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League of Chaos (xAWx / |αAΩω|)

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Death to the false Emperor?


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  1. |αAΩω| (or xAWx)

    ''The League of Chaos''

    Make the Chaos faction great again!


    Like the great storm of the Horus Heresy, the forces of the True Gods
    will descend upon the Emperor's minions.
    Fenris burned, Cadia is gone, the Eye of Terror grew, becoming the Cicatrix Maledictum.

    Traitors, renegades, heretics. For 10 thousand years we have waged the Long War against the
    Imperium of our beloved father, the false emperor on his golden chair.

    The flames of war have consumed Arkhona for quite some time now,
    and even if it's a
    worthless world, without
    any kind of strategic importance, it has become a matter of honour.

    The forces of Chaos will triumph.

    Deep within our secret underground headquarter on the planet,
    the Hydra's Lair, we
    strike the arrogant Eldar, the
    inferior Orks and most importantly,

    our foolish brothers, slaves to their corpse emperor.

    Impurity shall be our armour
    Hate shall be our weapon
    Immortality shall be our reward



    This is the guild for any Chaos player tired of playing
    with mindless team-mates and who's looking for battle brothers
    to fight with in a more organised fashion.

    The goal of the League of Chaos is to aim for victory but not at the cost of randomness, memes, and generally a funny vibe. We win, but we win laughing. (Sanity is for the weak)

    We use Discord to communicate and have our own channel.
    Our members can
    access a section
    with charts and tips to improve your skills in game.

    Previously known as the ''League of Alpharius'', the main Alpha Legion
    guild from the times
    of old, facing the current
    scarcity of Chaos guilds we became a full-chaos guild,

    made for any chaos player regardless of its legion.


    > > > HOW TO JOIN THE LEAGUE < < <

    If you want to join us you have to:

    1- Join our Steam group and
    2- Contact DaveyBoy


    -Discipline leads to Victory

    -It is Victory in War that brings Immortality
    -Immortality is the Gift of Chaos
    -In exchange, Chaos demands Blood
    -Thus, Blood must be ever spilt
    -Therefore, Eternal Life demands Eternal War
    -Eternal War demands Eternal Discipline
    -Chaos will always have Blood: Yours or Theirs...
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  2. Do not reply here. Contact us on Steam!

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