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Looking For Guild - ( Chapters, Warbands, Craftworlds, Clans )

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Valrak, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Name/Game tag: Ghost XV15

    Gaming System: PC/X-Box 360

    What type of guild are you looking for?: a 18+ RP Guild which does PvP and PvE? (I like every aspect of a game)

    Faction: Chaos (still deciding) and Imperium (Dark Angels)

    Class: Tank and/or DD

    Region/Timezone: Middle Europe

    Language: German, English

    Other: I have long experience with Warhammer 40k, Tabletop-wise, I will play together with a group of friends, mainly Chaos and maybe Imperium. While I am long since corrupted by Khorne, my fellow friends are interested into Nurgle and Tzeentch. Among my friends I am also known as "Lexicanum" for my big knowledge about the WH40k Fluff (sometimes surpassing the guys working at GW).

    Gameplay-wise I am friendly and like to deal massive Damage in close combat. It maybe takes a time to find my place with new players, but when I know someone, I am loyal to them and support them if I can or even can't.
  2. Shichi Law New Member

    Name/Game tag: Shichi Law

    Gaming system: Pc

    Faction: Space Marine ( Blood Angels )

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP PvE 18+

    Class Specialization: Assault Marine / Chaplain

    Region/Timezone: Chile UTC/GMT -4 hours

    Language: Español ( Spanish )

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  3. BigEZ296 New Member

    Name/Game tag: BigEZ296 (PS4) 8BitBigEZ (Steam)

    Gaming system: PC, Playstation 4

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP, RP, PvE, 18

    Faction: Space Marine (Chaos Black Legion as well)

    Class Specialization: Tactical Marine (CSM), Assault Marine (Raptor), Devastator Marine (Havoc)

    Region/Timezone: Eastern

    Language: English

    Other: Looking for mature clans (please no kids singing into their mics, lol), plan on playing as a Space Wolf primarily (though I am down for Blood Angels and Black Legion as well). I'm thinking on focusing more on assault than shooty and hope that TDA (Tactical Dreadnaught Armor, or terminator armor) is something attainable for assault marines (wolf claw/powerfist combo ftw!).

    I've listed both my PSN ID and Steam ID since I am not quite certain yet which I'll be purchasing the game for (depends a bit on what my friends decide) though I am leaning towards PC.
  4. Exzellima New Member

    Name/Game tag: Exzellima

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PVP, PVE, RP

    Faction: Space Marine (Dark Angels)

    Class Specialization: Unsure as of yet

    Region/Timezone: Australia, East Coast

    Language: English

    Other: I've got a few years of MMO games and have experience with playing table top Warhammer 40k,
  5. Name/Game tag: Shas'el Kais (steam)

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP, PvE

    Class Specialization: Tactical Marine Utlramarine, if they have one Tau Firewarrior.

    Region/Timezone: Mid US

    Language: English

    Other: I have played all of the other 40k games even Space Marine. I have a couple of Tau squads. I'm not new to MMO's, I've played a few others,I'm very easy going and I like some Jolly Cooperation.

    "For the greater good."
  6. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Name/Game tag: Nino Bibic

    Gaming System: PC (PC master race!)

    What type of a guild are you looking for? RP/PvP/PvE (as long as they are Loyalists)

    Class Specialization: Unsure still.

    Region/Timezone: Eastern Europe/GMT+1

    Language: English,Serbian,German,High Gothic,Lingua Technis

    Other: Veteran gamer for over two decades.I am very well familiar to all kind of genres (except sport games).
    Considering MMORPG`s/FPS`s:i have played Ultima Online 6 years,World of Warcraft 5 years,EvE Online 2 yearsm,Planetside 2 and Titanfall (a little tho).I am well versed in all aspects that one MMO can bring and thus i value myself as an valuable member to any kind of Guild/Chapter.I`d like to find a little bit of everything in the Guild i would be joining...but i dont mind going only for one aspect of the game for more of an competetive purpose.

    Praise the Omnissiah!

    Joined:Vigilia Mortis!Praise the Omnissiah!
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  7. Name/Game tag: Rickieeeee
    Gaming system: XBOX

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP, RP, PvE,

    Class Specialization:what ever my chapter needs
    space marine any chapter

    Language: english
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  8. Khâzok Xnoxs Active Member

    Name/Game tag: Xnoxs

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP, PvE

    Class Specialization: Techmarine (if i'ts going to be a class) Devastator, Depends if im asked to other factions than the Space Marines

    Region/Timezone: GMT +2

    Language: Finnish, English

    Other: I have mic. I have been reading articles about WH:40K universe from the Wiki for a pretty long time now.
    Guild already found
  9. Menelcar New Member

    Game tag: Steam account: Melencar

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP, PvE, mature (some 16 year olds are more mature than 20 year olds)

    Faction: Eldar

    Class Specialization: prefer warp spider or ranger but willing to fill any roll needed.

    Region/Timezone: United Kingdom

    Language: English and Spanish, fluent in both

    Other: looking for a mature guild, with a tactical approach to the game.
    Long time fan of the tabletop game
  10. Lothar Mrmillsy Menial

    As my post tile says, I'm looking for a dedicated Chaos guild, not too big as I would like to get know my squadmates and fight alongside people I trust.

    Also my time zone is Pacific, so a guild in that zone would be preferable so I can fight alongside my damned brothers more regularly.

    Glory to the Dark Gods, death to the False Emperor!

    Have been accepted into the Sons of Lorgar. Glory to the Dark Gods! Death to the False Emperor!

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