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[Lore Team] Story/Campaign status report: 1/8/18

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katzu_HSM, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Hey everybody. Just came from the Warzone Team's Discord and I wanted to catch you guys up on where we're at. We are all VERY excited about bringing you guys the first Warzone, and once we get it in Nathan's hands the project focus shifts to bringing you guys the Faction Liaisons, show you how they fit into the direction we're shooting for, and even aim to get the publicly-available history out to you guys.

    Two things I want to touch on is in-game timeline and overall vision, which I think are very important to bear in mind:

    * In-Game Timeline: *

    Originally, the Arkhona Campaign/Eternal Crusade takes place in the stalemate towards the end of the 13th Black Crusade. Or at least the stalemate that existed until Games Workshop rewrote the ENTIRE 13th Crusade and now very little of the 'recent history' of the Crusade is even accurate, forcing us to play a lot of 'what if' and rewrite vast swaths of the more recent activities in the Kharon System. What this means is that we had to 're-jigger' the timeline so that EC actually occurs in the uncertainty just before The Gathering Storm. This means two very important Setting Changes have to happen so that new people coming to the game don't get confused in the shuffle.

    The first point is that "very soon(tm)" now, Abaddon will leave to rally his Forces for the Assault on Cadia. Jain-Zar will feel pulled by fate that she will be needed on Biel-Tan. They were SPECIFICALLY used by name in Gathering Storm and so their time is coming up. We'll go more into what that means next week, but it also means its unfair to keep Belial at the head of combat operations on Arkhona if we're losing the other tent-pole NPCs. They may pop back up from time to time - or other notables we know are here might - but for now, the clock is ticking on our intrepid Force Commanders.

    Secondly, as much as I'd love to jump to the epic awesome of the Indomitus Crusade, our place in the timeline means a number of things have yet to happen. While we may reference them on the horizon (and its so odd how a bunch of these factions love prophecy), we cannot at present (mechanically or in Lore) include activities such as Eldrad's failed attempt to pre-summon Ynnead at Coheria, the resurrection of Yvraine/birth of Ynnead, the corruption of Fenris, the Rise of Guilliman, the Ultima Founding, or the Battle for Konor. On the upswing to this unless there's another radical lore upheaval, we get to watch events unfold in the GW timeline and can hook into them after we've seen how their effects 'ripple' throughout the galaxy.

    * Overall Vision: *

    My goal is to set the Warzone team up to deliver an awesome story to you guys/gals/fungi. More importantly, after we've gone through the headache of laying the groundwork, we want YOU to be able to submit your own storylines for other people to start really enjoying; sort of like a Workshop for campaigns. Alongside that I want to use techniques I've pulled together from a number of places to paint a widely-varied picture of the Arkhona Campaign and to really give you guys a sense of a massive planetary war. Ideally we can line up some out-of-the-box ways of approaching things and then use those in our storytelling, and they will be well received. Only time will tell.

    But none of that's why you are here...

    Warzone Team Progress Report

    • Action Item 1: Clean up backstory, lore, and establish the ACTUAL setting Bible - Progress 97% in Draft.
      • With my writing team covering all factions, the post volume on our Discord has gone up significantly, talking about possible storylines, cultural viewpoints, and the like. We really do have a team committed to making sure GW's vision of each faction shines through.
    • Action Item 2: Write Warzone 1 - Progress 0% in Draft, 100% in Edit/Revision, 0% Ready for BHVR/GW sign-off.
      • We're taking an extra day or two to polish up our missions and clear up inconsistencies while Nathan and company catch up with their real jobs. This gives us the chance to - I dunno - avoid having Jain Zar consulting her Archons...
      • LSM - 6 of 6 written and awaiting Contributor review for theme.
      • CSM - 6 of 6 written and awaiting Contributor review for theme.
      • Aeldari - 6 of 6 written and awaiting Contributor review for theme.
      • Orks - 6 of 6 written and awaiting Contributor review for theme.
    • Action Item 3: Develop Community Submission Pipeline for Storylines - Progress 100%.
      • The submission guidelines are written and waiting for completion and approval of the Setting Bible so we can drop it as a packet for prospective writers.
    • Action Item 4: Find ways to inject Lore into current player experience - Progress Ongoing.
      • We started a new file to go in and write the continent and factional UI 'boiler plates' in a style that both feels faction-appropriate and furthers the lore, mentioning things like continent names, giving locations to places that were referenced in the McNeill short stories, etc.

    Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer them as I can.
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  2. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    It was established once that they [devs] did not/would not to include actual player names when writing official cannon lore for EC. (Something about player expectations IIRC) Has this stance changed now? Will the adventures and exploits of individuals now be cemented into official lore? If not individual actions, what about guild events or, for example, the Khorne melee events that attracted attention?

    PS. What about other non combat related events such as the passing of certain official unofficial faction leaders and guild leaders?
  3. AT FIRST, we've wanted to steer clear of names, more specifically steer clear of players themselves driving the missions and the like. But that's a Warzone Team guideline more than a Dev one. Nathan actually suggested we open the doors to including player/guilds in Mission text, but until we have the flaws out of the system and most of my team on board with how to make this run right I've been pacing ourselves.

    My first rule in all of this is "Be Realistic." My goal is to do it right rather than do it fast, so once the Warzones are running and the Liaisons are in place, you will most definitely see players and guilds being mentioned.

    Might be time to go to this 40k Name Generator and burn the 1k RTC to finally stop being called "BunnyslayerxXx420Lulz." I will guarantee you that name will NEVER be in a Mission report.

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  4. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

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  5. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    BunnySlaerxXx420Lulz is a top tier player who commands alot of respect amongst her peers and is worthy of mention in official dialog.

    As far as names goes, I only have problems with people that self-appointed themselves with rank. Rank is bestowed upon you by someone with the authority to do so. Also, you don't get to pick your own nickname, those are given to you by others. Keep that shit in mind people.
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  6. Good job I named my lvl 6 Iron Warrior Zathral. I'm not making a new Character to get to lvl 6...
    But my lvl 5 LSM is NOYLOYAL... But I have a lvl 3 Dark Angel called Zathral The Fallen that I use quite a bit now...
  7. I mean yes we ALL know the exalted deeds of BunnySlayerxXx420Lulz (Who doesn't?), but as it just so happens, the Ordo Originatus has decreed that any Imperial Servant who reads, browses, stands near, possesses, not possesses, thinks about, doesn't think about, agrees or disagrees with any written, pict-vid, telepathic implantation, or vox cast containing his name is to be immediately sanctioned and declared Diabolous... AND you auto-lose "shotgun" for the next week, even if its only you and the driver in the transport.

    The Inquisition don't play when it comes to the vile atrocities committed by BunnySlayerxXx420Lulz...
  8. If they can back it, I'm good. Call yourself "Dark Apostle" all you want, but honor the Dark Gods when you're running around. Call yourself "the Ruiner"? Your ass best top the charts most of your matches...
  9. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    The only self appointed title I'm fine with people using at will is "Brother". It's pretty common in the 40K universe and also promotes Esprit De Corps among member of the same faction or chapter.
    I get that people can only be original for so long before they start ripping off names from characters they saw in a Warhammer movie or what have you but.... Chapter Master So-N-So? Chaos Lord Whats-his-face? That's when I say get some more thought put into it.
  10. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate

    Since we are losing these tent pole NPCs who will replace them as our faction leaders? Have you considered making some of our more notable players the faction leaders? Or TBA next week?

    I assume to earn my title I'll be needing to revive quite a few people correct?

    When the time comes will you give us a rubric/example for us aspiring story writers?

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