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LSM Squad Leader discussion

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Forj, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    It's great to hear that people are using this thread to help teach newer squad leaders how to lead. A tip I have to everyone is to learn when the proper time to lead is. What I mean by this is if someone is already leading the majority of the group allow them to lead the bulk and simply second their orders even if you disagree. A unit that moves as one will normally win matches but a unit that is being split by two leaders will only hurt the team. As a general rule of thumb 5 can hold a point while 10 can take points however both teams need people to lead them to make the most of what they have and don't be afraid to call out large groups and where they are coming from so your units can move to counter them or to avoid them if assaulting.
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  2. Tior Elsworth Tior Steam Early Access

    Problems I see:
    1. Squad hopping.
      • There was a time I wasnt even squad leader and my whole squad ditched so I was left alone in one squad (I didnt even notice that they all ditched the squad and joined in the squad that had a rhino). Squad leaders can be shocked to find his squad empty, barking orders at no one. Squad leaders can be also shocked to find his squad composition sorely lacking or has too much of one class ("I need some devastators to suppress!" *Squad is mostly randoms that picked GA* -_-).
      • Squad leaders should be able to choose their squad composition so that players can fill in those roles. SLs cant have this with too much squad hopping.
      • Squad leaders should be also able to call support from other squads that have the classes he/she needs for support. ("Alpha squad needs some GAs so we can enter the building!" *Beta sends some of its GAs since it has more GAs than any squads*) SLs cant have this with too much squad hopping.
    2. Communication.
      • Typing is a chore. Most randoms (like me) don't use voice communication (yeah I'm planning to). Reading the chat also takes time and people don't have that luxury when there's a Raptor dropping on your head.
      • Randoms that join in past the briefing period usually run in blindly and don't even know the status quo, frequently ignoring faction level and squad level communication.
      • English isn't everyone's first language. Language barrier.
    3. Map level squad distinction.
      • It is quite hard to distinguish which squad is where. There has to be squad colors.
    All these problems and more have to be solved with a mostly "young" and random population (within LSM) and also an unfinished game.
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  3. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    I agree with the above post. I really do love to play a squad leader but so far my job becomes very difficult unless I turn on my microphone hoping people are listening. So at the moment my job boils down to marking the objective that needs the most help and hoping people follow it. Honestly it feels like I'm doing a good job because my squads tend to churn out exp by the bucket load whenever I mark stuff so apparently the right stuff is being marked. But if we want something more in depth I think its going to be better to get a guild together with TS or something.
  4. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Im not sure if its the "your not my dad" Syndrome, but i commonly get agrue'd with about simple facts in this game.

    1. 2 Points + 10mins = Win. So, that means, 1 Point 10mins is 1/2 bar, or 1 Point 5mins is 1/4 bar.
    Bar reading is still a problem.
    2. Learning Win method meta's.. only so many ways to win in Point Defence/Attacking.
    This has gotten marginally better
    3. Player Skill, Muh Bolter is only as good as the user.
    This is gotten worse. (Thanks Bleed Campaigns, back to unskilled base Population, Job Success)
    4. (M)ap is extremely important to keep checking, as it tells the story from the eyes of your team-mates better then they'll tell you themselves at the moment.
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  5. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

  6. 1. Is it squad hopping, or squad consolidation, though? My first dozen games got met with Faction chat lighting up with "Consolidate squads!" Now when I join a squad I look at the mission, map, and squad composition. If I'm in a squad of Jump Assault, I'll bounce to a more ground-oriented unit (I suck at melee but my bolter and I can push or hold a point as needed.) When I find myself in squad command I pass it off mainly because I'm just coming back to EC after a bit of a hiatus. I imagine I'll be taking SL more often soon (especially when I get my servo skull and/or better banners.)

    2. The biggest issue I've found 'from the ground' is that I often find myself in squads where the SL keeps changing the waypoint trying to 'Chase the Cap,' and I eventually just give up trying to follow such manic and inconsistent leadership so I pick a point and hold it until I can't. Example is we've got B on lock but we keep getting pushed on. Enemy starts cap on A and the SL panics and shifts waypoint, knowing the situation here at B. Everyone deserts B, we get pushed and B starts to flip, so SL shifts the waypoint back (half the squad was hoofing it to A and now has to turn around.) I dig PS2's Squad/Platoon/Faction chat architecture for this, so Squad leads can pass info without complicating or confusing instruction to Troopers.

    3. Agreed. Each squad its own color, not just your squad colored differently.

    Also, Great video of VM in action, @Valrak !
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  7. CadianKnight Recruit

    I'll be a squad leader. [DVLT] Jokon Hive
  8. I' d be willing to lead but don't think anyone leading would help. You tell people all the time what to do and they refuse either because they want to do their own thing or are just resistant to being told what to do. My in game names are Leonidas Pax and [V-M] Pax
  9. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    That's definitely part of the problem. Added your names to the list.
  10. My LSM characters are Philip, Drust, and Faustus Maximus.
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