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LSM Guide To Supremacy

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by PrplHze, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Winning games is about understanding concepts of teamwork and knowledge throughout the base systems and also wargear. LSM lack the general start-up tactics to face other factions clearly, when most of the long-term players end up on enemy teams in the long term. Ill leave out the normal stat driven kinda stuff. That can come in time, once your higher ranks.
    • Point Control
    Point control maps rather you are the attacker or the defender always relie time and the progression of the bar at the top of the screen. The small stop-watches always are a symbol standing for the fact that the attackers have not captured that point and can still add more time to the match.

    Good rule of thumb as a Defender is to hole up on 2 points at the start of a match. Allowing the enemies to take 1 point. Even though they'll get that first boost of time, they still only have a certain amount of time to capture one more point or be forced to try and get a capture on all 3. Saying all has went well, 2 points defended. If the pressure becomes to much on 1 point to handle, there will be a good window of time where you can just pull the whole team back to the last point with a stop-watch and force them to assault 1 well defended point. Most maps have at least 1 point that has a extreme advantage to defenders and will win games over and over.

    Major Pro Tip- "Anti-Tank" (Lascannon, MeltaBomb, MeltaGun, GravGun, MultiMelta)
    LSM can hold a point really well, but at some point that heavy bolter will run outta ammo. Thats because there always needs to be some Anti-Apc work to be done by the defenders. There never should be games where that APC has spat out 30-40 guys in its life-time. If you allow them a easy point at which to attack you from. Just begging for that one open window to get exploited.

    As Attackers, there is afew options to how a good game can go for LSM. I'll list them in the order of effectiveness.

    Zerg Rush - Whole team picks a point. Whole team takes a Point. Capture all 3 points back to back. Even if you lose all the points but the last one, by the time its done a single point hold will win the game.

    Assault&Defend - At the start of a match, you attempt to go for 2 captures either same time or back to back. Then hole up and defend, sending small groups or Charlie squad out to harass the enemy. Make them think you want that last capture, while letting the time and progression run out.

    After either one of these attack methods you need to defend, everyone can't leave a point and open it up to ghost captures where 1 enemy is able to contest the point. During that time your losing advantage in time that you need to progress the bar. You never want to be at the near end of a match needing the last point capture to win because of time. You've walked into the Defenders plan. And you're going to lose 9/10. But if that happens, the whole team needs to be ready to assault as one whole unit. 1 Good Zerg Rush can bring a crutch victory.

    Major Pro Tip - The person that makes the capture, whenever the case may be, "Be the man that watches the point". More captures will be successful when 1-2 people keep it with-in they're field of view. Everything is about Time, learn it, know it...fear it.

    War-gear to use in Point Control can be somewhat different until you get a feel for some of the finer points of the crusade. You want to be flexible. And nothing beats the Bolter. You may feel as if their will be better. But their isn't. Most Tactical classes that are meant for point capture are going to be bolter based mini tanks. Going for higher Armor and Toughness as they can afford to take. Master-Crafted bolter later on is a good choice. Its over-all improvement to aim will help a seasoned person get more critical shots.

    There is not a "Best Build" in Eternal Crusade, all players will have some variation of what they like.

    • Bolter (Normal&MasterCrafted)
    Textured Grip. Best in Slot Mod. Some would argue but the increase is more likely to come in to effect during combat then the other grips.
    Ammo - Some debate as to best in slot. Ap rounds or Drum/Box mag is always a go-to.
    Barrels - Nothing beats Cqc, and its a mod gotten in a higher tier supply crate.

    As LSM we have alot of other options in gear that serve as simi-support. Like the Grav gun line of weapons, or the Melta line. But are focused as secondary role filling of being used a Anti-Tank.

    ULTIMATE PRO TIP- Don't be a pansy marine, hiding around. Use your map to see where the action is. Unless the idea is to defend something, and even then use that map to see what your team-mates see. Knowing the flow of whats going on can have major effect on the battle. Being 2mins late to everything will make you lose. Need to be on point as to whats going on, how the enemy is moving. LSM have lost so many games to the lack of awareness.

    • Squad Leaders -
    Be a Leader. Thats all there is too it. Want to take that point. Hold Q down on it with your aiming cross-hair. And you got a good chance, if your lucky. The rest of the squad will help you. Space Marines are Tough, and we have the Bolter. But 1 space marine is meat grinder bait 1000s times over. 2 might make a scratch..take a few with them. But you add more and more space marines in the picture and they can't be stopped. Look to travel in 3-5man groups. Wanna Defend a Point, wanna kill that tank, want them to follow you. use the commands. Its there for you to use. In time if enough people used the Squad commands it would become the normal thing to follow the leader.
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  2. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    [Average LSM comprehension skills activated]
    So what you're saying is when they ask to cap X point I should run to Y?, when they ask to redeploy I should walk?, when they ask to defend and stay inside I should go outside and ignore the point? Got it.
  3. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    This is just 1 section of a larger guide im writing on steam thru my user profile PurpleHaze. Come check it out. hopfully ill get it done or near finished. one thing i want to include is some of the rest of yalls tips ideas, that a new player should know. All tips i use ill give you props in the guide for your tip in that section. So lets write a real guide for EC.

    Just as a rule, post your
    IN-Game Name,
    Your tip
    Hrs played

    Im most likly only gonna post the tips from players that have alot of steam hours. Otherwise this could get alittle crazy.
  4. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

    I usually just chant the litany of muh bolter and pray to the emperor that I don't late join on an unwinnable game.
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  5. cood Recruit

    Make devs put this in game in form of a tutorial and force all players to play through it. Pugs are not going to read this. Only way to get them to learn is force them. They dont read chat in game, they will not read a wall of text here, no matter how useful. Guides are good idea, but if the game is viewed as call of duty 40k, it will be treated this way. How much help was this tiny article about squad leaders on steam? Because if i see one squad leader marking objectives in one of ten games i feel like it`s christmas.

    There must be a tutorial or at least a video guide in game to make any difference.

    People don`t read.
  6. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Hopefully ill do all the things your thinking, hell i might make a Video of me reading the info if need be. But im from a time when books was the way to learn. So reading wasnt a issue. Alot of times ive sat here and read 40 page threads,...but yeah i get what your saying. Work in progress. Just a sample.
  7. cood Recruit

    Don`t get me wrong, i like the idea. It`s just the fact that huge majority of people will refuse to read anything longer than two sentences. And i think that some way of teaching the game should be in game feature, so pugs know something more than 'press LMB to shoot'.

    If you would make a video reading this, in my opinion, it should be put in game and forcibly played when you load the game to have any noticeable impact.

    That is the reason why i`m creating new threads asking for a tutorial. Game is great, but players with aversion to thinking and reading are a main problem and source of bitching how melee is bad, everything except bolter is OP, and game is stupid, cause they die constantly, while running solo.

    If you check the forums there are drama threads and 'x is unbalanced, make that so my playstyle wins every time' topics on top all the time and the real issue (teamplay) is ignored completely.
  8. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Your not the only one. Problem is the Devs are not going to make anything much better then what it is. Seems that they feel that the normal player is going to read all 300 servo skulls littered all over garrison. But also garrison was a half complete area from when the game was going to be slightly different.

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