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Liberation of the Emerald: IC thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Spurius, Apr 23, 2018.

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    The Emerald Sabres, a Chapter made up entirely of Primaris Astartes of the Ultramarines genetic stock, with some of their ranks belonging to one of the 9 other loyalist Chapters to help fill the ranks of the new Chapter. Having recently been founded under the orders of their Primarch Roboute Guilliman, the Emerald Sabres were tasked with the monitoring of the Great Rift, whilst also serving as the first line of defence should another Chaos invasion take place. While a great many of their new recruits come from the system to which they are assigned, there is a great deal more who have never set foot on their new homeworlds or have been anywhere near the system they will call home. However, while the Chapter was organizing itself into a fully operational fighting force, their system came under assault from an Ork infestation which quickly grew in size and strength. With the PDF on their future homes under constant attack and with very little if no support at all from any other Imperial worlds there remain only a handful of cities and towns which remain under Imperial control. Upon learning of their system’s fate, Grand Master William Siegfried ordered the immediate deployment of the Emerald Sabres. However, upon coming out of the Warp, the Chapter fleet came under fire by a moderately sized Ork fleet. Within moments the two fleets began a massive battle for the system with the Emerald Sabres launching a series of boarding actions against the Ork hulks lead by the Knight-Captain in command of the Chapter’s elite 1st Company. Within a day the system was cleared of any further Ork threats space. With the battle for space over, the Chapter moves to secure the first of its recruiting worlds, Enmei. The Order of Knights tasked with taking point? The Order of Enmei, the 2nd Company. The 2nd has a tough battle ahead of them and many within their ranks are still new and have yet to taste battle…

    The steel hull creaked and groaned as the mighty Imperial vessel powered its way through the debris that was the Ork fleet. On the bridge stood the resplendent armoured form of a towering Primaris Astarte who observed the sight through his winged Mark X Gravis helmet. He was not alone either, as many of the Chapter’s fleet serfs, bondsmen, and Imperial naval attaches rushed around barking orders at different divisions on the ship. The Astarte ignored them all. However, his mind too focused on the wreckage that floated lifelessly in the vacuum of space. Arms crossed over his chest, he began to wonder if this was all the Orks had to offer regarding resistance in the cold void. It seemed odd to him that the Emerald Sabres fleet was able to wrock so much havoc in such a short amount of time on their Xeno foes when previous reports he had read on the matter of Greenskins had painted them as a highly dangerous and ingenious force -When led by a Warboss that is. The single thing he had to keep telling himself, there was no such Warboss here. Giving a small mental thanks to the Emperor he shifted around in time to spot Spurius Varus, another one of the Primaris veterans who had followed him into the Emerald Sabres Founding.

    “Anything to report brother?”

    Spurius paused a moment in surprise before shaking his head to the negative. “Nothing you don’t already know my Lord Siegfried.”

    William turned to view out into space once more, this time focusing on the first of their worlds, Enmei. “And what is it I know Varus?”

    The Knight-Captain gave a puzzled look behind his own unique Gravis helmet for a moment before giving himself a mental shake, “Greenskins currently occupy our worlds, with the local PDF focusing on the planetary capitals. Likely due to there only being so few of them left.”

    Nodding his head slowly in response the Grand Master of the Chapter waved his friend and advisor closer. “I see, and am I, right in assuming the rumours are true? That you plan to join the first wave in establishing a beachhead?”

    “I do.”

    “Hmm… Well, I’m not going to try to dissuade you from such an action, I know what you’re like Varus. Like me, you’re brash and often conflict with the Codex Astartes. Guilliman may allow us more freedom to do the Emperor’s work, but that doesn’t mean you should throw forget your position. This honour you’re about to be apart of was intended for the Order of Enmei, not yours. If you go, you go without your Order Captain.” William warned solemnly, he disliked having to take a harsh tone with any of his battle-brothers, more so ones whom he had fought beside in countless battlefields.

