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Looking For Guild - ( Chapters, Warbands, Craftworlds, Clans )

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Valrak, Dec 15, 2013.


    Forum name: PillBoxX
    Streaming Name: Nahsti

    System: PC

    Faction: Ultra!

    Guild: PvP / PvE - Strong team base!

    Class: Up in the air Im a jack of all trades, will be rolling heavy guns first up!

    Timezone: AEST

    Language: Ol' English Mate!

    Other: Looking for strict disipline in a guild, running off commands words and not where the kills are, Im intense on the objective side of things in PvP, Im the play maker! Ive gor a Mic (Razer Kraken), Guild thats cool with me streaming them live, not a guild with such strict hours! I might be playing or day, or I could play all night, Ill also have my first child by August of 2014 which adds more imbalance, but I'm not one to keep moving away from the screen for little things! I love killing Orkz
  2. Name/Game tag: Turbojesus97
    got steam if you need it (PM for it).

    System: PC

    Faction: Space Marines (Space Wolves)

    Guild Type: PVP and PVE

    Class: Tactical and Heavy Melee.

    Time Zone: US, Est

    Language: English

    Other: Got a mic, TS3, looking for Space Wolf orientated group with moderate RP and a structured chain of command with good discipline and tactics.

    Looks like I've found my chapter guys.
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  3. Same thing I'm after something Ultra or Wolves
  4. Ottmera New Member

    Game tag: Ottmera / Ottmera1960

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP (interested in more then just fighting)

    Class Specialization: Support (backing up team members and directing if needed) - front lines
    Race: Eldar (main) and Chaos (not so sure)

    Region/Timezone: EU, Netherlands

    Language: English (fluent) , Dutch (fluent by 2015), Russian (good enough) and Georgian (mother language).

    Other: Teamplayer. Dedicated to team and its success, mostly playing support role to back up players and guide small groups if needed, active in consulting with leaders. mostly active on forums but only active in team calls if needed. approachable 24/7 through internet.

    Morals: Strength is in unity and no man left behind!!
  5. Jedidiah Zeb Subordinate

    Name: Zeb

    System: PC

    Guild Type: RP/PvP, any kind will do actually, those are just my big points.

    Class Specialization: Tactical Marine/ Shoota boy things of this nature.

    Region: US east

    Language: English

    Other: Looking for a fun guild to play EC with, or just to plan as the game comes into being. The one thing I think I'd really enjoy is an RP guild doing guild vs guild fighting. Anyone feel free to hit me up if you'd like!
    Edit: A note on races here, I'm open to joining any one really, just send me a message and I'll consider it.
    I also have both a Steam and Skype profile, available on PM.
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  6. --done

    Name/Game tag: TrainYourRotze
    got steam if you need it (PM for it).

    System: PC

    Faction: Chaos / Orks are nice too :)

    Guild Type: PVP and PVE

    Class: Tactical, Havoc and Heavy Melee.

    Time Zone: CET, Berlin

    Language: German, English

    Other: Got a mic, TS3, looking for Chaos orientated group with moderate RP and a structured chain of command with good discipline and tactics.
    I am an experienced squad leader. used to be team manager and captain in esl, had an offer to manage eps (professional) team, lot of sqaud exp :D
  7. Kaelen Kaelen Preacher

    Name/Game Tag: Keanwolf
    Gaming system: PC
    Faction: Space Marine
    Guild Type: PvE mostly, but PvP too
    Class: Devastator
    Region/Time Zone: Russia, CET+2
    Language: Russian, English
    Other: Want to start as regular with an experienced squad leader and grow up to squad leader too :)
    Have a mic, RaidCall, TeamSpeak 3, positive and full of hate to enemies of the Imperium )
  8. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Name: Drakka77
    Gamertag: DragonGamer77

    Gaming System: PC and Xbox 360

    Faction: Imperium

    Class: Tech-Marine

    Gamer type: RP/ Casual Play

    Region: US, all over really I move a lot.

    Language: English

    Other: I'm a gaming nerd who play with whoever but help those who ask. I'm looking for a group to regularly play with but doesn't ask for exclusivity. My schedule is erratic so work with me and I work with you. I love RPs so see ya if you want me.

    And those who don't know I'm Tech-Captain Drakka, 2nd Company Bloodmoon Hunters.
  9. Kavabango Subordinate

    Name: Kavabango 20

    Gaming System: Pc\Xbox360

    Faction: Imperium

    Class: Support\Healer or Tank

    Guild Type: PvP&PvE

    Region: Russia ( Far east)

    Language: English, Russian, Japan and a bit German

    Other: Im a hardcore gamer wtih ~5 year MMO experience. Always trying to be at the top ranks\guind\division. So im looking for guild with ambitions and fun.
  10. Name/Game tag : Gunnar Ulfr

    Gaming System : PC

    Faction: Space Marines- Space Wolves

    What type of guild are you looking for: PvP, RP

    Class Specialization: Still deciding

    Region/ Timezone: United States/ EST

    Language: English

    Other: I have been in many different guilds over the years playing MMORPGs and MMOFPS. I am really psyched to finally see a Warhammer 40k game like this and am looking for a serious guild that wants to exterminate xenos and traitors on any field of battle.
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