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LSM Squad Leader discussion

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Forj, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    Added to list.
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  2. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Don't lose hope guys, there are pugs that WILL listen. During the last LSM campaign I was there on the last day picking up my wins (scheduling problems FTW!). On my own, through just the text based chat, I was delegating almost the entire team and they were following through. Every time I did that, we ended up winning the match save for one clan stack on a shit map.

    There are alot more receptive noobies than we sometimes believe.

    Here's some tips though..

    1.) Keep everything in scope, if the whole team seems receptive, then go for the match. If only some people are listening, set goals that are achievable even if you can't win the match. If you tell them to hold A point, and they do even though the match was lost, they won't feel like they lost. Line up your goals with the tools you have, don't bite off more than you can chew.

    2.) Keep orders easy-ish to understand. In addition, always give an explanation for your order along with said order. For example, don't just say "put pressure on B point" because no one will know WHY they should listen to you. Elaborate with "put pressure on B point but don't commit, we want to look big and scary so they don't feel safe enough to attack A point while we hit C".

    3.) Don't just use Voip, always type with your orders too. Obvious reasons.

    4.) Make damn sure you know what you're doing and have the rank to back it up. Even if you are a vet, if you're on your rank 1-3 char they're less likely to listen to you. Wait it out until you are a higher rank. If you do have proper rank and are a vet, make sure you KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Every match is like a mini political challenge. If you give orders, with the proper scope, and they go well, people are more likely to keep listening to you (and others will join). If you constantly give shit orders, constantly are negative, constantly trip yourself up, don't really know what you're talking about, and all that other stuff then you lost credibility in that match (and with any players who were in that match). Needless to say, if that happens then they won't listen. Sometimes it's unavoidable, but I see way too many people who think they know what they are doing but have no clue even though they are vets. People will quickly pick up on bullshit and act accordingly, so put the work in to know to play the game, and to play people (in a sense).
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  3. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    Good dose of positivity, thanks!
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  4. Heironymus Heironymus Subordinate

    Luckily, all I have to do is say "GIVE ME DA SL, YA GROTZ. IZ LEAD'N DIS WAAGH NOW!!" and it works out, usually.
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  5. Dice DicersonWH40k Subordinate

    I have been having some great luck not only leading my squad, but commanding entire matches in my more recent games. Getting pubbies to do what you want isn't easy, but the built-in matchwide Voip is very very useful. Especially if multiple people have it and everyone talks on their own. But if I'm the only voice (or one of 2 or 3 voices), I will essentially step up and command the team strategy.

    My LSM character is Dicerson (I believe I also added the Brother Moniker, it has been a short while since my last time playing).
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  6. shygye shy Subordinate

    I am willing to put forth my name as SL. LSM Gerom
    Time to make herding cats my specialty
    and thank you for the information this will make things ALLOT easier for giving orders, will definitely get the attention of squad-mates
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  7. shygye shy Subordinate

    Even better thank you
  8. Though my in-game Experience may not be that of the other veterans here. I have filled the role of Squad leader out of necessity. My findings are as such "If i mark a point or speak orders through chat i have a 35% chance of others actually following those orders and the battle goes well for us but if its the 65% they scatter and get gunned down. This is something that angers me to no end. BUT in fairness i have been in matches where Squad leaders give terrible orders that accomplish nought but our loss in Marines. so to truly fix this problem we need not only soldiers who can follow their squad leader...but Leaders who can make Honest tactical decisions.

    At this time I don't believe I am fully fit for Command but if you See my name (RUINE MASTER) Know that i will follow orders the best i can.
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  9. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    Sounds like you're more fit for squad Command than 65% of those that end up in that role :SMGentle:
  10. Your Words are Kind and for that I thank you.
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