    Spurius’ custom dragon-winged helm hid his smirk before the Knight-Captain spoke. “I couldn’t agree more Grand Master.” He spoke proudly before he turned around and made his way towards the exit.

    “Besides, I can’t let the Order of Enmei go in without adult supervision.”

    William chuckled softly before shaking his head. “Go, you have my permission Captain, just make sure you don’t step on your fellow Captain’s toes while down there…”

    Spurius gave a small bow before William spoke up once more, “… And good luck down there.”


    With that, Spurius was gone, leaving William once more alone with the Chapter’s serfs. Meanwhile, on The Emerald Edge of Enmei, the flagship of the Order of Enmei, the Primaris Astartes have just come out of the briefing that saw to them learning of their new honour. They have been tasked with being the tip of the spear in reclaiming their new recruiting world. The Astartes all have mixed emotions, however, with some feeling as William does... unsure and uneasy, as though there could be more to this invasion. Others have the mindset that this could be the chance for glory and be a way to earn both themselves and their Chapter praise from their Primarch. Overall, the 2nd Company of the Emerald Sabres use their free time to do their final checks, prep's, spars, or whatever else they may find more pressing.

    The Experienced Reiver Mandek Messalla: @Krooza Nob Bozz

    Mandek Messalla, the young yet experienced Reiver who has seen more combat and savagery than many of his fellow Reiver battle-brothers. Having fought against the foul forces of Chaos, he had distinguished himself and was quick to earn the honour of joining his first battle-company and fast-tracked towards his eventual placement with an Intercessor squad within the Chapter. However, he has much to learn and experience yet before he can entirely call himself a Knight of the Emerald Sabre.

    You are preparing for the coming assault, which you have just been briefed on, and to both your surprise and joy you have just learned that your unit has been assigned the honour of dropping onto Enmei first. A great honour has just fallen into your lap, and you have the chance to cover yourself in glory in the Emperor’s name. How will you handle this news? Do you feel the itch to purge the world of the Greenskins so much so that you make your way first to the armoury to grab your kit? Or do you instead seek out your commanders and or seniors to ask for guidance? The choice is yours, and you still have time to do what you will aboard the Company’s flagship, “The Emerald Edge of Enmei.” Before the invasion commences.

    The Scarred Veteran and Sword Saint Temujin Ogedei: @SmurfKun

    Temujin Ogedei, a veteran of countless battles and operations. Temujin was a veteran of the Primaris Legion known only as the unnumbered sons. After having fought under the command of Guilliman, he had come to thrive in combat –stealth being the key focus for this Astarte. After having saved the future Chapter Master, William Siegfried from certain death and risking his own in a near-suicidal attack, he was awarded the choice of Chapter he would join after the Plague Wars. The Chapter he joined? The Emerald Sabres. After having gotten to know William Siegfried the two became friends and in many ways true brothers, despite him being initially meant for the White Scars. In recognition of his service and past deeds, Ogedei was offered command of the 3rd Company but turned it down, instead insisting on remaining in his previous post as a Reiver Sergeant. To meet him halfway, Grand Master Siegfried offered him the position of Sword Saint of the Reivers and gave him command of Reiver Squadrons within the Order of Enmei.

    You had taken part in the boarding action, fighting alongside Knight-Captain Spurius Varus in your Terminator armour, cleansing the Greenskins from the system’s space. After having fought a savage number of battles already, you had returned to your bunk but were called back to service once more, this time you find out your Company was being given the honour of dropping first. With the briefing done you are left to your own devices. Do you seek to prepare your wargear for the coming drop assault? Or do you instead seek to do some last minute training to warm yourself up and ready your body for combat once more? Either way, the choice is yours and you have the entire ship to explore and do what you will before being called to drop.

