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Let Me Draw Your Rp Character! Its Free!

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wincent, May 21, 2015.

  1. Sorry... I don't think I will be able to make your image. I am trying to focus on improving my performance and while I have while attempting to draw your orc haven't I managed to create something of... well, acceptable standard :( sorry. Orks are hard :p

    Hai, What can I do for you?
  2. hmmm... let me think
  3. name: matt Azriel
    space marine chapter: the alfa legion
    rank: chaplain
    note: just like my profile pic, but riding a bike
  4. Ohyoupokedme Poked First Blood!

    Understandable. Thanks anyway :D
  5. Kosiarka_Zemsty Dri Steam Early Access

    Heya is it still avaliable? Because i have my OC but can't really make it
  6. hmm, well lets hear it :D what would you like?

    (I am currently without internet and my phone is down untill sunday... I can only check this because I am on my laptop at my school... so... anyway tell me what you have in mind)
  7. Kosiarka_Zemsty Dri Steam Early Access

    i missclicked xD
    Welp again desc of my OC:
    Name: Deril
    Occupation: Imperial Guard
    Rank: Comissar
    Age: 28 (some scars on face)
    Hair: Medium lenght,black
    Apperance: Standard Comissar outfit with breastplate and plates on legs.Tall (about 1,95m) and slim,small horns under cap,small smile
    Weapons:Bolter in right hand and and longsword in left hand

    If you want some more information i will add them
    Good luck
  8. Well since this is a free service I guess I would like a picture of my first (and to this day, best) Dark Heresy character. His name is "Armadeus Argastes" and he is a Frontier world, Heretek, Seeker. He is about average build and is around 65 years old. He has short messy white hair and long eyebrows with sunken eyes. The right side of his head is shaved for some cranial circuitry just behind his ear and he has a wrinkled and weather-beaten face. His lower face is covered by a respirator unit implant and he has a slight hump on his back because of a crude potential coil. He also has circuit board pattern electoos with a finger probe on his left hand and He is dressed with a simple grey robe with a satchel and a lightly colored flak cloak draped over his shoulders. He is armed with a Daemon sword that is flesh-covered called 'splitter' and a revolver with a long barrel called 'forgiveness'. He is extremely paranoid and slightly sociopathic due to his experiences.

    Go ahead and take any artistic liberties you want I am not picky :)

    P.S I did not come up with the names for the weapons blame the GM.

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