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Looking for Banshee builds and playstyles

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by ambersand91, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. ambersand91 Recruit

    As the thread title says, basically...
  2. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    No armor, lifesteal, Crimson Banshee Icon, Hyper Amplifier, nothing else needed.

    Go in a direction and constantly I frame while one shotting things.
  3. I run 3 builds when I get off work Ill refine em but here is the basic ideas:

    Death Wish: Gold Armor, Banshee Life Steal, Challenge Token.

    Normal Banshee: Grey Armor, Banshee Life Steal, 2 stam trinket, Ebon Blade

    Vet Banshee: Gold Armor, Banshee Life Steal, Crimson Banshee Icon, Lifesteal on weapon.
  4. Plazm Plazm Well-Known Member

    Dancing scream backstabber-

    Vamp version- mods pen+ls
  5. Plazm Plazm Well-Known Member

    If you want challenge - avenger: Only knife+pistol+challenge token.
  6. We did that. Took out a whole CSM group...
  7. Plazm Plazm Well-Known Member

    Russian clan CSM)? I'll tell them))).
  8. No the clan CSM but a CSM group we ran into. :)
  9. I'm sorry I forgot to post my builds after I got home I had a dentist appointment this morning so I went to bed early.

    Death Wish: (A challenge mode build)

    Power Sword with Shock Field
    Advanced Howling Banshee Armor
    Vigor Gem
    Wraithcure Jewel & Plasma Grenade
    Shuriken Pistol
    Cegorach's Lesson
    Challenge Token

    Asheru Swiftwind: (My normal Banshee build)

    Ebon Blade
    Howling Banshee Armor
    Retributive Spirit Stone
    Ebon Banshee Emblem
    Shuriken Pistol
    Cegorach's Lesson

    Exarch Asheru Swiftwind: (My Vet Banshee build)

    Power Sword with Lifesteal
    Advanced Howling Banshee Armor
    Retributive Spirit Stone
    Crimson Banshee Emblem
    Wraithcure Jewel
    Shuriken Pistol
    Cegorach's Lesson
  10. Maensith Subordinate

    Eldar dont visit dentists, especially exarchs, are you real Asheru?

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