    Lonesome Forge Lord Conrad Gorecki: @High Adept Zeth

    Conrad Gorecki, a relatively new Techmarine who has already proven himself in and outside the battlefield. Having served initially as an Intercessor Marine, Gorecki had come face to face with many of the Emperor’s hated enemies, and it is due to this experience that has made him a hardened veteran –both externally and internally. With the look of a man who does not wish to socialize, he is often found by himself and is quite happy for the silence as well. Often times if one of his Battle-Brothers is seeking him out, they will often see him in the Company’s armoury working away on one of his own little projects or tending to the needs of the machine spirits; as it seems they are the only company he wishes to keep as his brother's joke.

    Having kept to yourself in the briefing, you were the first to slip out upon its completion hoping to avoid any of the pileups that seemed to happen when these things finish. Though, now that you know what’s to come, and what your Company is about to undergo you find yourself a little unsure of your next move. You often like to be kept alone, but even you know working alone would be the death of you, and shame the Emperor and your Primarch if you suffered such an end with no glory to be witnessed. So, now that you have free time before the mission, what will you do? Will you seek to return to your solitude and work on yours and your battle-brothers wargear? Or, will you seek out your other battle-brothers and talk about the upcoming mission? The choice is yours and you have the free time yet before the drop.
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    Mandek was keeping a steady pace while walking straight to the armory, holding the hilt of his customised sword tightly all the way through. After being informed on the mission and its details, he immediately left the briefing room to go equip himself for the upcoming battle.

    Stike first, strike by surprise, strike hard; that was the Reiver's motto he seeked to follow during his operations.
    The more time they were going to waste on their ships, the more time the orks had to prepare themselves for the planetfall, something that could have risked to increase the amount of losses among his brothers.

    Yet, Mandek wasn't so much convinced of the threat posed by the greenskins, for he had still very little battle experience against them. From what he gathered from reports, campaigns and tales from the past, these xenos were a brutal, savage race, seeking the bloodiest fights for the sake of it. Despite lacking a cohesive or organised force, the orks were supposedly known for being phisycally strong and deviously ingenious.

    Yet, in a single day of battle their entire fleet was nothing but a burning wreck in the void. Mandek wondered how this war faring race managed to survive for so long against the might of the Imperium. Today he will make sure to remind their enemy of humanity's superiority, Messalla thought to himself.

    Even being confident in a quick and decisive campaign, the reiver sergeant was revising the tactics he will need to execute and the harsh training he underwent for a couple of decades. Mandek hadn't been a space marine for long, yet he seeked to embrace his new duty as humanity's defender in the most examplar way possible.

    Long were gone the days were he was hiding for months under the rubble of destroyed buildings, fighting literally with tooth and nails, praying the Emperor for salvation to come. Now it was Mandek to descend upon a beleaguered world of the Imperium to deliver retribution.

    His team already instructed via Vox on the strategy they will follow once on the surface, Messalla finally reached the armory. Once there, he equipped himself with the standard equipment for his duty. A bolt carbine and pistol for ranged combat, plus all the utility gear needed for operations behind enemy lines, such as photon grenades, additional ammo mags, a gravchute for deep insertion and a grapplin hook.

    Checking the condition of every single piece of gear methodically, reciting all the required litanies of maintainance and checking via vox the status of his squad, which was fully geared and waiting in the hangar bays, Mandek was ready for war.

    Before exiting the armory to reach his brothers, the primaris halted on the door frame and carefully unsheathed his personal sabre, staring at the reflection of his skull helmet on the weapon's blade. The metal was cristal clean, making it look like it was intended for parades. The golden hilt, shaped in the way of the imperial aquila, with the pommel representing the head of the noble bird was still completely immaculate, both for the little action he saw so far, but also for the methodical care Mandek took for it.

    Every single Emerald Sabre had their personal sword, wielding it for their entire service, mastering the art of close combat and holding it close to them even in death. They were trained to use it like it was an extention of their bodies; somebody in the chapter even claimed that the most veteran warriors had achieved a martial mastery rivaling that of the misterious and arrogant Eldar. Sadly, Mandek was still far from such heights, both due to his relative inexperience and the role of his duty.

