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LSM Squad Leader discussion

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Forj, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    @starfox it's not just LSM, I've met the same type of thing on Eldar. But it's more common on LSM, simply due to the greater numbers. Even if it's the same proportion of people being clueless, you'll just meet more of them on LSM.

    Agreed on JPAs being Squad Leads, and it's the same with Swooping Hawk. I don't mind leading squads, but if I'm playing SH, I ditch that fast because as you say, I'm just going to take that buff away from my squad - and with no benefit to me either.

    I too really want to see Squad Leaders be useful in that role, or limit the random nature of it. I try to educate people on how to promote someone else, but I've yet to see anyone pay attention to it.

    There is just no consequence for Squad Leaders who don't fill the role. I guess you could try and votekick them, but that's way too harsh, even if enough people understood and agreed with you.
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  2. Chebalis bravo Curator

    Me and my guild just found a solution,space marines comissar squad,when pugs dont listen and for example stay at b when we need to take a all my guild goes to b and starts purging every single marine there till they leave the point,we won a couple matches doing that the other day it worked...
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  3. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    Brother, this thing is a scourge across all factions.
    I have posted a concept up recently that addresses the squad/squadleader issues; go check it out:

    Putting all the other aspects of my proposal aside, i see the squadleader situation handled this way:
    SLs are still determined (not qued, not opted), however the chances of becoming a squadleader are based entirely on the given player's statistics within his faction.
    Say, the more XP you have from healing, capping/decapping, and generally killing things in the long run, the more chance you got to be selected SL by the algorithm. On the other hand, if your profile contains lots of teamkilling, running vehicles off cliffs and not that many kills, caps and uncaps, there is no way you're gonna be selected as SL.

    I have given this a lot, a looooot of thought and this concept is the only sensible way i see to solve this game-breaking problem.
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  4. Dice DicersonWH40k Subordinate

    Hey! I hope you don't mind if I correct ya a bit, I don't mean it offensively I just like to help people understand the language better! Your spelling was actually pretty spot on except for just one single word, 'Together", you spelled "Togheter", misplacing the "h", which should be to the immediate right of the lowercase "t". Other than that, you were really only missing bits and pieces. Not pluralizing a word that needed plural (Such as "game is full of bugs?"), or simply missing important articles like "the" or "a" or replacing other articles with inappropriate ones (Like replacing "to" with "a" in "...know how a squad lead." You also didn't capitalize most of your "i"s. If a letter "i" is being used by itself, it needs to be capitalized (No idea why, it just is. English!), even if it is being used in an conjunction like "I'm". You also misspelled "probably" by adding an "i" just before the "l".

    Sorry for those who didn't need a grammar lesson! I just want to help foreigners learn the language!
  5. Dice DicersonWH40k Subordinate

    During setup phase, let people "Opt-in" to being squad leader. If in a squad there is a person whose opted in and the leader hasn't, that person is auto-promoted to leader. If noone's opted, then use your method, or if multiple have opted, use your method among those who opted. Prioritizing number of hours as squad leader first, then hours in-game/avg score per match, then average number of squad bonuses earned per match.

    Then add a setting in the options menu for "Auto Opt-in for Squad Leader".
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  6. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    Not a bad suggestion, I especially like the opt-in option.

    I suggest you tag the person whose grammar you are correcting ;) It's not all that clear who you are addressing.
  7. Dice DicersonWH40k Subordinate

    I had clicked the "reply" button, didn't realize that it didn't work. Weird
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  8. I don't really have suggestions, just mostly questions. And there doesn't seem to be any actual guide on how to be a squad leader. Also, I have only been playing a few days.

