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Looking For Guild - ( Chapters, Warbands, Craftworlds, Clans )

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Valrak, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Name/Game tag:Kaptin Badrukk

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for? PvE,

    Class Specialization: Ork Knob/Kaptin

    Region/Timezone (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

    Language: English

    Other: Have microphone and many of the various programs to use it with. Guild experience. I am 19.
  2. Name/Game tag: Neferirkare
    Gaming system: PC/PS4, PC preferably.
    What type of guild are you looking for? RP or PVP, either works.
    Class specialization: Apothecary/Devastator, either works.
    Region/Timezone: UTC -5, Eastern Time, US Midwest.
    Language: English
    Other: 23 yrs, have microphone, will VOIP.
  3. AlphaLegion Active Member

    PSN: Alphalegion033

    System: PS4

    Faction: Chaos

    Class Specialization: Tactical Marine

    Region/ Timezone: US CST

    Language: English

    Other: owns a mic
  4. Revenlear Revenlear Subordinate

    Name: Revenlear
    Gaming System: PC, XBox 360
    Type of Guild: RP, PvP
    Faction: Space Marines
    Class Specialization: TBD, probably melee SM or Support (Engineer equivalent)
    Region: Germany (GMT +1)
    Language: English, German
    Other: Experience in inter-outfit relationship in PlanetSide 2. Specialized in Organization/Communication. Non 18+ Guild appreciated. Currently using TS3, can get other Software though
  5. Ol' One Eye New Member

    Name/Game tag: (Steam Name: >>Insert President Here<< )

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvE/PvP

    Faction: Eldar

    Class Specialization: TBD

    Region/Timezone: US East

    Language: English

    Other: I am an extremely active steam user, so if you wish to recruit me, send me a request on steam and I will get to it when I am online.
  6. Dakka Dakka Cipher

    Name/Game tag: (Steam Name: Jerubbaal)

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: RP, PvP. PvE, fun-focused. Doesn't have to be all of those but MUST be fun-focused! :)

    Class Specialization: Ork Nob - if Mekboyz can specialize into something like a Painboy, I'll go that way (enjoy healing classes in most MMO's) If not... Mega Armoured Nob looks awesome!

    Region/Timezone: EST (North America)

    Language: English

    Other: Looking for a fun Ork clan! I will probably play alts of everything (except Chaos, not a fan of Chaos). But My main love will be Orks as it always has been in the tabletop. I will be an active member on this just as I am on any MMO I play in. Got experience in WoW, LOTRO, Guild Wars, CoH/V, SWTOR, and Star Wars Galaxies (bringing it back now), so not a novice in the MMO realm.
  7. Name/Game tag: BloodlustUSA (steamname)

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP and PvE, I don't mind younger members so long as they are respectful. Hell we were all kids once.

    Class Specialization: Not too sure since there is very little info about that, but I'm more of a heavy gunner type, or long range sniper. Definitely looking into Space Marines (will have alts though when the mood strikes me)

    Region/Timezone: EST USA

    Language: English

    Other: Just looking for a good group of people. I have a busy life, but really need someplace to unwind. I'm a pretty heavy gamer, so I do try to play at least 20 hours a week. Love SWTOR, it is my only serious MMO atm until ESO comes out, but still debating whether or not to get that one.
  8. Arcinon Arcinon New Member

    Name: Arcinon

    Gaming System: PC (also have PS4)

    Faction: Space Marines - Dark Angels

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP, PvE, Older crew (I'm 37), enthusiastic, genuine 40K fans, serious and understanding (gamers of my age tend to have families and similar responsibilities), but not hardcore.

    Class: Undecided.. Devastator at this stage.

    Region/Timezone: Western Australia (GMT +8)

    Language: English

    Other: the aim should be fun...... and utter dominance, as is the Emperor's will. :)
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  9. amphetious amphetious Subordinate

    Name/Game tag:Amphetious

    Gaming system: PC
    What type of guild are you looking for? RP/PVP
    Class Specialization: Raptor for Slaanesh

    Region/Timezone: Sydney Australia


    Other: I am interested in serious gaming but i do not have excessive amounts of free time, so i am after a guild that is after fun but also to the point
  10. Name/Game tag: Logreth Icewolf

    Gaming system: PC

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP, RP, PvE, 18+ etc (PvX basicly or any willing to have me.)

    Class Specialization: Tactical Marine (most likely, would like to get a feel of it before deciding.)

    Eastern Time Zone, USA & Canada

    Language: English, French, Spanish (English and or French preferred.)

    Other: Basically I community of good people that like to have fun but also want to win, meaning having to be serious when needed. Cause all tho joking is fun, winning is also fun and you need to focus to do so.

    Hey just signed up and recently started reading on the whole lore of Warhammer 40k, I've always looked curiously at the game/tabletop from a distance but I've become an addict to the lore of the game, simply amazing and so rich, detailed simply amazing.

    By far Space Wolves interests me the most and I was just wondering if there was any Space Wolf guilds that are lore strick, meaning any guilds with the names like Redmaw's, Stormwolf's, Iron Wolf's etc...

    Or could I have misunderstood and these will not be an option being they would break lore (The name of the companies are based on their Wolf Lord.). You know since you'd have to make copy an actual Wolf Lord name.

    If that's so is there any other Space Wolf companies recruiting? I'd love to join! I'm looking for a PC guild, if there isn't any I'd more than likely start one if there is any other lone wolves looking for a fellow pack on PC in here.
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