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Liberation of the Emerald; OOC Sign-ups thread for Custom Chapter RP.

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Spurius, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Spurius Spurius New Member

    Story/Synopsis :

    The Indomitus Crusade has ended and with it, so too has the death of hope. With the return of Guilliman and the creation of a new breed of Astartes known as the Primaris Marines. As many were scattered across the Galaxy to reinforce the devastated Chapters all across the Imperium, the looming worry and concern over the lack of strength of the Chapters plagued the mind of both Guilliman and his advisors. So, being a man of wisdom, he deployed many of his sons to form new Chapters comprised solely of the new breed of Astartes with the hope of stemming the tide of Chaos and the many hostile Xenos that continue to ravage the Imperium of Man. One such Chapter created to help in this effort, the Emerald Sabres.

    Led by the newly promoted Chapter Master William Siegfried -formally a Primaris Lieutenant of the Ultramarines- the Emerald Sabres deploy to their assigned system to establish their chapter and begin recruitment of new Astartes. However, their task is not a simple one… upon coming out of the warp, their fleet was quickly beset by the crude and unholy hulks manned by the foul Green Skins known as Orks. After a brutal yet brief battle, the Orks were purged from the system’s space, but a new threat presented itself… the worlds they were to call home. It is here that their story starts.

    Players will take on the role of new and experienced Primaris Space Marines who are tasked with the liberation of their new system from the hands of the foul Orks. However, there is more at work than meets the eye. Players will also face more than just the Xenos, as there are threats that hide in the shadows of each world and it's up to the Emerald Blades to root them out and purge them in the name of the Emperor and the Primarch Guilliman!

    Details of the first thread:

    The first thread will take place shortly after the initial fleet action, its here that players will interact with each other and readers will get to know a bit of each character. After a weeks time, the first update will be made and push the squad(s) into their first ground battle in the system. Players will have a week to post before an update is made with details on the enemy numbers, the objectives, and allied support(if any), as well as more information regarding the reaction to the player's posts and their presence on the world.

    At the end of the first chapter, characters will be awarded for their deeds (Promotions and Astarte honours/medals) and punished for their misdeeds (Killing civilians loyal to the Emperor, slaying brothers, etc.) before the next thread will be made or rather the next chapter is made which will account for all the past actions and the players who have left or the characters who have died.

    Sign-ups are Character sheets (which will be posted in full within the Discord found below). I’ll PM/DM anyone if there are any issues or questions regard character apps that I might have. All approved Characters and roles are found below! :D Also, please note that some individuals from the other Imperial sub-factions can be allowed if the reason for them being there is explained in a PM or DM.

    The Emerald Sabres 2nd Company (Order of Enmei)

    Knight-Captain “…”

    Apothecary “…” (Reserved)

    Forge Lord Conrad Gorecki

    Sword Saint Temujin Ogedei - Reiver Squadron Lead

    Sword Saint “…”

    Chaplain “…”

    Ancient of the Sabre “…”

    Knight-Sergeant Intercessor “…”

    Knight-Sergeant Reiver “…”

    Knight-Sergeant Inceptor “…”

    Sabre Knights (Reivers, Intercessors, Inceptors)

    -Sabre Knight Reiver Mandek Messalla




    - (There are 5 per troop)


    Name: (Germanic, Roman, Japanese, Greek, or Polish names prevalent among the Emerald Sabres.)

    Rank: (Limited number of high Ranks so please remember that when applying you should write your app to be as detailed and as well written as possible to achieve the position you are applying for.)

    Age: (Please remember to be appropriate with the ages of your Astarte, as you won’t have a Captain or Sergeant under 100 years type of thing.)

    Appearance: (At least one well-written paragraph)

    Personality: (Like above, but if you want to write more that’s fine and if you’re having trouble try writing on things like General attitude, hobbies, their thoughts towards the other chapters/factions, likes, dislikes, etc.)

    Wargear: (For a detailed list see the Lexicanium, please remember to be realistic and appropriate with this and be aware that ALL Emerald Sabres have a sword forged unique and made for only themselves. Can detail the appearance of all in the appearance section.)

