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Looted's a feature. HEHaaa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gryzzanthal, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. I was playin' wif da feral boyz on Pegasus Station and den I'z looted a Spayz Mareen Rhino.
    Took it aroun' and 'ad sum fun.

    (Didn't know where to post this, so I figured I'd put it up here.
    Anyway it was weird, but I've been seeing it every few matches.
    Mostly against space marines.)
  2. Murda da Humie Killa MrLone Arkhona Vanguard

    dat no humie rhino, DATZ NOW A ORK RHINO!!!
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  3. I support this, but i wish they were Orkzised.

    Srsly, Orks should be abble to interact with an empty enemy vehicle and after some time, like 10-30 seconds the vehicle model would change to an Orkzised version and it would become a Ork vehicle, i think that would be a great counter-balance for the boyz lack of AV.
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  4. Add a mek class er somethin' that could do it parhaps? They could also repair vehicles as well wit' a melee weapon er somethin' similar ta' th' painboy
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  5. I think all Orkz should be allowed to do it, but maybe if it gets out of hand we could class lock it.
  6. Spectre Wolf Brares Subordinate

    take dat Rhino und Strip it for paarts. den use em for our dakka and chappas.
  7. I'd imagine it'd become an issue roight quick as evary ork would be tryin' ta' take any vehicle they could ratha' than killin' it. Suddenly orks could have more spawn locations than intended as they take enemy transports. Enemies who brin' a transport anywhere near a point contested by orks become a liability ratha' than a boon as any damned ork would be able ta' take it if'n left unattended long enough fer any ole ork ta' embark

    If'n it be limited ta' a single class in th' manna' healin' be, then all ye'd have ta' do is watch out fer th' blasted mek boy wotz gonna mess wit' th' gubbinz and make dat vehicle orky, especially if'n he had ta' be outside th' vehicle ta' modify it before ye could embark (though I imagine this here process would block entry/spawnin' from th' original owna's o' th' vehicle unless interrupted)

    This'd certainly stop blokes from all willy nilly leavin' vehciles 'bout th' map, wit'out makin' vehicles somethin' non-orks jus' stop usin' entirely (while against orks)
  8. That would just mean vehicle guarding would be even more crucial against Orks, as they'd only be able to loot unmanned vehicles, therefore if a vehicle is going to be stationed near a Ork point, make sure to have at least a gunner manning it, forcing them to destroy it, and all the other 3 factions have very strong AV options, they can afford to lose their vehicles to the boyz and just destroy said vehicles afterwards.
  9. Obbu Obbu Confessor

    If they weren't important for their mobile spawn feature, this would actually be quite funny :p.

    Would be a pretty big balancing concern, so you'd have to balance it by giving the other factions interesting/diverse vehicle based abilities too. Kind of hard to fit it in otherwise.

    Still, very orky - fun idea/and or bug? heh heh :)
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  10. You mean the Orkz can finally simulate an Ork Horde then and there could be tons of them. The Developers could build upon this. For every extra transport a Squad steals and keeps alive it decreases the spawn time for that squad.
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