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Looking For Guild - ( Chapters, Warbands, Craftworlds, Clans )

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Valrak, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Name/Game tag: Galgarr

    Gaming system: PC

    Faction: Chaos Space Marines - Black Legion

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP, PvE, 18+ (See Other)

    Class Specialization: Tactical, Havoc

    Region/Timezone: UTC-06:00

    Language: English

    Other: I am sorta competitive but wont go crazy if we end up getting our asses kicked. I listen well with commands. Looking for a group/guild/clan that has structure, 18+, mature, laid back, wont pawn off the blame or mistakes to lower members. I will download whatever chat service the group uses: TS, Vent, Skype, Razer, ext. ext. I can assist with members computers with hardware and what mixes well with what. Used to be a Warhammer Online AoR player, played for 5 years.
  2. Yami-Yagari Yami-Yagari Subordinate

    Name/Game tag: Yami-Yagari
    Steam: Fledgeling Phoenix

    Gaming system: PC,

    Faction: Chaos Space Marines

    What type of guild are you looking for?:
    PvP, RP, PvE, 18+ etc

    Class Specialization: Aspiring Sorceror most likely.

    Region/Timezone: GMT +1

    Language: English, Dutch

    Other: A shame that we're somewhat stuck with sub-faction colour schemes. Not enough purple..

    Oh well, let's take it out on some eldar.
  3. IDDQD sParkZz92 Menial

    Name/Game tag: Nathaniel

    Gaming system: PC,

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP,

    Class Specialization: Howling Banshee - ELDAR

    Region/Timezone: CET

    Language: German

    Other: suche Deutschsprachige Eldar-Gilde
  4. Isemat Thanstadt Subordinate

    Name/Game tag: Thanstadt

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: RPPVE, RPPVP

    Class Specialization: Havoc marine, sorcerer.

    Region/Timezone: EU, Finland.

    Language: English

    Other: Looking for a guild, focused on the Night Lords band myself. I am a seasoned roleplayer from pnps to videogame rpgs, mmos etc etc. Looking for an rp guild, which can be either hardcore roleplaying or casual, but a mature environment is a must. Immersion is important to me. I have a mic.
  5. Leman Russ MalsakCZ Arkhona Vanguard

    Name/Game tag: theholypredator (steam account + nick Leman Russ)

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP, PvE, 18+

    Class Specialization: Tactical Marine, Devastator, Assault

    Region/Timezone: Central Europe, CET/CEST

    Language: English, Czech

    Other: Hello I'm experienced with guild systems across many online games. I love adeptus astartes btw so .. FOR THE EMPEROR !
  6. Travellar Travellar Ordinate

    Name/Game tag: Ritus - ULTRAMARINE (Steam: ripsaw09)

    Gaming system: PC with latest and greatest internals

    What type of guild are you looking for?: RP, PVP, PVE

    Class Specialization: Tactical ULTRAMARINE

    Region/Timezone: Variable hours

    Language: English

    Other: I am looking for a mature ULTRAMARINE association in some form or another. Chaos need not respond!
    I am a veteran FPS player who played competitive Tribes back in the day, along with all the others popular ones that followed. Very familiar with TeamSpeak and its numerous clones, I have been involved with Warhammer 40K since 1987 so I am not new. I will be bringing a 4 man team including myself with me at some point. Currently I am the advance man and point of contact for my team in the "Eternal Crusade".
  7. BannerWolf BannerWolf New Member

    Name/Game tag: BannerWolf

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: Anything that kills Chaos scum

    Class Specialization: Tank Driver. No joke I get like 10 to 20 kills in a tank per life. I am not that great on the ground tho. You better run tho if I am in a tank crew or no crew I will win the day for you.

    Region/Timezone: Ontario Canada

    Language: English

    Other: Looking for a group with skype or is willing to talk in some way to better wreck the other team.

    PS. I also dive a tanks and heavy equipment in real life.
  8. Corwin Sneaky-Git First Blood!

    Name: Corwin

    System: PC

    Faction: Imperial Fist

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PVP/PVE Oriented

    Class Specialization: Assault, Tactical

    Region/Timezone: US, TX/Central

    Language: English

    Other: Has mic, Vent, Teamspeak, and Mumble.

    Joined: Praetorian Gaming.
  9. Wewe Wewe New Member

    Name: Wewe
    Gaming System: PC
    Guild: Active PvP, +18
    Class Specialization: Open minded to play all factions and classes.
    Time Zone: Zentral European Time
    Languages: German, English (prefer English speaking guild).
    Notes: I am looking for people to learn the game and hang out with.
    I ´d welcome to voicechat with guild members.
  10. Kaedmon Stormrage Subordinate

    Name/Game tag:Stormrage
    Gaming system: PC
    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP or/both RP
    Class Specialization: Tactical Marine & Devastator
    Region/Timezone: Central European
    Language: French & English
    Other: Just wanna to meet people to learn more about the warhammer 40k universe , tabletop and hang out sometimes on other games with

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