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Let Me Draw Your Rp Character! Its Free!

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wincent, May 21, 2015.

  1. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    This still open? you don't mind if I throw in my own character would you?

    Jack Tower
    An Imperial guard veteran, Jack is the last survivor of his regiment and is now standing as part of a ragtag group of misfits

    Equipped in an old worn out suit of full carapace armor meticulously painted red by Jack himself, the number 232nd is emblazoned on the shoulder pads to represent the New Byzantine regiment his old regiment. Wielding an old outdated Hellgun variant attached via a cumbersome power cord to a heavy powerpack mounted on Jack's back. He carries an assortment of items on his utility belt including a number of knives in their sheaves, a canteen and even a single junior Commissar's hat attached by its back to a hook on the belt itself.

    Jack himself is a thin man, with a narrow face and tired eyes, he has had more than one brush with death and it shows on his face. Despite his experience however Jack usually elects to remain standing up straight when not in a combat situation and even manages to retain a drill stance when in the rare presence of authority, the weight of his equipment is a heavy burden to carry for long periods of time though.
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  2. Of course, it is still open :p I am just a bit lazy today. Alot of shit happen at home and I haven't had the time to draw up anything. I apoligize and I will take the next request tomorrow... which is a ork apparently :D
  3. draws me request D: or isses it too hard/wierd?
    Or dident i cath the note wheer you talked about it?'
  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    He isn't that far down the list yet.
  5. i dont know. i havent follwoed the thread. im just an A-hole bandwagoner
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Then shhhhh and lean back :p
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  7. Don't worry :D The images comes in the order they are posted on this forum. I do about 1-2 images per day... (except yesterday)
  8. image.jpg
    Image update. I have gotten this far on the image, added a flaming topknot :p will continue tomorrow (swedish time)
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  9. I hope I'm not too late D:

    Sarik stands at about 6 foot 8 by human measurements, an outcast of the craftworld of Iyanden of his own choice. His face is clean, save for a few dark tattoos, dots, that line the top of his almond eyes right above his eyebrows and below his eyelids. He has long black hair that is all pulled back neatly and falls around his shoulders, he rarely ties it into a knot.As for his outfit, he wears the blue aspect armor of a dire avenger, a few red gems of various sizes imbedded into the surface on the chest and shoulders. Two bandoliers are strapped over his shoulder and across his waist, the latter having a waist cloth hanging as low as his shins. A few plasma grenades hang from the shoulder bandolier and a jet black helmet with pure gold eyes hangs from his belt on one side toward the front, with a shuriken pistol strapped to his belt just behind it while a sheathed, slightly curved sword hangs from the opposite side. The armor completely covers his entire body up to his neck, even hugging his jawline and creeping up onto his face barely.Just under the the shoulder pads but over his armor is a long, hooded, dark brown/almost black coat, sleeves going halfway down his arms and the coat itself trailing down to just below his knees.
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  10. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member


    Guess I could enjoy begin around here...
    Ahhh Liquid supremacy.png
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