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Let's Make Some Noise! Now with MathieuLavoie

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by NoiseMaker, May 27, 2015.

  1. LifeSteal Effect: I finally fixed the issue with the lifesteal sfx. It took me a while to figure this out, since the programmer who worked on that feature was off in vaccation. So it was not easy to figure out where that sound event was triggered. Anyway so now it plays a sort of more abstract sfx for the lifesteal, again sorry for that one, it went under my radar

    As always thanks for the input and keep it coming
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  2. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Hoho, i just noticed you actually did add the "lash" effect to the Lash of Slaanesh this patch. Honestly i dont feel it sounds cheesy, it sounds quite fitting and appropriate. Good job on the Lash Mathieu!

    I dont know if my ears have gotten used to it, or if you lowered the volume, but the Stream of Corruption seems to be quieter. Granted i still hope you revisit this at one point and give it more love in a form of toying with the speed of the "voice" in the background (or other parameters to make it sounds more somber, sickly and wheezing as the Flesh Circle "voices" are) or adding something new alltogether. In my eyes (ears?), its currently the only psychic power on the Chaos side that is lacking in the awesomeness that the other powers share when it comes to audio quality.

    But i guess there are more pressing matters right now, like making sure that THEY HAVE TASTED MY BLOOD! (that bug is still around). Good luck on resolving these current audio bugs.
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  3. Glad you like the new Lash of Slaanesh and yes I reverted the volume of the voice elements in Stream of Corruption. I'll leave it on hold for the moment. To be franc i personnaly like it as is.

    Now regarding the random Barks issue, we are having a hard time reproing this, so i need some help. Everyone, if you could please answer those questions we would appreciate.

    1-I get the feeling this bug is relavely new, i think the first mention of this bug occur a bit before Christmass, right?
    I don't remember anybody mentionning this at launch. I'm asking because we have not touch VOs on the audio side since launch. So if "recent", it means the issue is probably on code/engine side.

    2-Is it always the same 2-3 lines that plays? or any automated lines?

    3- Is it always Chaos lines? or it can happen with other faction?

    4-Is it a volume issue, like you heard a line full volume in 2D as if your character was saying it, but it doesn't match your persona (wrong faction, wrong chapter etc)

    5- Does it something plays a lines from faction that is not even part of the match? like a chaos lines is heard on an eldar vs ork match?

    6- Does it happen on the first match, or does it tend to happen more often after 3-5 match in a row?

    Thanks for your input!
  4. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    1. It is "relatively" new, i guess Christmass is a good guesstimate, maybe even a tad earlier.

    2. THEY HAVE TASTED MY BLOOD! is the most often heard one. You can also hear APOTHECARY! and at times random pain grunts. What is confusing is that, its always the SM voice irrelevant of the faction. If you are on the CSM or Eldar you hear this, im sure the Orks have the issue too but i havent tested it. It also happens on SM.

    3. Its always LSM lines being repeated. Unless you meant if its a problem on all the factions, then yes, including the LSM themselves.

    4. Yes, its abnormally loud, as if emanating from the character himself. Its often happens while you spawn in a Rhino for example (or another transport), you hear that LSM voiceline so loud but since your are in the transport it should neither something your character can produce (because you cannot press T inside a vehicle) nor be heard at that volume.

    5. Yes, often you hear these LSM voicelines when you are neither playing nor fighting the LSM. They dont need to be in a match for it to occur. But as said above, its only the LSM voices, no other factions voice is played like this.

    6. Thats a hard one, cant say i put attention on catching a pattern. I will say that recently im getting another strange bug after a few matches played, that the sound "lags behind". I spawn somewhere and dont hear the spawn emote, then it triggers on its own like a minute later. Any press of T (cheer function) will result in silence from your character, and it will randomly play your cheers later on.

    Also gunfire seems to break too, when firing the bolter for example it sounds like someones chopping the full audio of a single bolt round being fired in half, sounds very annoying and glitchy.
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  5. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    1 - Yes that is correct at least for me. It has been a long time that this bug has persisted and way before christmass but it wasn't very noticable back then, for me it became more and more common to happen lately!

