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Let Me Draw Your Rp Character! Its Free!

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wincent, May 21, 2015.

  1. Name: kragger rhaas

    Description: kragg has a heavily warped face parts of his lips are fused together he has a purple mohawk and his armour looks like pink and purple splashed on his armour , the speakers on his shoulders are the shape of marks of slanesh he has a black leagion symbol on his left hip that reaches down to his foot he has long claw hands (never brought into the rp because i forgot to >~<) and a has a black deamon sword that has a commisar skull with a balif eye at the hilt amd thw cross guard is curved forward and a blast master he is taller than the average space marine the cords of his blast master trail from his gun to his pack and to his chest and his ears look like old fashion mics and he has self mutilation marks on his chest neck and back amd he has a flesh cape made out of you guessed it people and he has random writings on his armour completely donw himself (you can write what ever you wish)


    Amd if you wish to throw in other things go right ahead and if you flesh him out i will be very thank ful and younshould have a idea on what he should look like
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  2. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    Ohi you grot! Ohi Loike diz Oiddea!

    Name: 'Ead Ztompa Da Krooza Nob

    Class: Cibork Stormnob

    Equipment: Buzz Killa, Combi Powa-Rippa Choppa(basically a chainsword with electrical effects), a Stikkbomb belt, Kustomised Rokkit pak

    Description: Heavely augmented body with ramshakle components; my left eye is a sniper scope, the right one a mass of wires and red lenses; most of the "squishy bits" left are on the face, most of the right arm, from the right shoulder down to around half the leg; the left cibork arm has implanted an improvised engine at the level of the forearm; the rokkit pak is as big as the ork, with two wide wings close to the top of the jump pack, with several types of additional thrusters "borrowed" from other races' vehicles; stikkbomb belt; Lot of blue paint on the Rokkit Pak, plus some stripes here and there on the armor; DeffSkull tattoo on the right shoulder.

    Now get bak to work, ya grot!

    .......If it isn't too much bother for you....
  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Here you go:


    Being a giant of a man, even among the Angels of Death, this Sky Warrior of Russ towered among most of his brethren. Standing almost three meter tall, 9 feet to be precise. Full clad in Modified Power Armor to fit his body, weighing only little beneath a ton. Yet one would be wrong to assume this man was not swift.

    Despite the extreme muscle mass causing majority of his weight - besides the Power Armour itself of course. He was also quick, for Human standards anyway. He might be not as silent as the Raven Guard, not as swift as the White Scars, nor have a bloodlust like the children of Sanguinius. But he had a Chainsword and the unbending will to kill in order to survive. As Blood Claw, used to have his feet carry him quick on the front lines to smash Orks, Eldar and Heretics alike, destroying the foes of the Emperor and Russ.

    After having given his name to the Commissar he walked in silence into the womb of the ship. Sniffing the Blood Angel Successor, the man who is the cause for Steinar being here. Eventually finding a trail, he made his way toward the origin.

    His medium-length, light brown hair growing wild in all directions from his head, while the beard being the complete opposite as it was neatly knotted in one long piece, adorned with runes in three steady intervals. They seemed to work as clips for the beard itself. One was the symbol of Fenris itself. One was the symbol of the Blood Claw. And the last was blank, yet to be engraved with a heroic deed.
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  4. Nice nice... I will draw these whenever I have spare time :D
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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    This is a great idea! And my secret weakness is I love having people draw my characters. But you've already got a few to draw, and I don't want to overload you. :)

    Perhaps you could some of the Exodites? And dinosaurs!


    Has anyone got any brain bleach? Tired eyes saw the Sky and the clad part and for a minute there was a sky clad Space Wolf. Please no.
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Say wot? xD
  7. I might be able to produce one or two images today. Also, just as a warning. I will take them in the order they where posted in the forum, for the reason of justice. :D
  8. image.jpg
    Here we go. The first image.
    I used a sketch from Google images to get an idea on details for the scout uniform. Took some smaller liberties as I added a shotgun and a unmarked banner. Hope this is up to satisfaction. Next image: "Oliver pulse" ,will come tomorrow.
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  9. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Name: Argyle Voncarr

    Class: Chaos Astartes

    Gender: Male

    Warband/Legion/Other Association:

    Regular Equipment:
    Power Sword [Balanced for double or single hand grip]
    Bolt Pistol
    Collar of Khorne
    Power Armor MK Six 'Beakie'


    Rare are the moments Argyle forsakes his armor, only stripping so that war plate might be seen to an adept for repairs, or if one is lacking he himself will tend to it as he has learned to do over the years. The armor itself is a standard suit of Mark Six Corvus pattern Power Armor washed clean of any heraldry or marks of alignment, sitting at its flat grey base color only ever to be painted in the heat of combat with fresh blood. When going to war he will don a tabard marked out with the visage of screaming Blood Letters stepping around the brass symbol of the Blood God to announce just who exactly shall be claiming the souls of the dead that day. Whether off or on the field Argyle always wears his Collar of Khorne to guard against the foul touch of witches and warlocks, though if traveling somewhere best to keep his allegiances hidden a rather fetching black scarf will be coiled about his neck to keep it out of sight.

    Like his collar both bolter and blade are ever at his side. The former being a simple pistol drawn only to cut down chaff standing between himself and worthy prey, while jutting up from just over his shoulder is the handle of a power sword. Pommel spiked for added utility in combat the rest of the handle is crafted from reinforced wood about an actual metal core that merely serves a sense of vanity whilst the blade is about as basic as they come being a double edged straight sword made from standard materials. Argyle carries no real attachment to the weapon despite it having been with him for decades, intending to reforge or replace it into something worthy of a name when the opportunity arises.

    Aside from his equipment all that remains is Argyle himself. His physique is built much like any other Astartes, leaning toward the tilt of an agile duelist rather than a hulking brute for those capable of discerning such subtle differences amongst the copy and paste muscle heads that make up those Space Marines, whether Emperor or Warp bound. Of any difference from other battle brothers Argyle is blessed with a full set of hair dyed walnut brown and tied back into a pony tail that usually hangs lopsided off from either side of his neck seeing as his power pack keeps it from draping down the back. His features are a bit sunken yet not so deep like an Astropath and instead are just angular enough one might actually find him handsome.

    A quote to sum it all up: "Power in Posture, Power in Arms."

    As per request :D
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  10. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Sweet thanks! You are awesome. :D
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