    Biography: (The history of your Astartes. When filling this out try to keep in mind your characters age and service record; a 200-year-old Knight-Sergeant would not be summarized in a paragraph but preferably three or four paragraphs.)

    Chapter Honours: (Is to be filled out by the GM or Co-GM upon approval, will account for your characters actions and deeds in their history. Things like Terminator Honours can be earned here if you have a REALLY good app.)



    Chapter Info:
  2. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    Name: Mandek Messalla

    Rank: Reivers

    Age: 34

    Appearance: Around 30 years old, high and tight haircut,sideburns, Caucasian-like origins,space marine body structure fully developed, 7’ 1’’ in height, his left arm up to the elbow completely scarred from close miss by a bile thrower, has the Imperial Eagle tattooed on his back, with the wings stretching almost to his shoulders, green eyes and brown hair.

    His armour is the standard issued Reivers Mark X Phobos pattern power armour, still clean and unscratched, due to both lack of frontline experience and as a routine procedure inherited from his training on his original homeworld.

    Personal Emerald Sabre Sword: named Swift Retaliation, it has a shortened curved edge, more suitable for stealth operations, with the guard plated with gold, merging with the pommel to form the head of an eagle, with the loop guard representing the bird’s wings

    Personality: grown on a fortress world, Mandek has developed a military mindset he applies in every daily routine, from cleaning his equipment and uniform, or armour, ready to take leadership when needed. Even though he managed to survive during the invasion from the Nurgle forces of his homeworld, the atrocities the cultists inflicted on the population left a mental, as well as physical, scar. This wound only swelled when he was introduced to the lore of his chapter, learning of the dangers of Chaos, leading him to strictly follow a strict military regime and delving into the heroic deeds of the past champions, hoping that focusing entirely on its duty as a space marine will prevent any temptation from Chaos to turn him into one of the warriors who once set ablaze his own planet.

    Wargear: 2 photon grenades, grappling hook, bolt pistol, bolter carbine, grav-chute, Mark X Phobos Armour, Emerald Sabre sword


    Originating from Falan’s Reach, a Fortress World in the Talasa System, Mandek was quickly introduced to the hardship of a military life from a very young age. When the world was invaded by Mortarion’s forces during the Plague Wars, despite still being a youngling, he managed to rally as many military cadets as possible to entrench in one of the last remaining bunkers still defendable in his Hive City.

    Holding against enemy assaults for months, also thanks to lightning raids Mandek lead personally, the operations of the cultists’ forces were slowed almost to a halt, eventually leading to the liberation of the planet when Guilliman’s reinforcements arrived.

    After being recognised for his deeds by the Ultramarines, he was recruited and eventually managed to achieve the rank of Primaris Reiver, just before being enlisted in a newly created chapter during the Ultima Founding. Still lacking real frontline experience, tough, his first real Baptism of Fire as a space marine shall begin during the liberation of his chapter’s soon-to-become recruitment world.
  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Name: Temujin Ogedei

    Rank: Sword Saint of reivers

    Age: 350

    Appearance: With a distinctively Asian stock look Temujin stands at 8 feet tall with light brown skin. He has an angular face with a chiseled jawline and ritual scars on his forehead. His deep black eyes give those who look at them the sensation of staring into the abyss, while his short and spiky black hair gives the impression of a forest of needles. He has a lean build relative to his frame that almost makes him look haggard or gaunt from a distant.

    He wears a customized armor that replaces the chest piece and covers the exposed midsection with a mark X chest piece. The shoulder pads of the armor have been thickened and shaped to be slanted to ward off blows and enemy fire instead of soaking them off. Alongside these the overall armor has been void modified to better suit any operation that involves the void of space or hazardous battle zones and applied with camouflage paint to suit the environment of the battle zone.

    Most of the time his body is hidden by a camo cloak so the modifications made to his armor are hardly seen. His face is also hidden behind a fully closed helmet whose face mask has been customized to look like a snarling demon from ancient Terran myths of the east.


