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LSM Squad Leader discussion

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Forj, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    So, I’m pretty much a full time PuG, sometimes paired up with a friend of mine. And at the time I usually play, LSM is mostly the same: largely unguilded players, and a handful of guilded players playing solo.

    So, as you can expect, things are a chaotic mess as everyone runs around doing their own thing, and not stacking up in the ways that most benefits our faction. Five or more LSM running around together are a force to be reckoned with, and I’m only seeing that happen with Guild groups - yet the other factions manage it with Pugs (not all the time, admittedly, but more often than I observe it on LSM).

    Now, there are two ways to get people to group up: guild groups, or a Squad Leader that knows how to place Waypoints on Capture Points, other places, and on themselves (corollary: and have the squad actually follow them, but that’s another matter entirely).

    It is this second group that LSM seem to be sadly lacking in - with no orders, each person makes their own decision on the best course of action. The difference a single player giving structure to the team can make is noticeable. I’ve been the Squad Leader making a difference, and I’ve been part of squads that have a Squad Leader giving orders, and it’s some of the best and most enjoyable play I’ve had or seen.

    Our long term performance is appalling: the last time we held more than 24 Territories (i.e a quarter of the map) was December 16, and we are the only faction with a negative TD30 (TD30 is the sum of Territorial Balance over the last 30 days, more information can be found here and here). We can lay part of the blame at the feet of new players and their inexperience, but if we aren’t providing even the minimal amount of direction, then we aren’t doing anything to mitigate that problem, we're just complaining about it.

    I don’t think that LSM can afford to continue letting the Squad Leads fall to chance. I think that those who are dumped into the Squad Lead role who aren’t willing to fill that role should pass it to someone else. (PSA Tip: if you don’t want to be Squad Lead, ESC>Change Squad>Select Person>Promote)

    So, let's have a two part discussion:
    1. How can we get more Squad Leaders doing their job?
    2. Who amongst us is willing to put their names forward as willing to be Squad Leaders, so we know who to look for in-game?
    Squad Leader Volunteers

    [DELT] Forgrim
    [WCA] Vola / Volaous
    [XIII] Ephaistos
    [XIII] Lucius Vinicius
    [CF] Brother Trecks
    Kid Twist
    [SCAV] Anvillior
    [XXI] Fangz
    [AIM] Knight-Marshal Areaus
    Blood Howl Malum
    [DVLT] Jokon Hive
    Leonidas Pax / [V-M] Pax
    Philip / Drust / Faustus Maximus
  2. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    As you continue with your ADVENTURES IN MULTIPLAYER PVP VIDEOGAMING you will eventually develop leadership skills out of necessity and due to familiarity with your environment (that's exactly what happened to me). Due to experience you learn how and why you win or lose (that's human nature yo), and just by being able to predict what actions will cost you or win you the game you'll become a leader.

    Which means if you've played this game, or really any other PvP game (especially FPS games), for awhile then you're a squad leader go get 'em. You don't even have to bowl right into it being all "YO DO THIS AND THAT" just inch into it like I did by taking note of how your team is playing and saying things like "hey if we do that we're probably gonna lose" until eventually you do become The Commander.

    On another note,
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  3. Viking Vking Arkhona Vanguard

    I usually end up as squad leader in most of my games and try to coordinate my squad and if possible the rest of the team. Most of the times, if at least part of the team listens we end up doing quite alright. Although it depends on what map we are playing. My favourite map to "lead" is blackbolt. Too bad we don´t have any ingame stats but from my overall feeling I´ve got a pretty high win rate on that map.
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  4. Orfeask Orfeask Steam Early Access

    I usually change squad and the change again to the previous one when i spawn as a squad leader.
  5. Octave Octave First Blood!

    Me : eh, what do i have a big lollypop stuck in my back? Oh shit, i'm leader again...ok, where is that change squad option already?