    As a Reiver, he wasn't meant to fight honorable duels with mighty warriors, he was intended to strike before the enemy had even the chance to react. As such, Mandek had learnt his fighting skills mostly by training with his brothers. Today he will finally face a real challenge that will tell if he deserves his spot in the chapter as a warrior.

    With that thought considered, Mandek put back his sabre back in its sheath and started walking towards the hangar to meet the rest of his squad and to prepare to reclaim the world below.
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  3. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    After the briefing, Forge Lord Conrad wordlessly excused himself, stomping back to the sanctuary of his Forge. Abusing the metal corridors of The Emerald Edge of Enmei with giant`s gait ad equal amount of force, Conrad performed a mental checklist of duties and rites he had to perform as a battle-brother and Techmarine before deployment. Most of the duties were however attended to as he was always prepared and armored. Even in the protection of company`s flagship he rarely removed his modified helmet, which in itself was a source of many rumors among the mortal crew and Neophytes.

    Not that he ever heard them speaking behind his back, thank the Omnissiah.

    Once again within the sanctity of his Forge, Conrad checked and rechecked the interface nodes and joints of his battle-plate and armaments pleasant of their polished form and function. He would rather see it polished in the blood of his enemies, but the iron-rich lubricant was somewhat short in demand, the conflict with the greenskins ended all too briefly.

    Attaching Assault Bolter to one of his dendrites, the HUD within his helmet notified him of the connection, with a targeting reticle appearing before his eyes. Despite favoring, like much of his brethren the heat of close combat, as a former Intercessor he appreciated the offer of well-laid down bolter fire, and Assault Bolter offered him additional protection and firepower with a hire rate-of-fire. Unlike most of his brethren he yearned for the bloody clash of bone and blade for different reasons. While most of his brethren focused on skill and speed, he focused on strength of arms and quality of his armaments. Good defense was prolonged offense. While others slashed, pierced and cut, Conrad smashed, cleaved and torn either with his bear hands or with a staccato of obliterating bolter fire.

    Musing to this as he walked to the hangar bay were they were ordered to deploy from, the enormous Forge Lord swiped the air a few times with his equally large poleaxe. With the custom-forged sabre molded into it, giving the poleaxe double bearded edge, one cog-toothed emblazoned with Cog Mechanicus and the other the mirror-sheen curved edge of his Emerald Sabre.


    Noticing some of the brothers already assembled, Conrad quickly scanned each and every one of them gouging the combat proficiency of their gear. As a Forge Lord, he has forged many Emerald Sabres among the younger brothers of the 2nd Company. Forging a blade was a personal thing, for it gives hidden insight in the character of each brother. That is one of many characteristics that diverges a Forge Lord from a Techmarine.

    Towering over his brothers, he knew he would not found any folly in their gear, and if he did he would send them with a finger pointing toward the doors, to tend to their wargear or suffer his wrath.
    Please dwith the state of things, he decided to check on status of Stormbirds, Thunderhawks and Drop-Pods that were arrayed in the massive hangar, guiding the Techpriests and servitors alike.
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  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    As Temujin left the briefing his mind whirled with battle plans, current company strengths and other pieces of information each of little worth by themselves but when combined vital to the overall objective. To him this was naught more than another mission, an important one for the chapter’s future but not one that would elicit much from the veteran who had gone through far worst straits. He knew that there was a feeling of uncertainty, of expectant glory and wrathful triumph after their brief battle over space with the rambleshack ork fleet. He knew this and thus he chose to make things objective to temper the others under his command.

    Even as he headed over to the armory to check up on his hear he sent messages and orders to the reivers under his command “Primary Objective: find local resistance against the orks outside of main battle hubs, Secondary objective: Data collection of enemy disposition, Tertiary objective: Remember your oaths, honor your training and keep a clam mind’ after this brief command message was sent he reached the armory. Temujin would have sent a wider message to the whole company but decided that would be for whoever was picked to lead the company. Once his war gear was readied he headed over to the hanger.

