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Leader Duel?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Wincent, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Calbryn Fridders Cipher

    How long is a piece of string? Your qualification for not being stupid is related to buying a video game... that's it.
  2. JC 042 JC042 Well-Known Member

    No, it's from experience of the difference between how people act in normal games and free 2 play games.
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  3. Orks and Chaos yes
    don't know enough about other armies to judge
  4. Khorlial Member

    I could only ever see this being fine for Orks, all you have to do is really think about.
    E.G. What would Eldar do to elect their leaders? Someone who chooses the path of command and is really focused on commanding other than his warriors of which hopefully many will be better fighters.
    Similar with C/SM the leader is choosen by other marines or sometimes CSM by the gods
  5. yes. But wouldn't also a commander/leader need to be able to fight? I mean it could work for all of the races if you twisted it slightly.
  6. Khorlial Member

    Not Loyalist Marines or Eldar I would accept it for Chaos people fighting in a special arena in the eyes of the gods?
    But I liked a point someone made before where people who are really good at pvp but no idea of what to do as a leader would own people who aren't as good but a way better tactician/leader
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  7. Leois Leois Subordinate

    It makes sense from a lore perspective for both Orks and Chaos, so why not? However someone who is good at PvP doesn't mean they'll be any useful when it comes to tactical planning and logistical thinking, they are two different things.

    Someone can always learn such things however though. It might cause drama within guilds and such though and it'll be a whining feast for some.

    The worst kind are those who believe they are so damnable awesome that they don't have to listen, in this case it would be awesome for they'll be challenged by someone who has grown tired of their mewling drooling.

    So yeah, when it comes Orks and Chaos, Dark Eldar as well perhaps in the future?
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  8. Erobar Erobar Subordinate

    Can someone remind me the different groups in EC, because i feel that the only people who should be allowed to challenge a war council member or be elected to the position should be the ones who lead these forces into battle. To prove they have what it takes to order people around and kick some enemy butt at the same time. ;)

    Orks = challenging leaders for the potion if your a nob or a leader of a group of orks in battle, as that's the only true way orks gain leaders in 40k lore. At least i think. :confused:

    Chaos = combination of challenging and electing leaders, chaos war council members can be elected by popular votes, they can do a series of propaganda acts to try to gain the hearts and minds of their companions, then during their term if a group leader or other war council member dislikes their methods then they may challenge their authority and fight to see who wins. If it's a war councilor battle then the winner stripes the loser of their rank and a new election is held for the replacement. If it's a group leader then if the group leader wins then he will be a "temporary" replacement until a new member is elected.

    Eldar and SM = mainly electing, though if enough people are unset by the methods of one or more war council members, then they may have that official kicked out of the council and a new election will be made to find a better one.
  9. JC 042 JC042 Well-Known Member

    But CSM, SM, and Eldar are all pay to play groups, so only giving Chaos this voting system would mean its at an advantage or disadvantage to the SM/Eldar war council. I would argue for such a huge feature in the game balancing should prioritise lore.

    The only reason it would work for Orks is because they are a majority Free2Play group.

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