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Lord of the Maelstorm - Casual Chaos RP

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Sep 29, 2015.

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    Dramatis Personae

    (in alphabetic order)

    Asid, Mutant ratman, Head Doctor aboard "Black Rain"

    "Aegis", Mutant bodyguard

    Alion, Former Raven Guard Captain, Lord of "Black Rain"

    Athena, Machine spirit of "Black Rain"

    Beowulf, Slaaneshi Chaos Marine

    Buer Phaust, Fallen Angel Apothecary

    Damiam, Alpha Legionnaire infiltrator

    Enyo, Heretic Lieutenant- KIA

    Horatius Cocles, Former Blood Angels Chaplain

    Kathrine Nova Krux, Teenage girl

    Kosta, Magos of the Dark Mechanicum, resident aboard "Black Rain"

    Knives Kaefin, Blood Mage of Khorne

    Latrynix Marixfalor, Dark Eldar Wych

    Merodach Marcell, World Eaters Chaos Marine - KIA

    Mortia, Psyker Vermin speaker

    Sentinel, Guardian of "Black Rain"

    Silim al-Roumani, Warpsmith - KIA

    Spazna Tiburon, Apothecary - KIA

    Urtus Velodonus, Slaaneshi Sorcerer

    Veron Umbra the 3rd, Fallen Watchman

    Vehmet, Chaos Mutant

    Yasmilina, Dark Eldar Wych

    Ziik'neri, Arachnid mutant


    “Through me you pass into the city of woe:
    Through me you pass into eternal pain:
    Through me among the people lost for aye.
    Justice the founder of my fabric moved:
    To rear me was the task of power divine,
    Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.
    Before me things create were none, save things
    Eternal, and eternal I shall endure.
    All hope abandon, ye who enter here.”

    "The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis." Dante Alighieri.

    Screams, screams, in the dark depths of the universe you can always hear screams. They say that when you stare long enough in the abyss, the abyss stares back. That is only half of the truth. Not only does it stare back, but it also devours your eyes and spills forth nightmares in the breach you created by your foolish curiosity, painting the galaxy in myriad of colors that only invite madness upon those too fragile to witness the truth. And the truth is...well like usual, that's subjective to interpretation, but one thing was sure. The only hell that existed was the one we created ourselves.

    New Carthage was the hell just like that. A space station located deep within the region of space known to Imperial cartographers with its flamboyant name "Maelstorm". Others who came after them took the name as well, growing fond of the ominous tone accompanying it. Most of the scientists, those that still existed in these dark times, agreed that the Maelstorm, contrary to another similar warp rift which name is better left unspoken, was a natural phenomenon. Having deducted that nature itself could create such wasteland and a place where only fallen messiahs and neverborn lived was indeed a daring statement, one which usually got you killed. Some of the voices could be silenced, some couldn't, but in the end it didn't matter much. The gates to fiery lands of everlasting life were there, but most of sane people chose to never go through them.

    Sadly, some of those people never had a choice. A vast number of renegades, criminals, false prophets and all kinds of other scum in the galaxy found that going there was better than getting executed by the tenacious servants of law in the Imperium. Of course, they hardly knew what awaited them there and that in the end, there were far worse faiths then death to be found. For those who managed to endure the first encounter, place like New Carthage became their new home. Space Station resembled a ring with a circular zone in the middle, which served as the main hub. On the outer sides of the ring, number of docking ports were open to those who had resources to pay for the repair of their ships, or came here to trade with the overlord of the station.

    Queen of Metal they called her. Long time ago, it's said that she was a proud servant and follower of Holy Omnissiah, before something happened to lead her astray. Having found her way in the embrace of the Adeptus Mechanicus' dark counterpart, the Dark Mechanicum, the woman rose up in ranks quickly for her intellect and audacity were beyond comparison. Eventually she got hold of a station of her own, calling it a New Carthage to honor the name of her birth place. As most overlords in Maelstorm, she also paid her loyalties to the great Tyrant of Badab, but due to the fact she had a sizeable number of servants under her control as well as a host of Iron Warriors mercenaries which only tightened her grasp, she managed to acquire some sort of independency. This situation also allowed for those newcomers to the region who were still "fresh" to properly introduce themselves and figure out the new order of things by serving the Queen before they managed to find another, more powerful patron.

