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Let's Make Some Noise! Now with MathieuLavoie

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by NoiseMaker, May 27, 2015.

  1. Orgasmotron Orgasmotron First Blood!

    Something that has been bothering me about the pronunciation of the space wolf taunt "VLKA FENRYKA". I think it may be better pronounced as "VULKA" rather than "VILLKA".

    Just a thought, thanks.
  2. space wolves are vikings thats why its "Villka" and not "Vulka"
    just listen to some sweden talking
  3. 500pounds? :eek:
    asheru will be mad at you for calling him fat!:EldarDragon:

    but ya
    sounds do strange things sometimes
    when an ork is 20m away and waaaaghs its like he is 300m away (without the 1 sec delay)
    sounds need to go up!:OrkGoff:
  4. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    Am I the only one who hear random "splat" noises when cruising around in a vehicle?
    It sounds exactly like I roadkill someone, but there are no one to hit and no roadkill to get.

    Also, it seems like it is only the "Loyalist Sound" which comes, so maybe I am actually just so good at roadkilling that I roadkill Loyalists in another map :SMSurprised:
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  5. Playing as Eldar, Orks or Chaos I hear Loyalist battle chatter like my character is saying stuff. I still hear that darned Storm Bolter firing sounds even though I dont have one equipped and there's nobody within 300 yards of my character. I still hear random Autocannon(from Pred) firing and firing and firing. Sometimes it's so bad I have to just leave the match.

    Is anyone still working on sound issues?

    The spacial awareness issues(see my videos above) are crucial, game breaking bugs. Having melee opponents "poof" appearing seemingly out of thin air behind our character, that opponent making no sounds what so ever, cannot be happening.

    What's really strange is on some maps I can hear enemy footsteps through 3 foot thick walls. Hearing an opponent runing up the back steps of objective B on Pegasus comes to mind. Yet other times I can have an army of enemy Orks 3 feet behind me and never hear their footfalls. My first hint that there's a 500 pound Ork behind me is their strong attack to my spine. This can't be happening guys.

    Please fix spatial awareness sounds issues guys! We're counting on you!
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  6. Vlkodlak Vlkodlak First Blood!

    Yeah random sounds popping while driving a transport is a bug I have since the beginning. Sometime it's like I run on someone sometimes it's like I have a gunner on the top firing (when I'm alone in the transport)... It's really weird.
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  7. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    One of the more recent bugs now, seems to have came in with a patch or two ago.

    These new announcer voices, im hearing LSM announcers voice when playing CSM. He even cheers for a LSM victory at the end of a match, even if the LSM were crushed by the might of Chaos.
  8. must be alpha legion guy :O
  9. Nah that is working as intended. Space Marines are incapable of losing even if we beat them due to lore, Geedubs contractual goodies.
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