    A silent but brooding man Temujin is a cautious and calculative always making plans and contingencies despite knowing that they will often not survive contact. He prefers to gather information from the natives of the plant they are in rather than rely on information that may have been gathered decades or centuries prior. He tries to tailor his actions by the maxim he made

    Do not be complacent, for complacency leads to death

    Do not be overly reliant on plans for they rarely survive the first contact

    Do not eschew defense nor the words of the natives for in the changing battlefield one must adapt and know to listen to those who have lived on their planet

    Learn both the arts of war and the arts of peace for only then can you hone body, mind, and soul.


    Customized Mark X Phobos armor and Mark X Reiver helmet.

    Bolt carbine modified to fit a stalker silencer and scope

    Heavy bolt pistol

    Grapnel launcher, 1 Frag, 1 Krak and 1 Cammo cloak

    Power katana and wakizashi modified to be able to stab and slash.


    Temujin considers himself as having experienced many things and while his true age is not very old considering the deep sleep he was put under his soul feels old. Hailing from Kathmandu now the imperial palace, he as a young child saw the greatest man to ever live the emperor bring both glory and ruin to his home. Glory came from the emperor choosing to build his grand palace where Kathmandu was while ruin came as they tore down structures, temples, and houses of Kathmandu and the other cities many of which dated back to before old night

    Despite this, as a young teenager, he went to be an aspirant for the emperor’s legions inspired by the pure strength, ferocity, endurance, and stories of the thunder warriors, custodies, and legionaries. By his determination, blood, and sweat he managed to gain approval before being assigned to the V legion. Temujin didn’t mind the low numbers, missing primarch or the perception of being a barbarian for he was able to serve beside the emperor.

    Decades passed before Temujin finally met his primarch and saw his legion change. From this meeting came new way’s, new methods and a new culture. Unlike most of his other Terran brothers, Temujin was fine with this change and learned much from it tho he always held Terra as his home. So, it was that he was one of the few Terrans that didn’t betray the khan or the emperor but this formed a sort of schism between those like him from Terra who stayed loyal and those from Chogoris.

    If fate had been allowed to play its part Temujin would have been dead in ages long since passed. However, it was naught to be for he found himself unknowingly inducted into some sort of program the details of how he had been inducted, how he had been separated and even if he had agreed or not long since gone from his memories. Upon being woken up from deep sleep he expected himself to be angry, to demand explanations, to feel some sort of outrage but felt nothing but boredom.

    This boredom changed to horror, loss, confusion and ultimately resignation as the reality of the M42nd millennia crashed on him. Thankfully he was once more pressed into battle as part of the unnumbered sons, first as an Intercessors and then a Reiver after he performed admirably with a reiver squad in a jungle world when he became the lone survivor of his squad.

    It was during one of his mission as a Reiver that he met the ultramarine who was now the chapter master of the emerald sabers having saved the ultramarine and his squad from an ork kamando ambush. While it was brief they struck a brief bond as the wayward Intercessor squad was lead back to friendly lines by the Reiver squad Temujin was leading. Once more if fate had been allowed to play its part Temujin may have found himself reunited with the white scars but the needs of the Imperium and the request of a certain ultramarine said otherwise.

    So, it came to be that Temujin became a part of the Emerald sabers with whom he shared the cultures of Ancient Terra’s east and south-east clans shaping them as much as they shaped him. For the next 50 years, he worked his way up the rank before becoming an advisor and sword saint. The other senior commanding officers had objections to him starting over but Temujin argued that the chapter could only truly solidify if old hands guided the new chapter members not only as commanders and officers but also as those who had risen in rank alongside them. After much debate, he eventually managed to persuade the chapter master and the rest of the old senior guards most of whom were either of the unnumbered sons like him or of the 1st wave.

