" in mind when making a weapon or class, a lot of our weapon additions have just been hype additions ... additions the devs think will spark the most hype or fanfare as opposed to the ones that will deepen and balance play ... Grav weapons i would say are probably the one exception ive seen as it adds an interesting dynamic to a faction allowing them to slow vehicles. but in general, not only do classes not have unique mechanics to themselves(and i dont mean weapon selection) but rarely within a class are we asked to "pick a role". some classes have this effect built in like lets say they healer classes thier role is clearly defined .... thier items are different ways for you to "commit" to healing strategies .... or ways to defend yourself so you can heal without getting gacked .... however ... look at other classes like lets say the tactical ... his role "should be" to capture a point per the devs ... yet outside the ability to theoretically cap we see some contradictory game mechanics .... no reward in game effect for being THE one who caps, no reward after successfully capping, and many of the weapons tacticals employ are MUCH more effective outside away from the point in the open field or at long range. if it wasnt for dbash bolter i dont think tacticals would be very good at their job at present. but they would still be AMAZING at devastators job. With the role tacs have been given you would think they would be more akin to what GA became and would push thier logical boundaries towards thier capping incentive ... arming themselves with swords/chainswords, and good pistols .... now we have on LSM alone 2 "Assault" classes whose job is supposed to be "Attackin entrenched enemies" ask yourself who are the entrenched enemies ? defenders ... usually of points .... ok .... so we are assaulting points why ? so that we can cap them right ? but who caps points ? why the tactical of coarse ... assault units whose job is to take enemy territory from them do not cap ... we leave that to our midrange specialist with no mechanics that make him better up close ...... and now we start to see the problem, our games telegraphed mechanics DO NOT MATCH our mechanics as metaphor ..... the game TELLS us one thing BUT LOGIC makes the other thing the better choice ..... quite frankly the reason we are having so much trouble is that the game design is conflicting with itself its AT war with its own definition of what it has to do.

    Its not just an LSM thing every faction is riddled with these inconsistencies and contradicting mechanics vs themes ....
  4. Delgear Steam Early Access

    I would like to point out that the sorcerers AOE nurgle heal adds a damage mitigation buff to multiple simultaneous targets and heals the sorcerer while hes being shot ..... allowing them to res multiple allies simultaneously while enjoying the same damage debuff they are sprinkling on all said allies .... even though i personally use the beam heal .... this is the MOST selected heal for chaos healers. and could tip your formula in its instance. plus the apoth has to premeditate his healing buff, or find an opening behind cover as he can easily die in its "cast animation" while a sorcerer can still walk around while sprinkling "damage down juice" all around them .... I still am on your side i think the apoth is presently better but i dont think the sorc has it anywhere near as bad as you project it.
  5. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    I'd be up for testing that.
  6. EL-MACHINO EL-MACHINO Steam Early Access

    For me, as long as LSM dont get some kind of DoT oder massiv live steal melee weapon they are not perfect. All other 3 factions have some kind of this unic weapon. I would chance the grav gun in a heart beat for a DoT Sword.
  7. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    I consider it better than the swords honestly since it's so cheap
  8. EL-MACHINO EL-MACHINO Steam Early Access

    Yeah..sure.. Fight as Melee Apo against a Chaos GA with Chain Axe/ Power Sword. 2 Clangs and the Nart is broken and 2 Hit from the GA and u are dead. But yes thats enough for LSM. All their apos do the Melee part.
  9. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Master crafted for more durability, although you shouldn't need to clang more than once in a brawl anyway, you can also use your boltor to finish them off easily when your at it
    You have poison melee, up to you if you actually make use of it's absurdly low price but don't complain that you don't have any.

    Eldar don't get any fire damage for example but space marines will have 4 weapons with it now but that's hardly a problem honestly.
  10. Meh, Fire is inferior to poison anyway IMO. Poison ignores Armor, Fire doesn't.

    That being said Eldar are a little short on ailment uniques(however...LESS ailments isn't necessarily a bad thing for the game as a whole heh).
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