    One of those "lucky" individuals was a Space Marine called Alion. A former Raven Guard Captain, he betrayed his oaths for some reason known only to him and in order to escape the wrath of the Imperium's faithful, he fled to Maelstorm to forge his own path away from the light of the Emperor. At the moment, he could be seen in front of one of numerous docking hatches on New Carthage, waiting for his ship to get refueled and restocked. He acquired the vessel through a game of chance, or at least that's what he told others. It was a light cruiser of sleek design, completely black and devoid of any special features, much like the inconspicuous Raven Guard himself, who's only distinctive features were pale skin, completely black eyes and a pair of lighting claws, which then again, weren't any special given his lineage.

    All in all, quite a common sight in a sea of madness, which was perhaps the greatest strength he possessed, to walk around unseen and unnoticed before it was too late. However, repairing his ship was not the only reason he was on New Carthage. Besides its mechanical functions, the station also hosted a huge number of pirates, heretics and other shady individuals. A perfect place to find new employees. A broadcast on the holonet was sent out: "Captain Alion was searching for new crew to join him in front of his ship called "Black Rain", with promises of great loot and spoils awaiting those brave and bold enough to take the call."

    Standing patiently in front of the docking hatch, which was at the moment open while a group of mutants were hoarding supplies in and out of the ship, Alion awaited for the first individual to show up, hoping that he won't have to wait for too long.

    Mission #1 Briefing:
    Mission #1 Character Sheets:

    Mission #2 Briefing:
    Mission #2 Character Sheets:

    OCC player reminder:
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    |1 week ago|
    "Captain dock us refuel I will be seeing to some personal matters here also I will not be returning take the Sable back to Huron I do not need it any longer." After his ship docked he returned to his quarters took all he need money equipment etc. He found a room on the station where he could hold up and caught up on his leads on to where remnants of his legion was, but it was a ruse he should have known of such trickery some Khronite followers trying to get their hands on a World Eater to sacrifice to Khorne. He killed them all covering his dried up brownish red to flowing blood red where his arms that still had white and blue he knows he is not a Khronite follower so he will leave his original colors but the blood will still show he means business.

    Merodach sat in his apartment building with nothing to do maybe go to the Gladiator pits na he'll explore the station looking to get off of it hoping that something actually good enough and smart enough to hire a World Eater of course he got a few requests, but protection of thugs not his job he wants to work with marines or return to Huron but he knew he would have to start at the bottom of the chain all over again and he wanted nothing to do with that so he wandered the station and went to get something to eat with the sum of money he had what the station like to call (Scrip) he got an Astartes meal and browsed the market for any Phobos Pattern Combi-bolters but in this day and age he knew he would have to raid a chapter armory vault for that. Hearing the announcement that there was a good named ship leaving, he trusted his guts and walked like he didn't care to went the hanger (Current Location Market headed to the Hanger.)
  3. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Horatius had arrived a few weeks earlier at the Maelstorm station New Carthage. His he had needed to find a neutral and central location to find an ex Raven Guard captain. Upon arriving he sold his ship for food which was a mistake due to his new body's state. Upon trying to eat the cooked meat his body rejected it making him vomit everywhere. This then caused once again the feeling of his mouth trying and all the moisture from his body being sucked away. This was where he started to wear out his welcome on the station. The trials of bodies with giant bite marks and all their blood drained led to hunts. The hunts grew fearful as they found him those which usually kept them at bay. But through the weeks the people go madder and the hunts for larger. He was being backed onto a ledge of either being banished or killed.

    His way out was found though when he heard the transition from a Captain Alion. He made his way to the docks and saw just what he needed, a renage Raven Guard captain. He moved quickly towards him, "Finally I have found you! I am here to serve you captain. I have searched many months for you."
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    "Come on my serpentine love, vigilant deliverer of death, and unique creature of destruction, the Black Rain awaits us, and we shall see of not being late. It would be quite a dilemma to see me upset, wouldn't it? I would for the sake of all not see myself angry, especially since I do not want to call upon Mother Slaanesh to soothe her true child." The Sorcerer said strong, walking in a relative hurry, his sorcerer staff thumping against the ground with every step.
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    Raven Guard eyed the newcomer while the claws slowly protruded from their casings in his oversized fists, although the power field was still off. "And on who's behest were you searching for me?" Alion's black eyes, which gave a good contrast to his white skin and long black hair tied into braids which fell on his shoulders, were filled with suspicion. He gave the transmission to seek new crew only recently, which meant that this...Blood Angel came here with another purpose.

