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Legion of the Damned is Pay to Win (Official response EOT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eldritch, May 16, 2017.

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  1. Lootmasta Kaptin_Pokkets Arkhona Vanguard

    They already discussed that, and all you get with RTC is nifty weapon skins and Elites. If the devs decided to go down the route you suggested, then the game will have already been dead when they decided that. And if you're too much of a puss to earn your Elite, then I guess you didn't really need that $25 did you? Could have bought a bunch of other games with that money, but noooooo they're too soft to earn it. Besides, those chumps are helping to continue to fund development of the game, so honestly I'm not gonna complain about it now that I think about it. Let them blow their cash, in the end it only helps me.
  2. Delgear Steam Early Access

    this is actually incorrect .... abadons grace and the AC both do 133 base damage, with high pen and accuracy, however a single headshot in the calculation puts Abbadons grace in killing range in 2 rounds :: one to the head one to the chest, ac needs to literally land 2 head shots ..... both guns are primarily used in long range HW duels, and as such generally get their first hit "for free" on unawares targets in ... you guessed it the HEAD .... 266 +133 = 399 factor in toughness and that isnt a guaranteed kill however 266 + 133 + 50 most certainly is .... so after your "free" headshot you only have to hit "anywhere" with AG for a kill, add on top of that that 2 body hits from an AC is 266 and 2 from AG is 315 and now AG kills an unarmored target in 2 while the ac doesnt ..... the AG does indeed kill an entire round faster in almost every case view able save a double headshot from both. you cherry picked the only spot they are the same because they both do way too much damage to survive on a double headshot. AG has a much higher DPS, and kill potential than a regular unmodded AC. Its why despite them having the same "raw dps" when comparing rounds vs damage per round the AC gets picked almost every time over the HB because the damage on the AC is done before most people can even react ..... sure if you fired an AC and a HB at the same time for 10 seconds you would have very similar dps's but the first shot has no delay, so an AC does alot more "burst damage" up front this is further exacerbated by ADDING damage per shot from the debuff .... you literally do 2 shots worth of damage in a single fire ate cycle for both guns, but the AC has a lot higher "doubletap" damage at the start .... 50 damage is about a 10% DPS increase for the good Ol AG ... without even figuring in this little trick of math. so it has in fact a HIGHER than 10% DPS increase ratio for the upgrade.

    The more in gameplay you disengage your current target (because they are dead or gone) and engage another target the more the startup "doubletap" firing becomes your actual active DPS, since thats all you need to kill with AG it will also drastically outperform while re orienting on other targets as well ... if you figure in the charge up and reload times of weapons it is one of the MOST insane weapons for total DPS in the entire game by a stark margin. only outweighed y some weapons who do 1.5k+ a charged shot ..... but they cannot sustain the damage as long as an AG can .... and they are "wasting a lot of that dps" by hitting someone for 2k when 400 ish will do the job in most cases.
  3. Belakor666 Steam Early Access

    Uat server is down ?
  4. Konrak KonrakRhaindars Active Member

    Sounds nice.
  5. To be fair, the LOTD is not going to have grenades. This is not the final version that will release, so I am told.

    Not that losing grenades suddenly makes him shit lol.
  6. Davoodoo Recruit

    All elites are pay2win, but this one is actually within current meta...

    Yeah abaddons grace is also pay2win, so is sternguard bolter.
    Every tiniest statistical benefit you can get for rtc is pay2win.

    Its not like you could easily fix the problem with ag and sternguard.
    20lp mod with some stock icon which adds 5 fire ailment and changes tracer to that of ag, done, hour of work?? less??
    As for sternguard, they nerfed drum ammo reserve, but kept it for rtc variant...
  7. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    Ah this ole chestnut

    You actually mean PFTA (Pay for tiny advantage)
  8. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I think they just overlooked the ammo on the Sternguard Bolter.
  9. It hasn't been released yet and you all are crying. I have played competitive online games, by invite and ladders for a long time. This community by far is the biggest bunch of babies and losers I have run into yet. Sorry if this is hostile but this has become a joke.
  10. EL-MACHINO EL-MACHINO Steam Early Access

    Buuu huuuu huuu... The LSM get something what i dont have. So OP! Nuurf Dis! Okay we all have Melee Dot Weapons, Bolter that can shoot through many people, A damn strong Swooping Hawk unic that burst all LSM in few seconds,Autocannons and the grace plus Ace Dakka but its NOT okay when LSM get cool stuff!!

    i´m so done with this shit. LSM are fine because of Grav gun and Stalker Bolter? F*ck this S*it i would chance it for the Necro Chainsword, oder the Swoopinh Hawk unic in a heart beat!
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