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Legion Speculation

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Policenaut, Oct 16, 2013.


Which Legion would you prefer?

  1. Night Lords

    73 vote(s)
  2. Alpha Legion

    48 vote(s)
  1. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Night Lords for sure, along with the Alpha Legion and Word Bearers. It really should be the Black Legion, Word Bearers, Alpha Legion, and Night Lords if they're going by Chaos Undivided. I doubt the Iron Warriors would be one of the first four Legions considering they're more specialist and would be apt for DLC.
  2. Typhuss TyphD Active Member

    This post contains personal beliefs and speculations... And typos... Lots of typos.

    I really found it odd that they did choose Iron Warriors to be the first legion at chaos side. And after there were no sign of their loyal counter part Imperial Fists, I was even more puzzled. I was hoping that Iron Warriors were going to stay true to their reputation and be the siege masters but I wonder if that is going to happen now...
    Now if rivalry and history would be anything to go by, I think it would be Ultramarines vs. Word Bearers, Blood Angels vs. Black Legion, Space Wolfs vs Thousand Sons and Dark Angles vs. Night Lords. But that in gameplay wise could be problematic in my opinion... And with Iron Warriors been chosen and locked I think this is highly unlikely scenario.
    Gameplay wise similar faction and counter parts in my opinion could be Ultramarines vs. Word Bearers, Blood Angels vs. Black Legion, Space Wolfs vs. Word Eaters and... Dark Angles vs. maybe Alpha Legion (both with their secrets....). Again highly unlikely since the Iron Warriors already have their spot. But as far as gameplay speculating, I think these legions would be great match for each others...
    There is also the four major gods, their daemon princes with their legions that, at least I personally would like to see, having in game. Khorne with Angron and World Eaters. Slaanesh with Fulgrim and Emperor's Children. Nurgle with Mortarion and Death Guard. And for last but not least Tzeentch with Magnus and Thousand Sons. Again gameplay wise maybe not the smartets choices. And even influence of four gods and primarchs at chaos side might be too OP... I mean all the loyal legions primarchs are MIA or KIA or otherwise out of the play. And even the so called "god" Emperor is in semi bad shape...
    As some have speculated already too, my money is in for chaos undivided super faction. It might not be the most color full of the combos but it would serve well gameplay wise as they wouldn't have to add all the difrend chaos god gifts and so on.. It might be like this: Iron Warriors (confirmed) Black Legion (because it would be like Imperium without Ultramarines) Word Bearers (largest chaos force by numbers [correct me if I'm wrong] and it's good to have some zeolots) and the last spot goes to....
    And now we get to the point. Night Lords vs. Alpha Legion. I cast my vote to the Night Lords because I think Night Lords tactics would fit better to the game lore wise. I just don't see Alpha Legion go in mass for a battle field. I see Alpha Legion more as saboteurs and users of cheap tactics (all with love and respect ofc) than a front line troopers. It's hard to see also what their motive would be. I'm sure they could come up with something fitting but still... Night Lords have the reputation of savage fighters that could be a good match against wolfs gameplay wise. And as Aconti did say, they are included in the pictures Miguel Caron did upload to facebook.
    So yeah Night Lords

    Geez... I ended up with wall of text and shoving my opinions all over the forum. Not the first post I wanted, but maybe the first post this forum deserves from me. Sorry for all the typos I surely did include to the post! :D
  3. Malkryst Malkryst Curator

    Night Lords for me, but I think both of these Legions will be in.

    The Imperials are supposedly getting 5 space marine chapters - the four confirmed ones, plus another from a player vote. So, assuming we get 5 too, and that the Devs will choose to avoid the four "cult" Legions (Thousand Sons, World Eaters, Emperor's Children and Death Guard - because they're not really Legions any more and they don't give players much choice on what they'd get to play), then I suspect our 5 choices will be all five Chaos Undivided Traitor Legions, with no vote needed.

    Although it might be interesting if they offered us a vote with Red Corsairs as an option - it might be amusing to swan around in the colours of an Imperial chapter with big red crosses through the chapter insignia and the Imperial aquila broken/defiled - that would probably upset a few Imperial players ;)
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  4. Let the fifth legion be the WORLD EATERS BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! chaos-champion-of-khorne.jpg
  5. Tough one. I really like both. Hmmm... I'd go with Alpha, they're less sociopaths than the Night Lords. Plus I always love some subterfuge.
  6. Shaughn Vayl Subordinate

    While this seems to be unlikely as the Word Bearers already seem to be in, I'd be very curious to see the first four Chaos Legions/Warbands be representative of the four Chaos Gods. For example:

    -The Thousand Sons (Tzeentch)
    -The Death Guard (Nurgle)
    -The World Eaters (Khorne)
    -The Emperor's Children (Slaanesh)

    That would allow each option to provide abilities to the player.
  7. Cappn Cappn Subordinate

    Black Legion
    Iron Warriors
    Alpha Legion
    Word Bearers

    The rest aren't really legions anymore, since they kinda got stomped or obliterated themselves.
  8. Malkryst Malkryst Curator

    You say that like being sociopathic is a bad thing - the 40k universe is so grimdark I think it's a necessary survival mechanism :D
  9. DizzyKD Member

    Night Lords.
  10. Gvin New Member

    Gidra Dominatus

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