    "Speak up or we gonna have a problem."

    Eventually, the World Eater would arrive at the designated docking ramp, only to see the man who issued the transmission in conversation with another Space Marine (@matt23 ).

    Seeing him approach, Alion waved Merodach, "Over here, I trust you came here because of the post on the holonet?"
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    He kept walking and his (original Mk IV) Blue oculars narrowed and scanned the marine in a deep voice came from the grill "Yes I did Bloodshed, your name friend, and what do you plan on doing." and then peered at the Blood Angel and laugh came from the marine then after a short while he calmed. Like a little girl running for her laugh to escape inpending doom.

    OOC: He's gone through this process going through interview questions to show if he's the correct man.
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    A cloaked figure aproached the group with a sword dwarn the symbol of the inquisition on it though he did not aproach rather he waited as if to seam he waited for someone to apear and in that moment he did not watch his back as a power maul destroyed his ribs from behind "well il give your master a freindly skull to hang next to when i see him next" with that veron umbra the 3rd walked from the shadowns and used the assasins own blade to remove his head.

    "Good evening are you the one who sent out the request for crew" as veron spoke he picked his totem of skulls up and attached the new one to it "if so i am here to apply, the name is veron umbra"
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    Horatius placed both hands on his helm, "I shall show you, friend." He took off his helm which made his blond hair fall out to his shoulders. His skin was an abnormal pale and his one eye was green. This, however; was not what he wished to show. His mouth and chin were covered in blood that led down his neck. His lips were all cut up from his elongated teeth which were showing behind a smile. His finger was pointed at a Khrone symbol which had been burned over his missing eye. The symbol went from his cheek to his forehead. "He is the one who sent me to find you," he said in a passion filled voice. "Forgive me. I have been in a dark place since I have been looking for yo..." he paused and laughed. "How foolish of me. I am Horatius Cocles former Chaplain of the Blood Angels. Our master has sent me to you. And through you greatness shall fall upon our Master's lap," he had gotten somewhat carried away and raised his voice a little.
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  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Latrynix Marixfalor had been an inhabitant of this fetid squalor that the Mon'keigh called a space station for a few months, after a mercenary mission went horribly wrong and the client refused to accept that it wasn't her fault that the mission failed. So when the broadcast on the holonet came out about a Captain called Alion looking for new crew, the Wych felt that she might have been given a way out of this pit of filth, and so wasted no time to gather up her meagre possessions and set off to find the 'Black Rain'

    When the Dark Eldar had arrived however..... She found that there was a bunch of people gathering around one person who she assumed to be Alion. Her instincts told her to put a million miles between her and the gathering of people, but it was an opportunity she couldn't afford to pass up. So Latrynix carefully walked towards the group of people, and simply hoped that the person at the centre of it would notice her, unlike so many other times she tried to join a crew and wasn't noticed at all...
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    "I am Alion, Lord of "Black Rain" and my intention is to bring ruin to anyone who opposes me," Raven Guard spoke, the bitterness clear in his voice, "And for that, I need all of you. The power awaits those brave enough to do what is needed to succeed, are you that man?"

    Turning his attention on the rest of the gathering, which seemed to only grow in number, Captain first addressed Blood Angel and the man who called himself Veron Umbra (@matt23 @lord-watchman ). "Servants of the Blood God, I salute you. Here, take this," the claws went back in as he handed both them and Merodach a dataslate. "On this dataslate you'll find the important info on my ship behind us, places of interest as well as your quarters. Feel free to make your home inside as you see fit, just remember - if you start killing my slaves you'll pay for them. Welcome to "Black Rain"."

    @Maleth Behind all of them he saw another figure which made him rise an eyebrow. The creature was lithe, pale and had that certain alien looks to it, which betrayed it to be member of the dying race which long time ago ruled the stars.

    "You are here about the note as well? Most interesting. I never expected one of your kind to join us, although don't get me wrong, I have nothing against it. Simply..I am curious, that is all."
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