    Chapter Honours
    Crux Terminatus
    The Emerald Corona: Awarded to all Emerald Sabres who've earned the coveted title and rank of Sword Saint. Adorned upon the white helm of the Sword Saints helm.
  4. Spurius Spurius New Member

    -Mandek Messalla: Approved
    -Temujin Ogedei: Approved.
    -Ogedei awarded Crux Terminatus
  5. Spurius Spurius New Member

    Please note that you may play a different role within the Chapter as well and or be from another Imperial Sub-Faction (ex: Sisters of Battle) if you write a good app and explain in the character bio why they are with the Emerald Sabres. Also if doing so please state their faction underneath Rank in Italics.
  6. Spurius Spurius New Member

    -Conrad Gorecki: Approved as Techmarines/Forge Lord.
    -Awarded the Machina Opus
  7. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Name: Conrad Gorecki; (the surname is formed from a title given to orphans by a most notable physical characteristic. The custom is still prevalent on Cegraenus, the Homeworld of Emerald Sabres. In Conrad`s case, the surname means 'mountain' describing his blooming, tall and burly physique that showed even at a young age);

    Rank: Forge Lord (Techmarine);

    Age: 150;

    Appearance: Being a giant among men, Conrad`s growth was only accented during the Initiation and later on ascension among the hallowed ranks of the Angels of Death. Standing at two and a half meters (8.4 ft) Conrad`s height is only matched with his statuesque physique enhanced by the modified Mark X. A giant, even among his Primaris brothers, this Cegraenusian native bears a similarity with ancient Caucassian tribes of Ancient Terra carried with distinct "shoveled bluntness" of the face that is the trademark of the Astartes gene-hancing processes.
    Inheriting the light-blue eyes and chiseled features from his gene-sire, Conrad still retained the dark brown hair of his ancestry along with a characteristic width to the face that would give a warm and pleasant feeling when one looked at him, if ever a smile graced it.

    Too serious, even for the standards of the most Codex-compliant Ultramarine, Conrad is a dour and brooding person, friendly enough not to test the patience of his battle-brothers but closed of and borderline hostile to the strangers. Being somewhat of a hermit in the Chapter, Conrad is often avoided by serfs and mortal support staff if they can help it. Those that truly know Brother Conrad know that the subdued hostility and aggression are only a consequence of his brute-force mindset. Skill was a flowery excuse for the lack of firepower and strength.

    Spending most of his time in either Armaentarium or the Forge, Conrad does not have many activities outside of his duties as a Techmarine nor do they interest him. Everything that does not concern him, he considers an absolute and inexcusable waste of time. This mind-set coupled with his single-minded determination served him well so far as a Forge Lord and true to that, only strangers that did not suffer his ire were the Techpriests of Adeptus Mechanicus and their enhanced minions and servants.

    • Modified Mark X Power Armor;
    • Power Sword embedded into a Omnissian Polaxe after becoming a Techmarine; (similar in looks to Sollex-Pattern Power Axe)
    • Servo-harness with only one Servo-arm;
    • Mechadendrite Nest with three dendrites:
    -Dendrite with Explorator attachment;
    -Balistic dendrite with Assault Bolter attached;
    -Balistic dendrite with Lascutter attached;
    • Standard Techmarine augmentations (electro-graft and electoo);
    • Servo-swarm (acts as a portable auspex, augur and servo-scribe devices);

    Biography: Almost a century and a half ago, on a particularly rainy night of Cegraenus Prime, a young and cold-shriveling boy was found wandering the countryside roads by a merchant caravan. At first Conrad`s lack of communication was taken as a boy being a mute, but the truth was revealed quickly once he was given to the local orphanage. When asked as for his parents or how he came to that road, the only thing the boy would respond would be one word: "Conrad".

    Further tests and examinations by the Versipex Adepts yielded no results as the boy had no footprint in the planetary database and thus he was evidented as an orphan. Quiet, yet obedient, Conrad was destined a life of a soldier in the Planetary Defence Force.

    However, that was not to be his fate, as the annual screening picked him as a suitable candidate for the Emerald Sabres - a Chapter of posthuman super soldiers that were the planetary lords of Cegraenus. Early on it was evident to the Drill Masters and Scout Sergeants that, despite the natural strength that the natural genetics have given him, Conrad had a very narrow skill-set. Being a Chapter that focused on close-combat, that would not be an issue, if not for his barely average swordmanship.

    With these obstacles, Conrad approached them like he approached any other problem in his life so far. With a reticent manner and a lot of brute force. In practice rings, no round could be drawn to a stalemate with Conrad as an opponent. You either win or lose against him. If the former is the case, he`ll continue challenging you until he comes on top. This resulted in him being more of a rugged brawler then a refined warrior his Chapter would prefer.

