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Lifesteal Items Price and Heal Percentage

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schwifty, Jun 22, 2018.


What should be done around pricing and heal percentage of all Lifesteal Items?

  1. More Lifesteal % less LP cost - Noticeable Change

  2. Significantly more Lifesteal % More LP cost - Game Changing

  3. Same Lifesteal % less LP cost - More LP for other stuff

  4. Other: Ideas are always welcome =D

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  1. Be it a weapon trinket, Banshee main slot item, Mark of Khorne - Manslayer or Ghost Choppa, all forms of Life Steal in this game seem a little too expensive for what they do.

    What should be done around pricing and heal percentage of all Lifesteal Items?
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  2. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    MoK/manslayer and Ghost choppa are priced very cheap for what they provide in comparison to equivalents.
  3. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    MoK + Manslayer it's very strong melee weapon.
  4. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    I remember reading somewhere on this forum it works like percentage of damage dealt comparing to current health of target. So striking an near dead opponent doesnt even yield the 10% of your damage but like 0.01%. [citation needed]

    If that is the case should change to get rid of that checking current health of opponent to become persistent value across the board, it says 10% so thats the gain it should yield always irrevelant of how much health the opponent has remaining.
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  5. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    MoK, Ghost-choppa and and Manslayer are fine. The minor weapon-attachments should be at 20 or even 30% so there is a point in taking them and other source like the Banshee-emblem could use an LP-decrease.(rbetter yet: same LP, more health-bonus)
  6. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Oh really ?
    The other options are far superior.
    ou realise lifesteal only works if you hit the enemy's health when you have lost health.. right ?
    You probably just see 70% and think ZOMG das a lot!! because it's a big number.
    But that 70% LL does nothing for about 70% of the fight.

    life steal is hugely overpriced on any item especially normal weapon mods.
    10% for 100 lp?
    You pay 100lp to regain about 10 health on a sword fast attack ..?? whoopdafuckindoo ... meanwhile bolter shooting you for 80 damage per head shot.

    Man slayer got free extra lifesteal not to long ago to make the weapon even remotely work..
    It used to have 40% just like the ork weapon.

    I mean seriously how the heck can you say something like that when they had to Nerf poison swords to stop every khorne guy from using it ... since life steal is sooooo good ... right ? thats why no one was/is using it ever.

    The only reason ppl use MoK on CSM is because MoN has stamina penalty . MoS has armor regen penalties and MoT is like playing a slower Howling Banshee... not because it has lifesteal but rather because its the only chaos mark in the game that doesn't have a significant melee disadvantage,
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  7. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Armor regen is reeeaaaalllyyy good in melee tho.
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  8. Had to do a double take there, of cause your kidding. MoT is a TERRIBLE god mark for Melee to take. lol
  9. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    MoK+right leg best melee loadout
  10. Tried that today. got like T3 chest piece + all armour items totalling 406 armour with an unmodded chainsword -and nothing else-

    I was on offense at A in carmine, granted its the most one sided defense map ever conceived by behaviour but it was a total wash out. Died after the first kill, then my regular non elite MoN + NCS + 4 stamina took over and cleaned house. Then switched to MoK and continued to clean house for the rest of the match. MoT is just terrible and needs buffing. I can see how it would benefit TAC but not melee who are constantly in the front likes getting hit from all angles by kitchen sinks.

    Maybe just the lifesteal weapon mods need some love. what little they do for 100LP is a bit of a joke.

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