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LSM 1v1 Tournament starts in April, winner gets a relic weapon pack!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MHezzu, Mar 25, 2018.

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    Since Eternal Battles is in hibernation, the IECWA has taken the initiative to host tournaments for EC with the aid of Eternal Battles staff whom are still around!

    First off, 1v1 LSM tournament! Winner gets a relic weapons pack leftover from Eternal Battles!
    We will continue to monitor the situation and if there is interest in tournaments for the other factions we'll host them.

    Inorder to participate, we need to have the following information;
    -Player tag you wish to use as your identity
    -Image to represent you in our roster (Can be ingame screenshot of your character or something unique as long as it stays appropriate)
    -Your guild you wish to represent
    To enter the tournament you can PM me here, at EFC, friend me in Steam etc. - CLOSED!!!! ROSTER IS FINISHED & WE ARE READY TO START!
    link to the IECWA's EFC branch discord to make the entry process easy;

    Thanks for everyone interested, hope you got your chance to join!


    -Best of 3 fights resolves the winner for each match.
    -Max 5 players representing the same guild.
    -No veterans
    -Storm shields restricted (else matches drag on for too long)

    -Both contestants enter from opposite sides of the pvp ring, when the match starts both enter without circling the ring
    -If a player is out of bounds long enough to gain immunity he loses the fight (1 out of 3)
    -Time limit for each fight is 5min
    -In case of a draw, match is resolved with capturing unit default loadouts, 3min timer
    -Referees will be IECWA staff for each match.
    -Matches will be recorded.
    -Matches will be held in the garrison whenever we get two contestants and a referee ready during April, we will keep in touch for the details
    -Once we have enough contestants I will shuffle the roster, possibly during the first week of April.

    As an incentive to participate I'll be making custom player brackets and titles for rewards to future tournaments to show that you're the boss of this gym.

    The rewards of the tournament are as follows;
    -For participating you will have an imperium themed bracket for future tournaments
    -3rd place- Bronze imperium themed bracket
    -2nd place- Silver imperium themed bracket
    -1st place- Gold imperium themed bracket, and a title of your chosing; Duel champion / Roman-Greco champion / Master Wrestler + As a bonus from our Eternal Battles representatives there will be a relic pack for the winner!

    Updated 5.5.2018
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