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Lord of the Maelstorm - Chaos RP interest\OOC thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Hello guys,

    As some of you who are regulars on our EC RP subforum, there's been that talk around of me doing a Chaos RP. The time wasn't really set in stone but I now can say that I decided to finally start it :) So without further ado, here's the layout.

    The game will take place at the start of the 42nd millennium, a year after the events in my old RP "Road of Blood" that we played couple of months ago but will have completely different actors (although the head cannon is still the same). Story will be placed in the Maelstorm region and will start around a Renegade Raven Guard Captain who wishes to become someone important in Huron Blackheart's court, because of which he got his own ship and is assembling a proper crew in order to properly prove himself to the great Tyrant by pillaging and raiding in his name. Players will be one of those (un)lucky individuals who will join him and set off in a classic piratical way, however story will take couple of unfortunate twists and give us quite a different endgame.

    Like the last time, and since this is that kind of a situation, when you chose your chars you can go with whatever Chaos-like option you have in mind except Daemons. This means Chaos Space Marines, Renegade Marines, Traitor humans, Dark Mechanicum, you name it. I'm also cool in giving out a sort of wildcard and allow 1 or 2 alien chars, more precisely DEldar, Ork or Kroot to also join the ranks, because I feel it might give a different perspective on the matters at hand and overall it might be interesting to see them as well in this type of setting.

    About Gods and gear - I want to make gear as well as God-specific items a progression reward, so start with some simple weapons while you'll get more as the RP advances. Also, my idea is for the chars to start not really afflicted by their deities and during the course of RP manage to get their attention and their "blessings". So we'll start somewhat "clean" and get into that more raw Chaos stuff later on but not really that later (after 2nd mission). I plan on adding God-specific items and talents as rewards as well as cosmetics (extra limbs or stuff like that), so you have nothing to worry about there. Of course, you can always go Undivided and get the best of everything :)

    As for character limitation, in place are those usual one-per-specialized-role rules, which means one Sorcerer\Warpsmith (or other Techmarine equivalent)\Dark Apostle\Apothecary. Although since there was a number of requests, I upped that on 2 and must say that Sorcerers are already taken, as well as one spot in Warpsmith team (we got 1 more free). Somebody asked me if there are limitations on how many God-specific chars can we have. The answer is no - if there's a case that we have 5 Slaaneshi, 3 Khornates and 0 Tzeentchian chars, I'm completely fine with that :)

    This brings me to another topic - number of players. In my previous RP I saw that having a great number of players is both a great boon and a serious task to have all these chars properly involved in the story. Because of that, I decided to put limit on players at one time on 11 or 12 (we can work this number out), depending on the interest I might lower it. I originally wanted it to be less than 10 but since there are a number of players who already set their chars up (some by skype others by PM's), I wanted to give everyone an equal chance to get in and participate, if they want so ofc.

    Last issue is the combat system. In order to battle the issue of me being a biased GM (haha :D) and me controlling pretty much everything, I decided to implement a version of a dice rolling system. There were couple of suggestions how to tackle it, but basically I wanted to keep it super simple and fast (which is ofc really hard to pull out with any dice system), so I devised my own monster which took inspiration mostly from Deran's DW games. Each char will have 10 hp (will get more after completed missions) at the start and during battles, if they lose battle against equal or lesser foe, they'll lose 1 hp. If the foe is stronger they'll lose 2 and if the enemy is super strong, they'll lose 3, something along those lines. Why am I doing this - to get some kind of balance in it and also provide people with meaningful talents which I also know most of you want and was one of those areas where I lacked in the past.

    In any case, this is everything I could think of, if you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer :)

    Players that I know had interest in this RP:

    @DeranVendar @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339 @Draconion @lord-watchman @DaKaptin @matt23 @MetalDog4 @Skarboy @Maleth @Valonox (if I forgot anyone I apologize).

    EDIT: If you need Character sheet, here's one pretty standard:

    Player name:
    Character name:
    Warband\Legion\Former Chapter\Former Allegiance:

    Patron God (if any):


    History (optional):

    Appearance (optional):

    PVP System:

    Mission #1 Briefing:
    Mission #1 Character Sheets:

    Mission #2 Briefing:
    Mission #2 Character Sheets:
  2. Player name: Avenging-Angel
    Character name: Yasmilina
    Type: Wych
    Former Allegiance: Cult of Thorns (Dark Eldar Wych Cult)

    Patron God: Khorne

    Equipment: Wychsuit, Razorflail x2, Knife x4

    History: An ambitious daughter of the Commoragh arenas, Yasmilina was considered a highly skilled lacerai, matched only by a wych called Astarielle and the group's hekatrix within the Cult of Thorns. The victim of Astarielle's smear campaign (which claimed that she was an agent of Chaos) Yasmilina was abandoned by the Cult of Thorns and exiled from Commoragh on a planet called Metegeuse, a world in the midst of a Chaos invasion, during a real-space raid.

    The Chaos forces were victorious over the Imperials and in the aftermath of the conquest a Khornate warband, the Dread Angels, eventually learnt of Yasmilina's presense and captured her, opening the wych's eyes to the glory of Khorne. After leaving Metegeuse, moving from warband to warband, she ends up on New Carthage as the 'pet' of a minor Chaos Champion.

