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Loot boxes suggestion...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Asheru, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. A word to the wise who will listen to the wisdom of the Eldar. When it comes to loot crates if you buy the 1k crates there are 19 of them total. Do this first it will give some weapon damages and some other items such as compensators, stabilizers and general small upgrades. Next up go for the 5k boxes, and so on and so forth... Now I know your going to ask. "But Asheru why should we do this?" Its simple if you are limiting your chances of getting the lower cost items in the larger boxes. Next I know you are going to ask... "But Asheru how are you sure this works this way?" Well to be honest I do not know for 100% but I do know as I have bought almost 20 or so 5k boxes right now and I have not run into any duplicates or lower tier items so far. Its it a sure fire thing? No idea but so far it seems to be working for me. Why not try it out what the worst that can happen you might get unlucky and get a duplicate later on but better that than going for a 30k box and finding one of the 1k box items that you are forced to accept rather than it being something you already have and at least you will get a partial refund.
  2. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    This, this x100.

    Baron approves.
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  3. MungFuSensei MungFuSensei Steam Early Access

    Been doing this as well. I wonder if there is any overlap in the items between the different tiers of boxes. If there is, then there's a benefit. If their isn't, well, it's still satisfying. And I figure the lower tier items are better starting off, as you don't have all the AP unlocks to make things cheap.
  4. The Codex Astartes supports this message.
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  5. I',ve been doing it ever since i learnt there are no more dubs.

  6. This was my thinking as well. Sadly doubles with the exact same coloring have been showing up in my 5k boxes. I also thought to eliminate all small fry from my (now) 30k boxes, and mabye get some lucky high tier weapons. I have gotten 2 copies now, and it only allows me to relinquish them, not resell them for recouping some of the cost. I suspect the devs saw this coming and said F it we cant lose our only carrot this early.

  7. excellent advice.
  8. benty benty Active Member

    I'm going to try this, but if I get up to the 30K boxes and I get duplicates then you owe me a hundred bajillion requisition!! :D
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  9. Dangerisimo Dangerisimo Arkhona Vanguard

    This is good advice. Almost too good..
    What are you up to, xenos?
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  10. Tyranthius Tyranthius Well-Known Member

    My suggestion: Get rid of this F2P system and make mods actually purchasable along with the stupid reskins.

    There ya go. No more RNG pseudo-progression korean grind nonsense.

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