    As he went to the hanger he wondered how many would remember his word’s and keep them to heart. The power of being a space marine especially a primaris marine combined with the recent disorganized orks would no doubt have bolster the new marine’s morale, something that he always considered deadly but unavoidable. He had seen orc’s taller than dreadnaughts, fought ork’s whose discipline and tactical ability matched even those of the astrates themselves and thus he was well aware that most of the new members of the chapter and even those members who hadn’t fought these xenos would underestimate the beasts costing the order much. This would be akin to testing a newly forged blade on a training dummy that looked crude on the outside but was filled with all sorts of mechanism and random items on the inside meant to break the blade.

    Temujin would have preferred to have only him and the reiver squads sent in first to lessen the blows but it was what it was. Experiences like this would repeat themselves with each new generation no matter what and thus he chose to focus on rooting out truth from false, to find the head and heart and win the minds and heart of the populace. These actions would lessen the severity of any protracted fight even if it would not dull the painful lesson that would befall those who failed to heed the warnings of those who came before them.
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  5. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    As Mandek entered the hangar bay, he was greeted by the deafening sound of warning sirens as heavy vehicles, transport ships and drop pods were being moved into position for the planetfall, with hundreds of bondsmen, techpriests and servitors attending to the operations.

    After a brief check of the room, Messalla spotted his team at the Overlord tasked with dropping them on the surface. More troops would join them on the gunships, but they objective will have them deployed before anybody else onboard.

    The gunship was of new foundation, thanks to Guilliman's continous efforts to renew the Imperium's military technology. The vehicle was towering even above the already massive thunderhawks of the older foundation chapters, brimming with weapons, supremely sophisticated defensive and manouvering systems, and enough space to carry 40 primaris. Truly a blessing of the Machine God made available for the ultima founding chapters to continue in their effort to reconquer the galaxy.

    Under such marvelous piece of technology, mandek's team was making the last checkings and litanies of handling of their gear. None of them seemed pleased to see Messalla joining them, and they had good reasons. Each of the 4 reivers had far more years of experience on the field, yet Mandek would be the one to lead.

    Temujin Ogedei, one of the Sword Saints of the chapter and leader of the Reiver Squadron, noticed his skills during training and had been particularly impressed by how he managed to survive a chaotic invasions when he was just a young man, leading the survivors to stall the enemy forces long enough for reinforcements to come to liberate his world. For these achievements, Temujin decided to give Messalla the chance to lead a reiver squad to see if he would have been fit as a sergeant.

    Clearly, though, none of the 4 reivers standing in front of him approved that decision, but they would have never argued the decision of a sword saint.

    As Mandek approached the team, one of the Reivers left its current business to go meet his supposedely superior.

    "The team is fully mission operative and ready to go as soon as the other teams are embarked on the ship, just give us the order, boy"

    Messalla ignored that last remark and proceeded to inspect the team, bypassing the one who addressed him.
    The other reivers were still intent on checking their gear and didn't even bother to look at their leader.

    "We already checked everything ourselves, no need to worry. Me and Shirou are tasked with close combat duty, Evander and Jakub will provide fire support" the one to talk was Rafal, the one who was the less concerned about the entire situation, probably because he could easily take care of himself without any lead. Always wearing around his torso a belt of 6 throwing knifes, he never missed his target and could reliably clear an entire room without alerting any enemy.

    "Have you made sure to look at your own gear, boy? It would be a shame for the chapter to loose you during your first fight." Jacub said, as he loaded his bolt carbine before attaching it to his maglock.

    Mandek guessed that the orks weren't going to be his major threat during the battle. Probably Jagutai chose that team for him probably to see if he was able to earn the trust of his subordinates in the midst of the fight, or fail in doing so.