    Appearance: Yasmilina has natural (well Haemonculus-modified) cerulean ass-length hair, which is normally bound in four ponytails and just enough muscle defination to show she has some. Tribal-style scar patterns have started to cover both arms, working up from the wrists, and a Khornate symbol has been branded onto her left cheek, her new faith openly displayed.
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  3. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    I like it! :D I'm interested in seeing how you are going to implement Khorne part in your character, since Eldar overall have quite unanimous look on the Chaos Gods :D To further clarify, I don't expect alien chars to really worship any deity of the Chaos pantheon because it wouldn't really make much sense and would break the lore to a degree, but I'm interested in seeing how your Wych turns out to be :)

    Also guys, I forgot to mention another important thing, I'll post it here since @Avenging-Angel haven't played my game before: Every character here is on the same power level, don't worry about that. It doesn't matter if one is a renegade Stormtrooper and another one is Fallen. The only difference is at what moment did one join the RP.
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  4. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Player Name: @matt23
    Character Name: Horatius Cocles
    Type: Dark Apostle
    Former Chapter: Blood Angels
    New God: Khrone
    Equipment: Cursed Crozius, bolter pistol, and combat knife

    History: As once a chaplain of the Blood Angels, Horatius was a proud and head strong leader in battle. Something unlike most chaplains was that he cared more for the glory of himself than he did of the chapter. He was tired of everyone speaking of chapter master dante as if he was the new Sanguinius. This frustration grew further at the massive on set of the Red Thrist and the Black Rage.

    In one specific battle against a traitor population he could feel the Black Rage tugging at the very fibers of his exsistance. In his crazy he found himself wondering the icy world alone and left with nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. Out of nowhere though a blizzard came about which cut out his communications and left him stranded. 'Lucky' for him he found shelter in an old church which seemed to be a place of worship for the Emperor. Uponing entering the church it had seemed worn down and abandoned for some time, all except for two sets of candles burning on the altar of the church.

    Against his better judgement of leaving the church, he walked ever closer towards the alter and the candles. He reached the altar and walked up the steps and investigated the candles which seemed to burn in a strange purple color the more he looked at them. A voice snapped him from his trance, "What a blessing to have an Angel of Death within these walls!" Horatius turned to see a red robed figure standing before him. The figure was skinny and pale. His eyes were a deep blue and his hair as white as the snow. "It has been sometime since one such as yourself has been seen within these walls. It almost brings new life back to these old bones," the old man said as bowed slightly. "What is this place?" asked Horatius as he looked around. "It was once a great house of worship but now it is little more than a ruin. More importantly what brings you here?" the man smiled. "You could say I am lost in mind and body I suppose. A great curse looms over my head old man," Horatius spoke with great sorrow. It was obvious that this place had weakened his mind but he merely thought it was the curse closing in on him. The old man placed a hand on the Blood Angel's shoulder and spoke, "God can help in all things. One merely has to close his eyes and listen." The man turned from Horatius and stretched out a hand, he then closed his eyes, "Do you hear him as I do?" In a vastly weakened state in both body and mind, Horatius laughed merely thinking no one has spoke to the Emperor in hundreds of years. So joking he closed his eyes and reached out his hand.

    To his surprise a voice was heard. It was strong beyond words and almost caring as it spoke, "Fear not child. I do not let my son's suffer. I have seen this curse which hangs over your head and I can help you control it. All you have to do is show your loyalty to me and you shall be in control once again." Horatius was stunned. Why would the Emperor speak to him? Though once his ego got a hold of the thought it was a slippery slope. He thought this was a sign that he was favored beyond even that of Dante. "Whatever you will it shall be done!" Not for one single moment in his weakened state did he think it could be anything but the Emperor. The voice called back, "Words mean little, flesh is what I require. You wish to see beyond that which this curse holds over you. Your eyes have betrayed you and to teach one the other must be sacrificed. Place your left eye on this altar and set it on fire with the candles you see."

    Without a second thought Horatius took off his helm and took in hand his combat knife. The old man spoke, "Has God spoke to you?" Horatius replied almost in a trance, "He has and I must prove loyal to him." The old man smiled and stepped back from him. With a scream of pain and aquick thrust into his eye socket with his combat knife, he wiggled his eye loose. He fell to a knee and place his hand over the empty socket. Blood poured through his fingers as he fought with the pain. Finally he regain his composure and took the eye from the knife. He placed it on the altar, grabbed a candle, and set the eye a blaze. It did not burn orange but an almost indescribable deep red. He quickly turned to ssh but he felt nothing but the pain from his eye been torn out. He looked around for the old man but he had vanished.

