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Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Arvina, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    Ork weapons are superior. They are designed so that they blow up when touched by a non-Ork.

    Jokes aside, it really wouldn't make any sense for Non-Eldar to wield Eldar weapons, particularly not those who are basically powered by psychic force.
  2. Droguza Droguza Active Member

    Really, the Ork weaponry only works, because they think it does. Orks are latent psychers.
  3. Pm713 Pm713 Subordinate

    Except Weirdboyz who vomit magic on you...
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  4. Arvina Arvina Subordinate

    Hey fellas. Another question/thought.

    The web way is separate from the immaterium. Does anyone know how/how well communications work between people inside the web way and those outside? Seems to me that unless one has access to a web way portal you oughtn't be able to psychically communicate. I recall the farseer in the path series seeing her outcast friend struggling in the web way. Are seers visions somehow immune to the barrier of the webways walls? Should not the web way to those outside it be akin to a black hole since all of it depends on the immaterium? The walls being like a filter that let in eldar thought exclusively is a possibility but it seems like something Tzeentch would have exploited gratuitously by now if it were the case.
  5. While visions aren't limited to what is going on in a single dimension (in this case, the Webway) I find it unlikely that even powerful Psykers could talk to one another via the use of psychic powers, if they were in seperate dimensions.

    ALTHOUGH, , Psykers can be contacted by all manner of nasty stuff from the Immaterium, even if the Psyker isn't in that dimension himself. Does this mean that the Webway is unique in the sense that it blocks 'unwanted' messages? It is not impossible, since the Webway is artificial and built by the Old Ones.

    But why would they program it so that only ELDAR-thought patterns can get through? Did they somehow favour the Eldar? Again, not impossible since the Eldar and Orks were the two species meant to fight against the Necrons as a last resort in the War in Heaven.

    That leads us to the possibility that the Webway blocks all psychic communication that isn't from the Eldar, or from -


    Sweet Isha.
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  6. FarseerDaneel FarseerDaneel Well-Known Member

    The human parts of the webway are not constructed with wraithbone so the Emperor's mind keeps the nasties out
  7. 4uk4ata Active Member

    I was under the Impression the Webway is - or at least is supposed to be - somewhat distinct from both the material world and the warp. It can be accessed in certain ways, i.e. through portals, but is (almost) impossible to brute force your way into.

    Although that was before a certain Mr. Ward decided that Necrons are too cool to be using inertialess drives at near-impossible speeds and had to travel crashing through the Webway.
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  8. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    Good thing that Eldar have Wayseers, those guys will make a temporary Webway tunnel to satisfy most urgent traveling needs. :)
  9. Icarus Arcadese Cipher

    Like when you have an sudden and absolute need of this smooth exodite-crafted toilet paper 3 sectors away.:D
  10. Fortune Fortune Subordinate

    To answer the initial question of what Cegorach has been doing -

    Why, he has been tending to the Solitaires as well as the rest of his Masque. Ooh, and directing the skeins of fate to lead Dark Eldar expatriates from Commorragh and the CWE Outcasts to work together in near-suicidal efforts to travel to the back yard of She Who Thrists herself, to steal ancient Eldar souls (which then become Spiritstones to account for the factual - though slight - population growth of the Eldar in the more powerful Craftworlds)

    Not an unimportant mission!

    Oh, and there is the fact that Solitaires are essentially Eldar who've "beaten" Slaanesh' corruption, so there's that.

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