    So first, things I (think) know about being a squad leader, but maybe I am wrong:
    1. Pressing Q on a spot marks it as your waypoint and everyone in the squad gets bonus XP (+15%..??).
    2. Your back thingy gives everyone in your squad a bonus but only if everyone is together?
    3. (more of an observation)Staying together as squad seems to have more survivability than a squad all split up. Even if your all at the wrong place

    What I don't know for sure:
    1. How do you mark an objective without being near it? I could have sworn I saw my squad leader do that one time.
    2. Do the canned replies ("V" key)for a squad leader have other functions other than just a canned reply?
    3. If I mark a main objective can (A, B, or C) can I mark other things, like say a vehicle for example, without it removing my main objective waypoint?
    4. The other day I told my team to stay and defend A. They all did (amazing!!) and we never lost A, but we did lose the game. I mentioned a few times in chat that maybe one of the other squad leaders should go take C but I don't think they did. Did I do wrong? Should I have abandoned A to go secure another objective then come back and retake A?
    5. Is there a way to see the squad player break down, like who is in each squad? Or at least see who the other squad leaders are? I don't see it when I hit the tab key, but maybe I am overlooking it.

    I hope this is an ok place for my post. I know I am not giving out suggestions, just asking questions. Really wish there was a guide. and all these maps seem to have different ways a squad leader should react. I don't mind being a squad leader but I know so little, so just trying to do my best.

    Anyways thanks for any help on this guys! :)
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  9. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    Best I can do for you on the guide front is a shameless plug for How to be an effective Squad Leader (but you seem to have grasped the basics) and if you're LSM, the guild I made for training squad leaders that got no interest.

    1. Correct. Not sure of the exact %XP buff, but the +15 ticks become +17
    2. The banners only work within a certain radius. If you're near your squad leader and are getting the buff, an icon will show above your health bars. Unless things have changed, the squad leaders gains neither the buff nor the XP bonus (though they now get XP bonuses from other players following orders )
    3. Possibly the effect of the basic back banner (-6% damage taken), but also a general truism. More outgoing firepower, and more target to be shot at dilutes incoming fire.

    1. You can mark from the map while respawning, but it doesn't always work - I'm not sure why, or if it's just bugged
    2. It's just canned replies, though "Need health" and "Need ammo" adds a flashing indicator to your nameplate for others to see.
    3. No, you can only have one mark at a time.
    4. Difficult to say. It's important to hold one point at all times, especially if it's under attack, but sometimes if your squad is the most effective one it can be better to hold for a while and then move it to another point in order to make a capture certain - especially true if the other two points haven't been captured at all yet. Uncapped points have a high priority, especially at the start of a match.
    5. What you're looking for is unintuitively buried in the "Change Squad" option, and you then need to cycle through each squad to see it's leader and members.
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  10. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    I squad lead even when im not leader. Point being, any communication helps. Knowing what way they're about to attack, where are the transports, is it melee'ers or Heavys, Lone Tac. All valid points in combat. Never gonna get rid of all stupidity across the board. Problem is even with the best tactics in the world. The other team is doing the same, and someone is going to win, someone is going to lose. Everyone gets all ampped up and forgets this basic fact. Rather or not your squad leader, comment on whats going on. If its a Fortress and the world is coming down around you, pretty sure everyone knows.< OR HERES AN IDEA, TALK BEFORE A MATCH STARTS, GET A IDEA OF THE BATTLEPLAN> Normally gonna be 5-10 people sitting there for least a minute. Just that many people will make the collective whole better since "most" players will pick a group to hang around.

    Like the other guy said here, sometimes being a Leader is the way you go about it. How you word things. Ask people to do things. Give them a reason why this would be a good idea. (I.E. Match,W e was holding a point from their full team. I told them i was going to pull 2 guys off the point, attack another point in hopes that they would lose the focus on the one they needed to win. It worked, and we won by timeout with Chaos having next to nothing to win. Pretty Epic.) I gave a reason why we needed to do that. I didn't command them to go get this point! I went myself and took backup. = Squad Leader. People don't want to be commanded to do things, they wanna do things because its the better thing to do. Cant Stress That Enough!

    So Squad leader is just a title, just gives you some cool options if you happen to be one. But really the Commander Of The Battlefield is Intelligence and Information.

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