    A violent gust of wind blew the candles out behind him which made him turn and draw his bolter pistol, "What is the meaning of this? Give me what I was promised!" He screamed in anger. That same voice that had called to him earlier had change to a deeper and more evil voice. One that when it spoke was as if a hundred voices spoke, "What ego you speak with. Who are you to demand from a God?!" The voice was so strong it brought him to his knees in fear. "Fear not though my child for I will not leave you alone and wanting. You will thirst for blood but it can be held at bay. You must simply drink that which you thirst." the voice then laughed. "Now drink my son and you shall have control over that which no other of you kind does," the voice then went quiet. Horatius caught his breath as he looked around. On the altar no longer were there candles but a metal chalice. Horatius stood back up and walked over to it to look inside. Within he saw blood that was a very deep red. In anger he slammed his hand on the altar, "I will not drink this! It is blasphemy!" No voice answer but a feeling came over him. It was as if all the water had been sucked from his body as his mouth became like a desert. He was so thirsty it was painful which almost pushed him into madness. He quickly grabbed hold of the chalice but paused before drinking. It was as if the last of his loyalty asked him to stop but the thirst was to great to withstand. He drank all that was within the chalice like a mad dog. The blood ran down his chin and onto his armor.

    There was a brief moment that it was if nothing was going to happen, all within the church was quiet as he stood there. All at once it was if a hand grabbed him by the face and slammed him into his back, pinning him on the ground. A unimaginable pain struck him all over his body. The worst of which was when his teeth began to shoot out of his mouth like someone was pulling them. That was not the case, however; as new longer and sharp teeth took their place. The longest of which were his upper and lower canines. They had grown to a length to were they made his mouth bleed when he closed it. The voice came back for guidance, "You no longer belong to the corpse Emperor but Khrone! You will go to the Maelstorm and search out a renage Regan Guard captain. Go now child, run!" A sinister laugh faded as the last of the damage was done to Horatius' body. A make of Khrone began to burn itself over the eye socket of Horatius.

    Finally after what seemed to be an eternity the pain faded and he was able to rise again. He felt his teeth and the burn over his eye. He knew he could not go back to the Blood Angel as he would be killed so he knew he was only left with one choice, to follow the instructions of the voice. So he reached for his Crozius which burned his hand. He dropped it to the ground. "One last parting gift my son. Grab hold of your Crozius once more," the voice said. Horatius grabbed his Crozius once more and it did not burn him but it seemed to change. It darkened and all empirial symbols fell which were replace with symbols of Khrone. It was time now to head for the Maelstorm.

    The Blood Angels went looking for him but all they found were corpses drained of blood with large teeth marks on the bodies in a space port. They believed it was the works of heretics, Horatius was dead, and wrote it off as such. Though Horatius was in a vessel heading directly towards the Maelstorm where his fate would lay in wait for him.

    Appearance: very pale skin, long blode hair, and a blue eye. His teeth are all long and sharp with his canines being the longest. Over his empty eye socket is a burnt symbol of Khrone. Due to his new nature his armor is constantly covered in blood. The Blood Angel symbols on his armor are all ruined by scratches.
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  5. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Wohooo more Khornates :D So far they are in the lead, especially since we got another evil Khornate Chaplain inc! :D Which also means Dark Apostle spots are now taken :)
  6. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Wait who is the other?
  7. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Player name: DeranVendar
    Character name: Tiriol Velch
    Type: Sorcerer
    Warband\Legion\Former Chapter\Former Allegiance: Thousand Sons
    Patron God (if any): Tzeentch
    Equipment: Power Armor, Bladed Staff, Bolt Pistol

    Shall elaborate on History/Appearance when I'm feeling a bit more of the writers inspiration :D
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  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    As per dibs I called very early on. Slaanesh Sorcerer:

    Player name:

    Character name:
    Urtus Velodonus

    Slaanesh Sorcerer

    Legion\Former Allegiance:
    Emperor's Children

    Patron God (if any):

    Sorcerer Staff
    Ritualistic Knife
    Bolt Pistol
    Power Armor

    History (optional):
    The twinity of Slaanesh is mirrored in Urtus Velodonus psychopathic behavior of mood swings, and obvious signs of schizophrenia, as if he was more a child of Duke Sliscus rather than an Astartes.

    Urtus was just a lower human with exquisite luck to have tricked foes in trial combats when the Emperor's Children were looking for recruits, having ended in the experimental hands of a Sorcerer of mental and physical trials that eventually broke the young Neophyte-to-be who one night snuck into his masters room and slew him, because 'whispers in his head' told him so. Yet he continues to serve those above him ever-vigilant.

    Velodonus on the other hand is very very sure that he is the child of Slaanesh and she is his mother. Born out of the womb of Slaanesh, through her uterus and his seed. The dual gender god having allowed to give the entire birth to one of the most true sons that would ever surface. Being still born as a puny human, cursed to earn his mothers' and fathers' respect, destined to have been picked up by Fulgrim's legion and to become not just an Astartes, but an Astartes-Sorcerer. His ultimate goal is to earn enough respect from Slaanesh so she would turn him into a Daemon.

    No matter, both identities have no mercy and know no pity. They only seek new ways to impress their current lord and Slaanesh, continuing to gain their respective favors.

    Appearance (optional):
    Coming eventually, once the commission is done.
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  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    I have a question what are the limits for oblitorators, and veterns of the long war, and human psykers? And is it possible to have a charcter that can use his fists similair to a power weapon?
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