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Legion Of The Damned

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Corphy, Nov 23, 2013.


Should Legion of The Damned be included?

  1. No

  2. Yes--i dont care how

  3. yes--they should be in the chapter vote

  4. yes--they should be included some other way


  1. Dammed Legionaries on bikes anyone?
  2. DreadForce83 DreadForce83 Well-Known Member

    Lorewise LotD do make extensive use of bikes. How that will turn out here in E.C. remains to be seen.
    Every MMORPG has a mount, so it would be cool at least to have a skin for a bike that resembles those Legionaries bikes (if the very legion in question can't be implemented within E.C. on any scale that is, or NPC). In either case, a skin or a special collectable item like "Complete the following quests in order to recieve a special prize bike for your Astartes" would do the job IMO.
  3. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    Maybe, it s a proposition, a concept, that s all.

    Légion of Damned with Bike? And Why not a dreadnought XD: image.jpg
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  4. WraithyMcWraitherton Testy Well-Known Member

    My vote would be for LotD being a special event.
  5. DreadForce83 DreadForce83 Well-Known Member

    I still can't believe why players would object to greater diversity of Eternal Crusade by voting "No".
    This game will follow the Wh40k setting and will reffer to a lot more than just four sides at each other's throat.
    Post launch is where E.C. will start showing it's true colours and developers want the best ideas and suggestions.
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Because as I stated, if the LotD should be included, then ppl will demand others, and then it will be rainbow marines.

    That is what most ppl fear. And we do not know how the story will be and how it will be added.

    Most likely how it will be is that we will get a basic story which explains the conflict, but the storyline from then on will be player written. But I still say.... 5 is the upper chapter limit in my opinion or better said 9 (each legion) but more than that? screw it.... ^^
  7. Not only have I located the Legion of the Damned, I found there forum. The Inquisition will be so impressed!:)
  8. I'm not sure if you are aware this game is not instanced with maps like COD or Battlefield, only instances will be Dungeons.
    Once you deploy to surface you either go solo, join some random group, or go around with your guild (chapter) in a completely open world. Check Planetside 2 gameplay for how it will aproximately look/work.
    So there will be no system that auto groups you with other players and then deploys you to warzone.

    and you won't be able to choose your chapter on the fly, when you start you'r character and you choose your chapter thats it for the rest of that characters gamelife, cause there will probably be chapter specific bonuses. So if you wanna play another chapter you gonna have to make new character with allegiance to desired chapter.
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  9. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    This system is for particular situation. And don t be worry, i saw the gameplay of PS2, so i know what to expect ^^
  10. DreadForce83 DreadForce83 Well-Known Member

    Well we wouldn't want rainbow Mahreeens now would we :D.

    Until next update, all of ya feel free to enjoy this very forthcoming kinda 40k vid:

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