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[Lore Team] Story/Campaign status report: 2/5/18

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katzu_HSM, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Greetings, Crusaders!

    So some struggles are harder to overcome than others, but I am pleased to announce that the Setting Bible and the Writers guidelines are now in Nathan's inbox and in the approval process. I want to thank those of you who have been so patient with us during the process. Doubtless they will see some revision, but on the whole I'm proud of what has been done and I expect you all will enjoy the story the team will start telling as the Warzones unfold.

    None of that, of course, is why you're here.

    Warzone Team Progress Report

    • Action Item 1: Clean up backstory, lore, and establish the ACTUAL setting Bible - Progress 0% in Draft, 0% in Edit/Revision, 100% Ready for BHVR/GW sign-off.
      • @Vaanes - 4:20pm my time...
      • I'm thinking that once @Oveur gives it the initial rubber stamp we can start teasing some of the information (more than what we've previously done) and hopefully give you guys some methods for input/interaction/contribution as a whole.
    • Action Item 2: Getting a single source for information regarding Eternal Crusade - Progress 0% in Draft. Searching.
      • In talking to the guys and gals at Lexicanum we can't use them as our primary wiki for one reason: Sourcing. We wanted to make them the primary source for information, and per the rules of Lexicanum they have to have sources provided or they have to take down the information. This means we're back to resorting to the conventional Wiki sources unless Nathan can even change the EC site to more of a wiki structure. One step forward; two steps back. More on this next week, hopefully.
    • Action Item 3: Draft, develop, and submit Warzone Liaisons for approval - Progress 90% in Draft, 0% in Edit/Revision, 0% Ready for BHVR/GW sign-off.
      • As our only "Main line" project, the Liaisons now get our full attention As soon as they are ready we'll kick them to Nathan and then introduce them to you!
    • Action Item 4: Develop Community Submission Pipeline for Storylines - Progress 0% in Draft, 0% in Edit/Revision, 100% Ready for BHVR/GW sign-off.
      • The submission guidelines are written and waiting for completion and approval of the Setting Bible so we can drop it as a packet for prospective writers.
    • Action Item 5: Find ways to inject Lore into current player experience - Progress Ongoing.
      • We started a new file to go in and write the continent and factional UI 'boiler plates' in a style that both feels faction-appropriate and furthers the lore, mentioning things like continent names, giving locations to places that were referenced in the McNeill short stories, etc.
    • Action Item 6: Write Warzone 1 - Progress 0% in Draft, 0% in Edit/Revision, 100% Ready for BHVR/GW sign-off.
      • Warzone 1 has been submitted for bE and GW review and approval!

    Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer them as I can.
  2. [WCA] Krataniel Kiwik Steam Early Access

    It's really awesome to see the Community working hand-in-hand witht he devs to keep this game alive. Keep up the awesome work, and don't hesitate if you need help with the french translation!
  3. Via isn't working on the lore team anymore as he is having a break from the game. The rest of us on the team however have stepped in and are continuing his and our work and will update as soon as we have news to share with everyone
  4. This is awesome. I really hope this is going somewhere as it's one of the key points that made me back this game years ago. I also really wish I could do my part and help but tbh I have neither the motivation nor the lore knowledge nor the English writing skills.

    Kudos to the Lore Team
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  5. 100% of loading screen text
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  6. Intercept Inter Prefectus

    Is there any way to help you guys out???
    If so, please let me know!
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  7. We might require more people to help out at some point, I'll do a post if we require anymore people to help us. We are just organising what we have at the moment
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