    "Let's make this immediately clear, I have no interest in what is your opinion of me, we have been tasked with clearing the landing zones by taking out any enemy anti-air batteries on the ground, cause havok among enemy supply lines and secure the advance of our other brothers. If your intention is to disrespect me, so be it, but I won't allow you to do so at the expense of the chapter. Both me and you know that you're far more experience than me, I expect you to show me that on the planet."

    After a brief moment of silence, the largest member of the group, Shirou Giza, who was wielding a large heavy bolt pistol, more akin to a shotgun than a sidearm, went ahead and replied "We always serve the chapter first, don't you doubt about that boy. Having you at our lead will just be an other way for us to proof our skills while having an impediment that slows us down." Despite showing no apparent emotions on his visage, his left dead eye, scarred by a stray bullet, was staring daringly straight at Mandek.

    After turning his shoulders at him, Messalla told the team to embark on the ship as soon as the other squads were ready.

    Meanwhile, Mandek went to an other hangar bay where currently a towering tech marine was inspecting the status of an other transport ship.


    " Supreme Forge Lord Conrad, it is a pleasure to see you attending at the vehicles tasked with delivering us to this wotld infested by the Xenos. May I have the audacity to take you away from your duties before the battle for a minute?"

    Mandek was still little more than a recruit in his chapter. Creating some confidence with the older members will necessitate great deeds on the battle from his part, to have any chance at all to be considered equal to them.
    Without a proper functioning equipment, this task would have been just made more difficult, and getting in good terms with the Forge Lord of the chapter was a good move to prevent that from happening. Even a simple blessing would have eased Mandek's mind from doubting on the efficiency of his personal arsenal.
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  6. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Aiding a struggling Enginseer remove the massive couplings on the fuselage, as one of the massive Overlord aircrafts was finished refueling, Conrad disembarked stomping onto the metal deck of the hangar bay. With gauntlets greased black with engine lubricants, rich with hydrocarbons and promethium, Forge Lord smeared the black across his breastplate, the machine spirit purring in approval.


    Just as he was admiring his work, one of his brothers approached him, one of the Reivers. Despite the size of newfound Chapters, Forge Lords knew most of their battle-brothers. Even more so in case of brothers from the same Orders.

    Muffled behind the heavily augmented helmet, his voice was incoherent as Conrad mumbled something in response. Looking down at the younger brother, then at Swift Retribution at Mandek`s waist, its eagle head visible from the sword`s scabbard. He remembered forging the blade for him, why some decade and a half ago.

    With a deep grunt, he moved to the side with Mandek, away from prying ears of curious serfs and brothers alike. With a nod, he motioned for Mandek to speak.
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  7. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member


    As a Forge Lord, Conrad was carrying a vast set of tools, weapons and mechadendrites sprouting from his body which made him look bulkier than any other space marine, its natural massive physique adding to that to create a sense of an overwhelming presence. On top of that, the fact he never removed his helmet in front of any other space marine only increased the feeling of interacting with a calculating automaton rather than a living being.

    As he nodded at Mandek's request, the Reiver couldn't help but notice the amount of motor oil covering his armour, imagining how that might just have been the blood of slain foes, to which the Forge Lord would have probably paid just as little corcern.

    As he was conceded to talk after being carried in a more secluded area, Messalla extracted his sword and offered it to his interlocutor, holding the blade on the palm of his hand, and continued "While I am not as so much arrogant as to ask you any blessing for my weapon, I would dare request your enlightened opinion on its maintainance. My Lord Temujin Ogedei assigned me to guide a squad as a test to proof my suitability for leadership. While I have no intention to disappoint my commander in this task and demonstrate my abilities to my brothers, I seek your knowledge to relief the spirit of my weapons, as they may not falter during my duty."

    With his request explained, Mandek lowered his head as a sign of admiration, laying in wait for a reply from the honorable and at the same time threatening Forge Lord.
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  8. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    As more and more of the company got ready for their drop Temujin voxed a message to the other reiver squad.

