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Let Me Draw Your Rp Character! Its Free!

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wincent, May 21, 2015.

  1. Alright, fixed the face a bit :D Better? :D

    Male rebell.jpg
  2. Lileath Chikashia Firebrand

    Aye! That's good now.
  3. Goodie :D
  4. Ohyoupokedme Poked First Blood!

    Is this still available?
  5. Yeah :D
  6. Ohyoupokedme Poked First Blood!

    Sweet. I would like to request.
  7. Sure :D what do you have in mind?
  8. Ohyoupokedme Poked First Blood!

    Name: Dewmjaw Spikyteef

    Faction: Ork

    Appearance: Dewmjaw is an ork. He enjoys being sneaky and shooty. He has a bald head, and he sharpens his teef so they are pointy and sharp, good for bitin'. He wears a crudely made leather squig skin hat (a cowboy hat basically :p) on his head, wears goggles with red lenses, and has a squig leather vest decorated with various orky symbols and dakka rounds. He wears black boots and has one cybernetic arm made from scraps. Dewmjaw lost his arm from a Heavy Bolter and had to get a replacement one so he could still shoot. He also has a small scar on his chin.
  9. so basicly your signature?
  10. Ohyoupokedme Poked First Blood!

    Lot if inspiration there but not exactly. I was just kinda made up the appearance as I went along, and kept looking at my sig and thought "huh that'd be cool" and just jotted it down...

    If you can avoid making it an almost exact replica that'd be great.

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