    I don't know, hate giving orders, hate even more taking them. Which happen to be one of the reason why i often play medic, i go where the heat is, healing, helping people up, doing my things as i see fit. (and why i never use audio chat)

    But well, there is so no lack of people enjoying the leader role. That's the same ones who usually end up putting all blames on the team by the end of the game with elegant rhetoric such as "noob team".
  6. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    Honestly, the noob team rhetoric can be pretty valid if your team runs around like a bunch of headless chickens doing whatever they want and costing you the game. Actually telling your team they suck is going a little too far, but it goes through my mind sometimes when I see it happen. You're going to need a leader if you want to win a game because an unorganized team is not a team at all

    And considering this is a team based game, not showing up to a fight with a team is just playing it wrong
  7. Octave Octave First Blood!

    Who cares? The bonus for winning is minimal and there is no stats.

    Of course it's always rewarding to win but i sure aren't going to cry a river a defeat in that unfinished, cheesy as hell game.
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  8. Brother Captain Titus Alistairs Steam Early Access

    First of all, i want to apologize for my "not so well english". I'm italian but i'm doing my best to express my toughts about this argument.

    Brother Forgrim, you were so right. I always noticed it since my first battle but, well, people here usually come to play casually, probabily because the game is not yet finished and full of bug? Nevermind then.

    I must agree to this. I'm trying and trying again, everytime i am the squad leader, to do my best. I'm not a veteran yet (who is really a veteran at all?) but i played 100hours more or less and i know the maps mostly perfectly (isn't easy?). The problem is always the same: 2 matches over 5 ones people still don't follow commands and this is so frustrating, also if we win. This is the reason because i'm trying to build up a Guild.

    Exactly! This is the real problem, Brother. People not listen. Mostly never. I don't know why but still happens, most of the time.

    I felt the "difference" on my own when i found a marvelous squad that followed every commands. We won and we lost, togheter. Thas is the word: "Togheter". Isn't this a multiplayer COOPERATIVE game? :)

    This tool is amazing Brother. I'm looking at that very carefull. Thanks!

    I probabily have a better option: at the beginning, someone that know how a squad must be lead, just ask for it. Is usefull, simple and appreciated. I'm sure

    1. Probabily, there isn't a way here. We have no global chat outside the war battles and inside but, as i said before, someone that know how to lead a squad, can easily say that, to his team or faction at the beginning of the match. Practice makes people perfect, don't it?
    2. For example, my battle name is "Brother Captain Titus". I'm already made this and seems to works (worked in a team where i wasn't the squad leader but people - thanks again to them!!! - followed me anyway
    In conclusion, Brother, squad leader already exists but not yet appreciated, here.

    P.S.: to every potentially squad leader will read this i wanna say this: STOP blaming your team or faction for loss. We fight togheter and we lose togheter. All of us were noobs at the beginning. Don't need to blame people because them, get over stressed, left the game and isn't a good idea for our troops.

    Best regards to everyone.

    Brother Captain Titus
  9. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard


    I think we need to be more patient, at this rate we're trying to herd cats with text, and it just isn't going to happen. Wait until they finally introduce voice back into the game (with a proper interface), then we, as an LSM community can much more heavily push for in game voice chat usage for both guilds and PuGs. The difference will be enormous.
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  10. "Hey guys we need to capture all three points to win, we still need Alpha."
    "Hey alpha squad will you capture A?"
    "Hey bravo can you capture A?"
    "Hey Charlie can you capture A?"


    Pure and simple, guy who takes the squad leader spot needs to be vocal, maybe voice comms would help with this, dunno. But if you take that spot put in the effort. The guys in the squad need to follow the squad leader, cause if you do, ya get a really nice fucking buff. So if you are in a game where the shitheads... i mean fellow players... who are squad leads aren't talking or typing... call them on their shit... say hey captain shitforbrains you got a plan or what, cause if you want to win... you need to capture all three fucking points... likewise on defense... if you want to win, you need to make sure the attackers don't capture all three points... soo if it's close to the end and they haven't capped A yet? EVERYBODY NEEDS TO GET ON A. It ain't that hard.

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