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Lets talk some melee, again

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rheeva, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    nt sure what u are talking about, I meant slash makes photos with his mobile phone and uploads them instead of using the screenshot button of steam
  2. Grotduffa Timburwolfe Active Member

    I'm jokingly implying that he is very good at using the smart pistol.
  3. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    oh yes he is :-/
  4. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    adeptus mechanicus in a nutshell
  5. Indeed.

    A good weapon smith can get the same result with more finesse and come out looking awesome and smelling of roses just by using a standard manually aimed pistol. - yes this can even be done while maneuvering mid flight if you apply 2 ounces of git and a gram of gud.

    When I'm downed by a standard pistol it feels like I earned that death from an enemy who earned my respect. The same as where I down an enemy that I did so fairly and more than likely earned their respect too. I'm sure its unanimous when I say no one holds any respect for any of these plebs who button mash their way to victory with a legal aim bot.

    /Petition Smart Pistol extinction next patch tyvm
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  6. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

    And what about people rolling out from a stun dbash? They do it faster than your fast attak.

    What i saw allot was i do a d-bash vs is fast attack he gets stunned and in 0.0001 second he does a roll i can't even do a fast attack in the stun duration.

  7. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    its lag , on his screen he evaded before the hit
  8. If it was lag it would happen regularly vs all classes but it only really happens vs JPA and Raptors but for some reason I've never seen a Stormboy escape out of a Dbash but that's probably because matches vs Orks are much rarer and the bug itself is fairly rare.

    Well it feels more like a bug than lag but it may be a combination of the two. And it depends what weapon you're using, anything slower than a sword and yes they're going to be able to escape if their quick on the draw with their space bar without any bug or lag involvement.
  9. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    its not a bug in any way , its the latency between his computer and yours , on his screen he evaded just before the hit but since it takes time to reach your computer on yours you stunned him but he seems to evade out of the stun
  10. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Are you talking about the usual rolling out of Debashes (the between staggers-one, not the bugged after-stun)
    Because I can assure you: Orks have no problems with that.
    Too vividly I remember fighting an Ork whose only tactic was to get caught in debashes, roll around the opponent and try to get a hit in in the back.
    I am talking several dozen times in a few duels here.

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