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Lore question: Eldar and other religions

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by TARINunit9, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Hunter Tarrus TARINunit9 Well-Known Member

    Namely the Imperial Cult, though I'm going to segue into it by first looking at the Chaos Quartet

    So whenever the Eldar encounter a Chaos cult they react with the appropriate amount of horror mixed with the 40k setting's usual running theme of hypocrisy. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about on that second part, the moment they put on those war masks their religious doctrines shift to "blood for the bloody hand, war for the war god!" and "Ynnead cares not from whom the souls flow, only that the souls flow". But I get sidetracked. Point is they know what the Chaos Quartet are because they have dealt with them firsthand, they know what they are and how they came to be

    So their dealings with the Chaos Quartet are all well and good, but when you look at how they treat the Imperial Cult I start to see some plotholes. The Eldar see a race of fanatical, devoted worshipers convincing themselves they're living in a golden age of prosperity, a race that many Eldar philosophers admit they only hate because they see a reflection of their own faults, a race the Eldar know full well has psychic potential and an effect on the immaterium... and they completely dismiss the religion of this race as nothing more than delusions and nonsense. I know the Eldar have a history of arbitrarily bad decisions but this one is REALLY arbitrary and REALLY nonsensical

    One look at the implications of this so-called God-Emperor of Mankind should be terrifying to the Eldar. The Eldar was a race that "worshiped" (in some sects openly) the concept of hedonism and decadent excess to the point they manifested a god out of basically thin air. At the height of their empire and rule over the galaxy, they created a monster from their passion and superiority complex until it became a literal monster capable of annihilating half the galaxy. Anyone who knows how 40k loves its hypocrisy undertones should see where this is going.

    They should not be looking at the humans and their devotion as some silly barbarism of a race that doesn't know how the Warp works. They should be looking at the "Imperial Cult" as Slaanesh 2: Electric Boogaloo coming dangerously close to fruition from a race that really doesn't know how the Warp works, the exact same mistake all over again primed to wipe out what little semblance of stability and decency the Craftworlds and Exodite Worlds managed to hold on to
  2. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    It took 13 thousands of years for psychically-blessed race to shape their curse. The humans' civilization is already on the brink of doom, while their cult numbers only ten thousands of years. They do not have chances to live to see it.

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