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[Lore Team] Story/Campaign status report: 1/1/18

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katzu_HSM, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Happy New Year!

    In order to get the new year started right, I wanted to let you know where we're at and what to expect of us (and what we have been expecting of ourselves.) We want to give you the opportunity to ask questions, dig down, and really start unearthing some of the 'why' behind all the dakka that's been going on.

    But first off, who the hell are we? What can *I* do to show you we're not just gonna - say - lead off day one with a Bloodthirster? How do you *know* the people writing the Warzone Campaigns are actually good at what we're doing for everyone?

    Team Lead - Me, @Katzu_HSM. I write (mainly to fill holes but also LSM), edit, set the Missions up into the Seasonal/Warzone format, refine and track the setting/lore, and help people who want to do those things get started. Once everything is settled and done I'm going to work on updating the Wikia and trying to add more backstory lore into the game itself (see below.)

    Team Writers - @phantagor (CSM), @KroozaNob (Orks), and @Korlandril (Aeldari). We could REALLY use a dedicated LSM writer, but I can serve. These Living Saints draw up the stories, edit and give feedback on maintaining the 'tone' or 'voice' of the Faction, and in general are the people I turn to when its time to get awesome stories out.

    Team Contributors - @Rheeva and @Asheru (Aeldari) and @Gashmangla (Orks), with a few others for various little things here and there. They look over what we've written and provide feedback/advice/suggestions on ways to keep us in 'tone' with the Faction.

    But none of that's why you are here...

    Warzone Team Progress Report

    • Action Item 1: Clean up backstory, lore, and establish the ACTUAL setting Bible - Progress 95% in Draft.
      • While waiting for BHVR to get back from holiday, we've fleshed out a number of points and are working on nailing the themes and types of missions each Faction (and Sub-Faction) might find interesting or worth doing. We're then directing the writers along the course of tailoring our new Missions along those story beats.
      • A continuing hurdle we face is that Arkhona is OLD - like War in Heaven old - and much of what Ivan and Graham wrote there is contained in internal documents that @Oveur is working to get us. If you've ever dealt with the complexities of trusting a consumer with matters of your company's intellectual property, you can understand this isn't an easy or overnight process. BHVR wants to help, but in a way that protects itself from possible legal action, as GW has a reputation for being EXTREMELY litigious when it comes to protecting its license. Our current plan to to draft our own backstory 'in pencil' until we can see the original vision.
    • Action Item 2: Write Warzone 1 - Progress 44% in Draft, 66% in Edit/Revision, 0% Ready for BHVR/GW sign-off.
      • Our overall goal is to get these in Nathan's hands by the end of the week (January 5).
      • LSM - 6 of 6 written and awaiting Contributor review for theme. Belial is harder to write for than I thought. Also? I hate not being able to use contractions!
      • CSM - 4 of 6 written and awaiting Contributor review for theme.
      • Aeldari - 2 of 6 written and awaiting Contributor review for theme. I JUST brought Korlandril in today, so we're getting this handled quick.
      • Orks - 4 of 6 written and awaiting Contributor review for theme. Krooza and I really dig the angle he's taking, and I hope you do, too.
    • Action Item 3: Develop Community Submission Pipeline for Storylines - Progress 100%.
      • The submission guidelines are written and waiting for completion and approval of the Setting Bible so we can drop it as a packet for prospective writers.
    • Action Item 4: Find ways to inject Lore into current player experience - Progress Ongoing.
      • I've been snagging screenshots of the continent and factional UI 'boiler plates' and seeing which ones would benefit from more Lore-immersive text instead. This is more a pet project than a true goal of the whole team.

    Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer them as I can.
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  2. Horus Firskon Cipher

    Do you plan a higher premium in the campaign for both factions, which is not popular? Orcs and Eldar are very difficult to close the campaign, and the reward does not match the efforts.
  3. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate


    How did this all start? Why have five of the major factions decided to take interest for this world? Simply out of conquest, or are there greater forces in play?

    If able, how do you plan to influence in game content with the lore? Simple flavor text boxes, unique items for those who were exceptional in the campaign, or map modifiers such as a warp storm?
  4. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    I am not talking about the motivations yet, till I am sure I am allowed to do so.

    For what matters the influence of the story, it's all of them.

    HOWEVER, with the currently available resources, we can only work on flavour texts. That said, we are already asking the devs for how feasible it is to create new in-game rewards or reuse existing assets to show the evolving campaigns.
  5. In terms of differing rewards based on population? On the whole I dig this idea, but I'm not certain of the mechanical feasibility of it. Remember my team and I can't affect systems at a direct level. We take what we have access to and run with it. Still, I'll run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

    There was talk of differing the rewards based on who was the focus of a given Campaign, and I like the idea that some Missions may matter more or less to the Faction's goals here on Arkhona. I even love what Planetside does of dynamically adjusting XP gains to try to nudge people over to one faction or the other.