    2 - When I play as any faction I always manage to hear a Space Marine yell "Apothecary", "I bleed", "We are the flame of humanity" or even one time where a Lascannon death scream scared the hell out of me. The match doesn't have to contain Space Marines either, I just hear it even if I'm playing for example Chaos vs Eldar. So far I haven't heard any of other faction's barks other than those wierd Space Marine... things... suddenly happening loudly in my ear as if it was played right where the camera is. So no, it's not always the same lines for me and I so far didn't actually hear any other faction's sound effects play that randomly in my ear other than space marines.

    3 - Answered in 2 pretty much - I hear only Space Marines randomly, no chaos or any other faction's barks.

    4 - Yes, the line was heard as if my character was saying it, or actually even louder since even my character's own barks aren't loud enough, the ones that are heard are way more closer to camera I would say, still 2d.

    5 - Answered in 2 aswell I guess - happens any time in any match no matter what faction is playing, just a random lsm bark happens.

    6 - Keeps happening no matter how many matches I play in a single session...

    Hope it helps
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  6. 1) Roughly yes

    2) Most of the time it's "Did you taste my blood?" Or "they have tasted my blood!" One of those two. no matter what faction are in match right now

    3) When you play Chaos, you get that bug more often it feels like, but it can happen with Orks and LSM as well

    4) Uh... don't know if i read the question right. It happens mostly when i die, and see the map again (after countdown you can spawn) and suddenly i hear it

    5) It's always LSM lines, no matter the faction

    6) Can't answear. It's random somehow...

    Hope that helps
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  7. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    I can usually hear the "cry for a medic" (regardless of faction) across the whole map when an ally calls for one, and sometimes the old bug with the "Heavy Bolter being hear map wide" seems to trigger again.
    Not certain any of this helps though ^^

    1) Yep, I started having the sound bugs appear since around Christmas or possibly in the first part of January.

    2) The lines seems a bit "random" to me, but I will try to look out for this some more and write down the lines I hear.

    3) I know I have heard it as LSM too, and the Heavy Bolter SFX as Eldar.

    4) Not certain, but since it is usually the "wrong VO" then I don't think it got anything to do with the volume.

    5) Not certain

    6) Not certain

    This doesn't really help a whole lot :/
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  8. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    1. I have had this issue since November if I recall.

    2. It is always "I need health" lines from the LSM subfaction.

    3. I only ever get LSM lines.

    4. I wouldn't say it's 2D, but it's definitely audible though I can't say other are hearing my character say it.

    5. Can't really say, I usually only play LSM enough for it to happen.

    6. I think it happens at complete random, regardless of matches played.
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  9. Chuffy Chuffster Deacon

    The LSM Apothecary callout or sometimes death sound (and occasionally "they have tasted my blood") occurs shortly after a vehicle I have spawned appears. This happens 4 to 8 seconds from driving off the vehicle spawn.

    I would guess you have something that is tied to the wrong entity, as these sounds appear to travel with the vehicle as if hooked to it.

    Affected vehicles seem to be all the tracked ones, to the best of my recollection. Although I don't play Eldar, so I could be wrong.

    I also suggest that the multiple correct vehicle sounds may have something to do with this. You have an underlying track/wheel-squeak sound and also separate various engine sounds. From time to time when travelling (powered, not free rolling) the engine sound goes silent, but the wheel/track sounds remain. Almost like the sound trigger event from player pressing forward is missed. They could be unrelated, in which case you have two problems. :/

    Unfortunately I can shed no light on the zonewide full volume heavy bolter sounds, which can also be Abaddon's Grace sounds, as I have not noticed what seems to trigger it.

    I hope this makes sense. I've done sound mods before and UE, but as a one man team I never had to explain it to anyone else. :)
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  10. Tremor BlackGoo Subordinate

    For me it is ALWAYS : they tasted my blood, but ok I am playing 95% chaos at the moment.

    2nd thing : in pve i had the music loud and rest like a silencer.
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