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Looking For Guild - ( Chapters, Warbands, Craftworlds, Clans )

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Valrak, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Domitus RedJupiter New Member

    Name/Game tag: redjupiter223

    Gaming System: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP space marine

    Class Specialization: Tactical Marine, Ground Assault

    Region/Timezone: North America East Coast

    Language: English

    other: With blade and bolter, With faith and FIRE.
  2. Dekra Dekra Member

    Hello jupiter, i sent you a pm. Please respond if you’re still interested in joining a guild.
  3. TigerAcolyte Cipher

    Name/Game tag: tigeracolyte (steam)

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: Any, mostly PvP, but anything that will sait my hunger for 40k is good enough.

    Class Specialization: Devestator Marine - esp. Multimelta (though I have experience with Tactical and Ground assault as well)

    Region/Timezone: CST

    Language: English

    Other: I'm ready to play every day of the week barring the odd day or two something special is going on. I want a guild I can roll with almost every night (more than 75% of the week,) with a leaning toward guilds that emphasize coordinated teamwork in every game.

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