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[Lore Team] Story/Campaign status report: 1/15/18

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katzu_HSM, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Astartes, Aspect Warriors, and ya sneaky Boyz alike!

    Things go very well. Wanted to take a second though to explain to you guys and gals my plan on how we're gonna build up in terms of Storyline and our direction going forward.

    * The Sylvanas Method *

    This person, as you may or may not know, is Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen in World of Warcraft. Don't lose your head, but all three of these models are the exact same character.

    WoW Sylvanas Progression.jpg

    "What does this even have to do with 40k?" you ask. This is the image on my desktop when I start drafting plans, because it reminds me that we start with what we CAN do and then we push out into what we WANT to do. Right now, what my team and I CAN do is get the lore set up to stay consistent and ask questions about the campaign and goals system, probing for a way to make the mechanics match the stories we want to tell. After that, we move to phase two which involves helping the Devs with constructive feedback on how to shape the way forward to deliver our best to you, the community. When both match up, we will be free to see the finalized vision, grand and terrible, and utterly unlike where it started.

    In ViaHammer, Campaign Contribution would be through personal goal completion during a given timeframe, with meeting X number of completed Goals giving you an fRTC or wargear award on top of the Req earned by the goals themselves. The Goals would be expanded to include vehicle, Elite, and even PvE conditions, with an eye towards faction and sub-faction specific goals (Ultras and Word Bearers getting Goals that make it worth their time to seek one another out being one of my favorite ones to advocate for.) A team of dedicated players would be assembled to periodically represent the Faction Liaisons in game, and at match end they'd take pics of the Commendation screen and we'd use that in missions or story posts.

    But none of that's why you are here...

    Warzone Team Progress Report

    • Action Item 1: Clean up backstory, lore, and establish the ACTUAL setting Bible - Progress 98% in Draft.
      • With my writing team covering all factions, the post volume on our Discord has gone up significantly, talking about possible storylines, cultural viewpoints, and the like. We really do have a team committed to making sure GW's vision of each faction shines through.
    • Action Item 2: Write Warzone 1 - Progress 0% in Draft, 0% in Edit/Revision, 100% Ready for BHVR/GW sign-off.
      • Warzone 1 has been submitted for bE and GW review and approval!
    • Action Item 3: Develop Community Submission Pipeline for Storylines - Progress 100%.
      • The submission guidelines are written and waiting for completion and approval of the Setting Bible so we can drop it as a packet for prospective writers.
    • Action Item 4: Find ways to inject Lore into current player experience - Progress Ongoing.
      • We started a new file to go in and write the continent and factional UI 'boiler plates' in a style that both feels faction-appropriate and furthers the lore, mentioning things like continent names, giving locations to places that were referenced in the McNeill short stories, etc.

    Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer them as I can.

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