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Low FPS on a potent system

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MaxStillEmperor, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. I've had some huge issues with performance these days, although my system should be more than able to handle the game on ultra settings, I am running the game at 1080.
    My rig is as follows:
    Processor: AMD FX 8350 8x core at 4.1 GHz
    Gpu: Gainward Phantom GTX 970
    RAM: 8 Gb 1600 MHz

    The major FPS drops seem to occur on the larger maps, even more so when using the jetpack, toning down the graphics settings does absolutely nothing. My system can easily handle any other game at constant 60, even in very taxing games such as The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 or Warhammer Total War, even with tons of AA and supersampling.
    No matter what I do it seems like I cannot gain an increase in framerate, even after switching drivers for my GPU back and forth to see if it behaves in a different manner.
    As my final resolution, I borrowed an AMD card from a friend, a 290x to be more specific with 8 Gb of Vram just to see if the extra memory helps. I had the same result, poor performance on the larger maps, and an ever present massive drop in framerate every time I would use the jetpack.
    I have no one to turn towards except for the community and support team, can anyone achieve any playable framerates on larger maps?
  2. duffmek duffmek Well-Known Member

    simple reason NOT fully optimized, still has bugs and needs quite a bit of work to make it run as smooth as we could to in a 40v40 game
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  3. Fretensis Recruit

    It also loads like an ass. It takes sometime almost a min to load on a SSD. Can't imagine how long it would need to load on a harddrive.
  4. Technogeist Technogeist Active Member

    I am having these issues as well with a relatively high end system, gtx 960 gpu etc.
  5. RAMA DSR Recruit

    16 GB DDR3 @2400MHZ
    i7 @ 3.6
    2 x 570Ti [SLI]
    2 x Corsair 820 SSD in RAID -
    1920 x 1080 IPS

    Even with all this the game slows down when turning. The game has to be played on low here.
  6. Alexandrix Alexandrix Arkhona Vanguard

    Gtx 960
    16 gb
    i7 @ 4.2 ghz

    Not a monster machine by any means,but a perfectly acceptable system that runs virtually everything else i throw at it just fine.Still get crap fps,stuttering/freezes,long load times,etc.

    That the game was released in this state is a travesty.
  7. Ashgarn Ashgarm Master

    UE4 has problems with AMD cards, theres your problem.
  8. TCOM-Charlie Recruit

    Tell that to the studios who actually know how to use the engine. Paragon is made by EPIC, the same studio that makes the engine, and it runs perfectly even on AMD systems. This isn't the engine's fault, it the developers fault for not using the engine right.

    That said, OP - You might find some helpful fixes here:
  9. MungFuSensei MungFuSensei Steam Early Access

    The processor is your chokepoint, there. My 8350 with a 390x couldn't handle UE4 games until I overclocked it to 4.7ghz. Then I started seeing 100% usage on my GPU.

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