    Quick answer?


    Longer answer:​

    The IMMEDIATE start of the Arkhona Campaign was with the psychic scream of Inquisitor Dameris Severina that rippled through the Immaterium and the Empyrean and drew the attentions of some of the greatest Psykers of all four factions. Each Faction had a basic goal for coming here: For the Imperium, this is an Imperial World held intermittently by the Sons of Russ (plus an Inquisitor is missing). For Chaos, Abaddon has been warned of this planet and the threat it poses to the 13th Black Crusade. For the Aeldari, they once had a Maidenworld here and also the Crystal Seers have traveled the Skeins and have foreseen a great doom originating from Arkhona if it isn't stopped. For the Orks, Skarblitz's WAAAGH! was just about to collapse in on itself until he and his Weird Boyz felt the scream, which came to him as a call from Gork and Mork that this WAAAGH! was holy, and that his glory begins here.

    As for influencing game content, our first priority is to give everybody reasons WHY we're fighting, not just here and on a wiki, but in game. Second, we have some things in development based on some successful programs I've seen in other MMO games I want to try out here. Third, yes I most certainly want to have campaign-exclusive cosmetics, and IDEALLY a full cosmetic set (sadly no bonuses) for sticking with us through our stories. Finally, I've already talked to Jordan about things such as dropping assets into the maps as one side or the other starts succeeding in more of their Missions, or doing things like tinting the sky red if Khorne's agents are more successful than most.

    I'd also like to team up with some of our Devs and our talented Twitch and YouTube streamers/video creators to do cool promotional stuff and/or machinima. So I have ideas, and my team and I are working with the developer team to see what all we CAN do versus what we WANT to do. More as it develops.
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  6. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate

    Oh I love what you have so far. While I understand the limitations of affecting content in the game I hope they will give you a bit of leeway in order to better involve the players.

    I have a few more questions about the lore, if you are able to say. I'm perfectly fine waiting for the finished bible in any case.

    What was the history of Arkohna before the campaign/conflict? Was this an armory world, a civilized world, or some backwater staging ground for the space wolves?

    What drew the attention of the inquisitor to this world?
  7. Stay awhile, and listen...

    The Ordo Originatus claims that the Primarch Leman Russ himself claimed Kharon V (eventually called Arkhona) during the Great Crusade in 418.m30 and commissioned the fortress called 'Wolfhold' on the northernmost continent (the one LSM fight Orks on now). During the intervening years they fought off random and light Aeldari raiders originating on nearby Kharon III (the Velioss Maidenworld). When the Heresy broke out in early m31, Russ decided he needed his sons in the fight more than garrisoning some backwater spit of rock and so they were recalled.

    Wolf Lord Kyrl Grimblood returned in early m36 to find Kharon III now reduced to an asteroid belt and small enclaves of Aeldari having taken residence in the Wolfhold. Offended at the slight on the Legion's honor, Grimblood's Great Company descended and scoured the planet clean of any Xenos filth, rebuilding and fortifying Wolfhold until the Plague of Unbelief less than 200 years later, when the Vlka Fenryka again abandoned Kharon V, which would slip out of Imperial Hands until reclaimed in 251.m38 by a Rogue Trader by the name of Isobel Roschin, who uses the power of her Charter to reclaim the abandoned world of Kharon V as an Imperial World, renaming it “Arkhona” in honor of her mentor, the legendary Explorator-Captain Grivan Arkho.

    As for the Inquisitor... In 998.m41, unexplained and planet-wide earthquakes rock Arkhona. In the aftermath, survivors report cracks in the planet’s crust, and that they appear strangely geometric and angular. When viewed from orbit, this notion was further strengthened – the patterns form an alien symmetry that could not be disputed. Planetary survey teams delve into the chasms and return with tales of bizarre, geometric symbols and Xenos runes carved into a seemingly uncarvable metallic alloy - neither las-cutter nor magma charge were able to so much as scratch the surface. Reports filtered back of strange portals and structures built by alien hands. These eerie discoveries - too similar to the works of the Necrons - attract the attention of the Ordo Xenos, and an Ordo deputation led by renowned Inquisitor Damaris Severina is dispatched to investigate...
  8. WH
  9. Planetary survey teams delve into the chasms and return with tales of bizarre, geometric symbols and Xenos runes carved into a seemingly uncarvable metallic alloy - neither las-cutter nor magma charge were able to so much as scratch the surface. Reports filtered back of strange portals and structures built by alien hands.

    Find a chasm map... Oh yeah. Hey baby steps. Think of background narrative for a game as the frame all the tarps get laid over.

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