    Using his sword as a club, Conrad managed to claw his way to the rank of a battle-brother. Upon reaching it, early aptitude tests showed that he has potential toward more logic-inclined tasks as well as an inclination toward memorizing technical specification. This marked him as an aspiring Techmarine.

    Upon arriving on Mars, Conrad found that he got along better with servitors and machines. Discovering himself in such a new environment proved to be an efficient catalyst that resulted in a competent, if a little brutish Techmarine of the Emerald Sabres Chapter.

    Chapter Honours:
    -Machina Opus: awarded for undergoing the trials of the Adeptus Mechanicus to become a Techmarine within the Emerald Sabres.
  8. Spurius Spurius New Member

    To help in the early stages of the RP due to the low numbers, I'll be throwing a PC into this who will act as a sort of guardian/commander for the player characters until we get at least half a Squadron of PC's and or a Knight-Captain of the Order of Enmei. For those who want to know who will be joining, you're characters for the first half, this is he. Sorry its a short app, I'll add more throughout the week!


    Name: Spurius Varus

    Rank: Knight-Captain

    Age: 210



    Spurius is an average sized Primaris Astarte standing at 8feet 9inches tall with a somewhat slimmer build and body type than his fellow Primaris Brothers. Having come from the capital world of the Ultramarines (Macragge), Spurius takes on the light skin pigmentation of a Caucasian male that was commonly found in ancient Terra’s European continent. As with many of his battle-brothers, Spurius has a vast number scars that decorate his body, most of which come from the surgeries of the Gene-Seed implantation. Though there are some pot marks here and there that come from him being shot, stabbed, and hit with plasma fire during his service in the Indomitus Crusade and the later Plague Wars. He has a handsome face with a square jaw much like his progenitor (which is due to the gene mixing) which adds more to his overall good looks. Atop his head, his blonde hair is kept short and cropped tightly to his head in a standard military cut that gives off the impression of an individual experienced in countless battles; made more evident by the appearance a large scar running across the top of his skull from his forehead to the back of the head. Just slightly below that scar on his forehead, he has two small circular augments which help in communicating with his helmet’s HUD. As for his eyes, he has sea blue irises that give off a relaxing aura when one looks into them; he's come to utilize this natural trait when addressing non-Astartes. Facial hair wise, if he does grow any, comes out appearing copperish in an appearance before taking on a more reddish appearance in length.


    Regarding his Mark X Gravis power armour’s appearance, he has taken some liberties to customize and enhance it to fit better with the role of a Captain. Having no prior Mark VII or any previous variants of power armour to utilize in the creation of Artificer Armour due to the Chapter’s relatively young age, he has instead worked with the Techpriests of the Mechanicum and Forge Lords of his Chapter to develop something similar in style and type in appearance. However, his Mark X still functions as a standard Gravis variant does but its pauldron’s, and Shin armour have the gold trim and weaving that take on the appearance of the Chapter’s homeworld’s predatory race of dragon-like beings wings. The reptile appearance helps in giving an impressive yet majestic look fit for the planet’s warden whilst also showing a deadly and fearsome warrior.


    As with many of within his Chapter of the Emerald Sabres, Spurius own a unique curved blade that was specially designed with him in mind. Its every curve, edge, and twist made to fit his fighting style and build. The blade’s sleek design is very much akin to the swords found on ancient Terra’s former Polish country. The curved yet elegant edge a deadly mix of beauty and power able to cleave through most objects without the aid of its electrified core that makes it a power sword –the blade having been folded time and time again with the Master of the Forge continually blessing every fold with a prayer to the Machine God. The guard that forms a basket around the red dragon leather hilt is made from the same material as the type found upon his Pauldrons, making it a tough and study guard able to withstand a beating by itself. Finally, the pommel, the most beautiful piece of the blade. Having been awarded the honour of commanding the Order of Cegraenus (1st Company), an exceptional emerald was carved out to take the appearance of feared planet’s creature –which also serves as the 1st Company’s emblem. Overall, the sabre is genuinely a work of art, second only to the Grand Master of the Chapter’s own blade.



