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Lore Breaking?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by DeFoamBag, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. For all we know the Eldar's entire battle plan is to use the Tyranids to wipe us all out.

  2. Actually they sent in a thousand Blood Angels, as in the entire chapter not just the terminators. Admittedly it's still very questionable, and I more or less agree with the rest of your post, but that bit is not quite as lore breaking as it first sounds.
  3. Venareus Hazard Member

    I like the smurfs :p. Though not as much as other armies, i pretty much like all 40k armies 'cept Dark Eldar and Slanneshii's (too much rape o_O).
  4. If only 50 survived the faction would have been declared lost pretty much.

  5. Indeed, even the Celestial Lions and Crimson Fists had more survivors and they were at risk of being dissolved. I just wanted to correct fact the chapter did not have a thousand suits of terminator armour.
  6. Didn't the Blood Angels lose like 3-4 companies in the Novel Series and they said the Chapter was in grave danger?

  7. I think it was close to two companies worth of casualties. Honestly, it's been a while since i've read the books but I think they just needed to recover to full strength quickly due to the impending threats chapter was facing.
  8. I thought they mentioned the chapter being dissolved? I know that Seth wanted to take Baal for the Flesh Tearers at the start of the conclave.
  9. Unknown OpethxDAx Subordinate

    Slanneshii, fine but DON'T HATE ON MY BONDAGE ARMY >:3

    I find them kinky ;).
  10. Fuzzy Fuzzy Subordinate

    Every one, I give you the site deviant!

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