    “Mandek, Zeta squad here are further orders for you. Once we have secured the landing zone you and your squad are to stalk the orks back to whatever den or secondary rally point they fall back to. Once more I repeat stalk them, do not engage unless in self-defense. Even if you witness the dammed orks committing vile acts ignore them, locating their main HQ is more important. Jacub step in only if things fall apart or if Mandek is dead or incapacitated.

    A semi squad designated vigil consisting of Shen, markus, jona and Icarus will follow to both provide backup if needed and clean up any orks they can. Zeta feel free to mark any hidey holes you see but do not destroy them, leave that to vigil. I will be staying in the landing zone to help coordinate the rest of the company”
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  9. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard


    Forge Lord looked at his brother, then at the proffered blade, the motion made somewhat less noticeable behind the bulky neckguard that hid the lower portion of his heavily augmented helmet. While some brothers may look at Mandek with a degree of scorn at what could be groveling or pointless sweet-talking, Conrad knew better. First of all, young Reiver would not bother him if he was not truly concerned. A second matter that comes to mind that there are no favor-currying sycophants among Emerald Sabres. Such weakness of lesser men are long cured from a Neophyte during the Astartes Initiation processes. This was fear talking. Fear of failure.

    Taking the blade by its handle, Conrad weighted it in his hand, testing her balance for any minute flaws that may have formed in weight or upon the blade itself. After a few practice swings he offered the blade back, followed by a deep baritone with a hint of mechanical synthesizer as his helmet processed his voice:

    "Bless her in crucible of combat. Tempering her in blood of greenskins will do both of you some good." Conrad spoke with philosophical flourish usually affiliated with old age in the Chapter, despite him being barely a century and a half old. However, before he walked (stomped) to the waiting transport, he rested one of his hands roughly upon Mandek`s shoulder:

    "Fear of failure is healthy. It will keep you true to your oath of moment. However be certain in knowledge that Sword Saint does not test without need. If Sar Ogedei tests you, its because he sees merit in your actions."
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  10. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member


    "I am reverently grateful for your wisdom, truly you are a keeper of the chapter's knowledge. This strenghten my purpose of duty, I shall make sure to cleanse this world of the xenos presence, my lord, while following the tradition of our chapter and ensuring the safety of those under my command. Farewell, Forge Lord Conrad."

    With the doubt of his armament cleansed, Mandek left the techpriest back to his duties and head for his own transport, where his team was starting to embark with a full strenght intercessor squad. As he approached the ship, he open a direct vox channel communication with Temujin to confirm the order received back when Conrad was inspecting his sword.

    "My lord, I confirm to have received your message, I will guarantee the success of the mission and report any sighting of potential enemy command centers. May I see you on the other side of the battlefield, spadar, with a high tally of slain enemies at our feet possibly. Mandek out".

    As he cut off the communication and was about to enter the Overlord ship, Jacub intercepted Massalla on the boarding ramp, grabbing his arm and dragging him within earshot "This operation has the future of the chapter at stake and we are going to be the vanguard. If for ANY reason you will bring shame to us, I will immediately consider you unfit for command and take over. Don't think for a second I shall let my honor as a marine be jeopardized by a nobody like you, even if it means letting you die"

    As he was still holding tightly his arm, Massalla stared back through his skull helmet back at him and replied with the most severe tone possible "I expect the orkz to be the ones who will play dirty tricks on us. Make sure to not beat them to it, it would seem awkward that a noble space marine acts as a savage brainless beast, wouldn't it?"

    With that said, Mandek freed himself of his grasp and entered the space ship, going to his gravlock seat, passing by the rest of his team already at their places, expect for Jacub. As the Overlord pilots were making the last checks and prays of navigation, so did Massalla reinforced his will for the battle ahead. "May the emperor guide my sword and allow me to hit true" He whispered to himself.
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