    Spurius is a strong, yet understanding man who, despite his appearance, is actually a fair bit like the chivalric Knights of ancient Terra in how he has a high moral compass that made him an ideal fit for the Emerald Sabres. Unlike many of his battle-brothers Spurius a more open-minded and welcoming towards the citizens of the Imperium, often flashing a warm smile towards those that are lucky enough to see him without his dragon winged helm. His outlook is primarily from that of how he treats his brother Astartes. When with his fellow Primaris Marines, Spurius is known to be somewhat of a laugher and warm man whom many can come to seek advice or talk to; had he not excelled in both command and combat he would’ve been a Chaplain. Often times, he’s also the one many of the Bondsmen come to when they need questions asked and or desire jobs as he’s known for giving light duties to those not blessed with the Primarch’s gene-seed. Regarding how he treats his fellow brothers, he is known as a kind and understanding commander who will only ever be hard on those who need it. Finally, he is fiercely loyal to both the God-Emperor and his Gene-sire Guilliman whom he had personally fought alongside within the Plague Wars.


    As with any Astarte, Spurius thrives in battle and is known for being cool-headed and calm in stressful situations, often times deploying the teachings of his Gene-sire to better help himself in commanding his Company. As with many Captain’s, Spurius knows where his responsibilities lay and strive to ensure that all goals and orders given to him by either the Primarch of his Chapter Master are carried out to the fullest extent of the letter. However, what he will not do in carrying out his orders is throw away the lives of his battle-brothers carelessly; a lesson he had been taught by Ultramarines Captain Cato. Instead, Spurius will seek to utilize the strengths and talents of all those under his command to the fullest, as a means of getting the upper hand over those he fights. Having served under the Command of William Siegfried during his time as an Ultramarine, he bore witness to the moment his future Chapter Master slew the Daemon Prince of Khorne, and it was there he learned the true meaning of teamwork and how best to use the Codex Astartes. Additionally, in regards to the Codex Astartes, he uses it as a guide to help in certain situations but otherwise uses what his commanders had taught him, and that is to always formulate your own plans and strategies. Finally, as with most commanders, the Captain of the 1st Company tries to predict his enemies movements through a mix of scout reports and the local population as he’s found it to be near invaluable on countless occasions in his service as both an Ultramarine and as an Emerald Sabre.


    Traitors… the very idea of those who would dare threaten and corrupt the Emperor’s people offends him greatly. Part of the reason for his placement within the Emerald Sabres is due to his intense disdain for the foul forces of Chaos. As per his duty, he is ready to face the tide of Chaos should they ever invade. If one of his brothers were to fall from grace, it would break his heart, but he would still purge them for their sins… however, he will give them one chance to redeem themselves through ritual suicide, as blood washes away all sin.


    -Mark X Gravis Armour; Chapter custom.

    -Emerald Sabre unique curved power sword.

    -Plasma Pistol

    -Iron Halo



    Born on the capital world of the Ultramarines Macragge some ten thousand years ago shortly after the Heresy of Horus, Spurius grew up with a middle-class family who found joy in their daily lives as everything was seemingly provided for them like all citizens during the reign of Guilliman. Even if they were still recovering from the Heresy that had taken place all those years ago. Needless to though, this joy passed onto their young blonde haired son whose sea blue eyes seemed to shimmer in the warm light of the system’s star. Seeing the kindness that was behind his eyes, they could see he was going to surpass them, as any parent wished to see, though how he would make a name for himself was yet anyone’s guess. Their main hope was that their son would go on to become one of those lucky enough to work alongside their demi-god like overlords, the Ultramarines. Though, the fear was also there that their son could find himself unlucky and end up in some street gang –a thought that terrified each of his parents. To prevent any sort of lousy future from ever befalling their child, the parents put forth all they had to give their child a proper upbringing. Throwing themselves into debt his parents worked tirelessly to provide their only son with the same joy they felt every time they looked upon him.

