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Lore Breaking?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by DeFoamBag, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. What relevance does that have to my post? lol

    I know that most of the First Chapter Foundings took place after his departure leaving Bjorn as the first Great Wolf (expanded upon quite well in Battle of the Fang) though I don't understand what you mean when you bring that up lol.
  2. Mille Mille Member

    What really bothers me is if I'm able to be in a Squad with Marines of a different Chapter?!
  3. Lonesamurai Lonesamurai Steam Early Access

    What about a Deathwatch squad?
  4. Mille Mille Member

    Yeah, but then I have to get my wonderfull bright armor painted black =(
  5. You can be in a squad with members of the other Chapters don't worry :)
  6. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Nah, Assault Marines are hilariously easy to fight off. Just grab a meltagun and some blind frags (hell, I've taken down Assaults and Raptors simply with a knife). The problem is that it has numerous cheap tactics in the game that can't be fought that well- along with that horrid vengeance launcher that should have never been in the game.

    I take it you haven't played MMO's then. This is likely going to end up like a far better version of PS2, which has up to a couple hundred players on the maps.

    I'm predicting that the gameplay will likely be similar to most third person shooters with some elements similar to Space Marine, only with a lot larger battles on a small city sized scale with a lot lower health. Space Marine was fun, but having to put typically over half a magazine of bolter rounds into somebody to kill them is ridiculous. Orks Boys should only be tanking one shot.
  7. Typhuss TyphD Active Member

    As far as the chapter limit comes.... Maybe they just make lot of different sub sections of the legions to be available as visual parts. Like different sub sections shoulder pads and stuff like that. I think thats one way to increase the 1000 marine limit due it's highly unlikely that 1000 players would wear same icon on their shoulder.
  8. They were very easy to counter if you knew what to do but problem is you tended to lose because your team didn't lol.

    It was still what EVERYONE played though lol.
  9. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Not in my experience. I'll be buying on the PC soon since the DLC is still up (when I finally got around to getting the MS points to buy it, they pulled it down D: ), but I've owned the 360 copy, assault marines aren't much of a problem. You and a couple friends just carry meltaguns along with your plasma guns and bolters, which solve the problem.

    The real problem is the damn vengeance launcher noobs, who can only be countered with lascannons. I have no idea why the hell Relic put that in the game, considering there is no point to add such weapons when they could have put in an pre-existing canon weapon like Flamers, Combi Guns, or hell, have added terminators.
  10. I believe you mean necron bro-fisting a blood angle. Thanks a lot mat ward...

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