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lets talk new maps

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scots, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. DrunkScotsman Scots First Blood!

    i have been thinking over the last few weeks of some maps that i would personally like implemented into the game. so lets start with biomes we already have a volcanic based map, 2 semi urban, most are desert related, a rain and a winter biome. but to me these don't seem to portray the grimdark to much. so some ideas that i have is a no mans based trench map of you know an actual battlefield, something like in the artwork on loading screens. this would give the game some more darkness with tank wrecks and such laying about while also giving warfare a more deadly approach. i mean in almost every warhammer book i have read there is some form of trench or no mans land based battle"mostly ig books".

    some more biomes that would be nice is a water themed area similar to torias"s area lots of rain and water. a barren biome with nothing but rock surrounded the map and a more urban map where the fighting is in the streets and indoors similar to Agthg fortress insides. now i don't know how well they would implement them but with the 40k universe it leaves anything open for discussion. i also wouldn't mine themed style maps. yes its an imperial world but that doesn't mean we cant have the further you push into territory the more faction based it gets.

    there is plenty they can do with maps and right now we have a limited amount to work with i know another ft rowen map is being made but am not sure if its a fortress or not. we need more base maps and i believe people would be a bit happier. personally i feel as if the yearly cod game has launched with more maps "yes i know massive difference in design and scale" for example. also im not sure on the number of employees that actually work on map design so that could be a problem too. i mean if you have only say 10 people working on split maps its going to take awhile, that and their ability to design through experience.thoughts and ideas?
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  2. Go to steam folder and look on the EC directory. There's three maps there that arnt currently in the game that are worth a look. Fortress Ronan , blood bath valley and one other
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  3. DrunkScotsman Scots First Blood!

    interesting didnt know they had 2 more in the works
  4. MungFuSensei MungFuSensei Steam Early Access

    Nathan discussed this a lot on Discord. They may eventually do another biome but that's a ways off, so any new maps for a while will be using existing assets. One thing they are going to start doing is using PVE assets to create PVP maps and vice-versa. For instance, one idea that excited him was using PVE assets to create a ship boarding action map. Also keep in mind that PvPvE is being worked on. Game modes can also be created using cut sections of the maps.

    Personally I would like to see more cramped maps, like the fights for Zedek C. Zedek C has to be my favorite point to fight over in the entire game because it's very dense, and fights occur from all directions, horizontal and vertical. If there was a map like Zedek where they just cut the A point away, and just had B C & D, that would be perfect for me.
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  5. DrunkScotsman Scots First Blood!

    a ship boarding map sounds pretty awesome and would love to see how that would work, i think that would be perfect action on a ship. biomes im not to worried about just ideas on more. i agree on the more cramped styles they are fun and hectic
  6. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    I really hope the PvPvE maps are put in around the hive on the world map.

    What would also be cool if Nids held the territory, it had a chance of spreading to other normal PvP territories and so on. So it could be like a plague spreading from the hive. The more territories they control, bigger, badder monsters start appearing in games. One can dream. :rolleyes:

    Then to really expand the PvPvE thing later down the line, we could get incursion events on certain territories adding new factions. If they win, they hold the territory and have a chance to expand.

    Damn I wish I didn't suck at coding or I'd start development on something similar myself.
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  7. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Ronan was meant to come this update I think...
  8. Wulfburk Wulfburk Steam Early Access

    Funny that we are months already from released and there isnt a single asset of the other races like eldar and ork. (buildings and whatnot)
  9. DrunkScotsman Scots First Blood!

    Well I hope we didn't get our hopes up too much if it was
  10. DrunkScotsman Scots First Blood!

    I remember Brent aaying that's it's an imperial world so it wouldn't be getting uniqueness. Even still orks and chaos will defiantly leave their own distinctness of area behind. Eldar not so much just a webway portal

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