    Due to the hard work of his parents to provide for him, Spurius grew up being educated in one of his districts best schools, his child brain absorbing all that was taught to him like a sponge. Though, academics weren’t really his strong point, as he often found himself more attracted to playing and running around with his friends than learning. This often caused a great deal of disappointment from his parents who saw his playing around as a distraction from a potentially bright future. Trying to prevent such a thing, they quickly did their utmost to steer their child towards the academics rather than the athletics… a tactic that failed time and time again on him as he would soon escape out the window or through some hole. This type of attitude continued well up until his 10th birthday… the moment that saw to everything changing for not only himself but his family. As was standard for Macragge, the Ultramarines were looking for potential recruits from the population, their representatives looking for the most energetic youngsters to undergo the trials to become an Astarte. Unbeknownst to the Varus parents, their son Spurius had caught their attention one day when he ran circles around the other kids and still have some energy to spare. With a knock on their door, the news had seen the two suffer a mixture of different emotions. While they were upset that they probably never get to see their son again, there was also a wave of joy that washed over them as their son had been given a chance that only the nobles or wealthy ever seemed to get in the past. This son –if he passed- would become one of their lord’s very own soldier. So, knowing they didn’t have a choice in the matter, they gave their blessing for their son and said their final goodbyes… Spurius swore he’d never forget them, but… as with all aspirants, all memories of his past were scrubbed from his mind…

    The Trials and acceptance:

    As with many of the other young boys who surrounded him, the ten-year-old Spurius was scared, lonely, and worried as they were on a cold hostile world with nothing but the thin clothes on their backs. He, like them, had no idea where they were going or what they were to become; as many at his age were not yet told of the Astartes save the child stories their parents told them that none of them remembered. It wasn’t until a towering god-like being came walking out from the massive structure the boys stood in front that he saw his first Space Marine and his future. After being addressed by the Master of Recruits and told what they had to do to join the ranks of Humanities defenders, all the boys were told to remove their shoes and then massed up before a shot rang out signalling the potential recruits that the marathon had started. The energetic Spurius ran long and hard, his abundance of energy giving him an edge over the other adolescents, though his upbringing and soft soles made it extremely painful for him. As the soles of his feet ripped apart under the rough terrain, Spurius felt himself wanting to cry, but the thought of his parents being disappointed in him spurred him on. Mustering up what courage and strength a young lad could summon forth, he ran on. He did his best to survive, going days without food, but somehow managing to find water by keeping close to a nearby freshwater river. Pushing himself to the brink, he collapsed in the desolate snowy wastes, however. Feeling as though he was going to die, he made a little desperate plea for the Ultramarines to save him before everything went black. Then, suddenly he awoke on a soft, warm bed, hooked up to machine feeding him a mixture of fluids and painkillers, while one of the Ultramarine Apothecaries looked down upon him. Resting a hand on Spurius’ head, he told him the good news; he had passed.

    After passing his second test, however, his future still hung in the balance, as he was put through the second trial; the Challenge trial. The deadliest of all the trials the Ultramarines had, as the potential Astarte was pitted against a true Ultramarines Battle-Brother. It was here though that Spurius’ natural talent for the blade came to shine as he was given the ‘duel’ challenge where he would face off against a Space Marine with a wooden weapon of his choice, just as the Astarte would. With no real hope of winning, the Master of Recruits watched for what was going to be a quick loss. To everyone’s surprise, though, young Spurius held his own, even landing some well-aimed strikes against the Space Marine opponent. Utilizing his small size, slim build, and natural speed, Spurius did the impossible… he won his duel. Instead of a furious Astarte upset with a loss to a mere child, he told Spurius, “well-done brother.” Before giving him a proud smile before walking away. Completing his second trial, with an actual success there was no question that he was inducted into the Ultramarines.

    The next years of his life were just as hellish as he was trained to fight, kill, and brainwashed. Time and time again he was implanted with the Gene-Seed, his body growing and developing along with the new organs before finally, the 19th. It was here that his future as a standard Space Marine was halted. With the threat of Chaos continually on the rise, Cawl and Guilliman knew that a new breed of Astarte would be needed. Thousands of young Aspirants were chosen from all the loyal Legions turned Chapters, to undergo further experimentation, training, and development. Spurius was one of those young new recruits chosen. His skill in the martial arts made him a prime candidate for the new plans.

