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Let Me Draw Your Rp Character! Its Free!

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wincent, May 21, 2015.

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    -Maxis Furiso
    Height 8 ft

    Space marine Maxis Furiso Is a blood raven tech marine Often equipped with a Servo harness and a Combiplasma and chain sword he is often time seen on the field repairing Various vehicles in the blood raven chapter Several of his limbs are Bionic from past battles including his right leg, left arm and right eye . His armor itself shows wear of past battles many agiasnt the enemies of man wears a robe over it that usually cover most of his armor. His helmet itself is a modified Corvus Variant that is modified to fit his bionic eye. Often times he is accompanied with a servo skull that helps him keep a eye out for things and possible hidden relics that the blood ravens Could *Recover* He carries on his belt a large tome of records of his journies and often times information he gathers on mankind's foes and of its fallen heros. His face shows that of a space marine with that of a scarr baring near the right side of his temple from a sniper almost landing a hit and wound from a auto pistol bullet that was stopped by his skull his hair is short and black but is cut near the right side of his head and covered with a wire goes from his bionic eye to his helm.

    -Vulpin Lumen
    height 6,8 ft

    Vulpin stands at a 6 feet 8 inchs height. he Is a inquisitor of the Ordo hereticus with black hair and blue eyes he is a Psyker with several scars about his face in chest Often time in trench coat and carapace armor he gives a stance of determination when doing his work often at the side of his men or other allies of the imperium that fights the threats that come from within.He is often seen wielding a Force sword and bolt pistol and is accompanied by A familiar Grinx name Jaren. In Combat he Often uses his bolt pistol Taking out enemies of man that get close and when they get in melee ranged Holding them back with his force sword.

    -Alexandra Nox
    Height 6,9 Ft

    Alexandra Nox Is a adult psyker with various mutations over her body including what seems to extend canines, Long brown hair and patchs of hair that grow over her arms and legs Animal like eyes that often reflect light and Warp claws instead of hands. She has been seen wielding a mesh of armor and robe that covers her body and wielding a Bolt pistol and Force Staff With a Book that seems to have a mark of a blue Phoenix on it. She is often seen with Seth Often times at his side doing experiments with him on there Projects. Often time her stance can be summed up to Thinking of what to do next and possibly of how to developed her powers further and further there experiments Several medical tools can be seen hanging from the side of her robes.
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  2. Thanks for doing that my character earlier Wincent :D Here is my formal post to you.
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  3. Oliver pulse. Say what you think about this version of him :D IMG_5580.JPG
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    Sweet! Thanks! :D
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    You should post a description.... xD
  7. mmmmm. i will have to find the ones descriping him then :p
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    Name: Thain Greywold - Player Grall Stonefist
    Class: Skyclaw/assault marine (Sergeant)
    Chapter: Space Wolves

    - Ice bane (frost axe)
    - Mark III boltgun
    - Mark V runic armor
    - Fenris patten wolf helm
    - Jump pack
    - wolf tooth necklace
    - small bottle of Fenrysian Ale

    1. Melee Proficiency.
    2. Supreme Melee Proficiency.
    3. Huge size (in due to the canix helix spacewolfs are often vary alot in size because of the instability, and Thain is rather large).
    4. Great strength ( it comes with the size)

    1. Defiance of authority
    2. Vengeance no matter what
    3. Why range? Allways go for melee
    4. Hates wearing his helmet and will drop it at any good chance.
    5. Bad aim.

    Furious anger - Once angered, then it will be unleashed!
    Short fuse - Easy to snap upon provocations.

    Chapter Trait / Flaw:
    Curse of the Wulfen – can fall to the curse of the Wulfen and become a savage beast; also increased senses

    Mission #5 Trait/Flaw: The First Signs - Thain started to notice that the Curse of the Wulfen started to evolve within him.

    Thats all I found from the char sheet. From original DW that is.
  9. Ark oh yes the first one. not that different from the Darry one :p
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    Not much physical description tho :/

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