    Ten-thousand years later:

    The next 10,000 years of his life were spent in and out of cryosleep, training, and experimentation by Cawl. Then… finally, the Primarch Robout Guilliman returned, and the new breed of Astarte was unleashed, Spurius Varus among them. After receiving his Mark X power armour and a new arsenal of weapons, he was tasked with reinforcing the Ultramarines along with many of his brother Primaris Marines. Millennium after millennium of experimentation and training, Spurius was now an Ultramarine. He was quickly placed under the command of a Veteran Space Marine of the Ultramarines and joined his gene-sire and Primaris Astarte brothers in the Indomitus Crusade. The savagery of the next 100 years was a brutal and eye-opening experience for the young man who fought tooth and nail with his battle-brothers, excelling whenever a blade was placed in his hands. So much so he had gained the praise of Guilliman himself who awarded him with the Honorifica Valourum for his valour after single-handedly dispatching a squad of traitor marines before moving on to break through the Black Legion’s lines and leading his now deceased Sergeant’s team to victory. He was later given the Iron skull for his actions and given command of his former Sergeant’s squad at the young age of 90.

    Spurius connected his service to his Primarch and met with some of the Chapter’s most venerated and celebrated heroes like the former Captain of the 2nd Company Cato Sicarius who had even taught him a few things during their time fighting beside one another, as well as his future Chapter Master William Siegfried. Eventually, Spurius Varus was placed under the command of then, Lieutenant William Siegfried. Now a Veteran in his own right, Spurius acted as the Lieutenant’s second in command offering advice when requested or when it seemed relevant. Then, during the Plague Wars, it happened… as the Chapter and the Unnumbered Sons were fighting the forces of the Elder one and his plague forces, they came to face a Daemon Prince of Khorne whom had joined to assist Nurgles forces. A bloody battle ensued. Many of Spurius’ and William’s battle-brothers were slain instantly in the first seconds of action. The sheer strength and speed of the Daemon overpowering the Primaris Marines; Spurius himself was only spared due to his own skill in swordsmanship which allowed him to parry a blow that snapped his blade in two and saw to his helmet getting cut through leaving a scar on his head. Bleeding from the deep gash in his head, he pushed himself to keep fighting. Gripping a nearby bolter rifle from one of his fallen brothers, he took aim. Steadying himself his hearts, his breath slowed causing an unnatural stillness before he pulled the trigger. Three bolt rounds slammed into the shoulder of the beast causing it to reel for a moment, giving William the opening he needed. Charging forth with power sword in hand, the Lieutenant slammed the point through the daemon’s skull before slamming it down into the creature’s brain and with two twists of the blade the beast was killed.

    The two surviving Astartes, severely injured and bleeding slowly just sat there laughing at their Emperor blessed luck they had before the rest of their unit came up. Shortly afterwards, news of their deed reached their Gene-Sire, with things slowly returning to normal for a time, and the need for more Chapters to monitor the Great Rift, Robout Guilliman chose to award William Siegfried with command of one of the new Chapters which would be named, The Emerald Sabres along with the Imperial Laurel. Spurius, on the other hand, was awarded the Crux Terminatus for his part in slaying the Daemon Prince and seeing as how the Emerald Sabres would need talented warriors and leaders in its ranks, Spurius was assigned to join William.

    Sometime later, Spurius was made Captain of the Emerald Sabres elite 1st Company, as William believed no one else he trusted most or could handle the role better than his friend Spurius. So it came to be that Spurius Varus was made Knight-Captain and tasked with commanding the Chapter veteran’s whilst also serving as one of William Siegfried’s closest Advisors. During the space battle within their Emerald Sabres home system, Spurius led some boarding actions into the Ork space hulks, killing scores of the Greenskins and securing a number of their ‘ships’. Once word reached that the Orks were invading and occupying their worlds, Spurius volunteered to join the Order of Enmei (2nd Company) in establishing a beachhead on their capital world to allow the whole of the Order to land without risk of being attacked upon landing.

    Chapter Honours:

    - Crux Terminatus

    - Iron Skull

    - Honorifica Valourum

    - The Emerald Corona

    - Iron Halo
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