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Lead-ins For Quests Or Missions Repository

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Loldoom, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    A big roadblock for many GM's is how to start a mission or quest, which is why I'm making this thread. Do you guys have any cool ideas that can be used as a premise for a mission? It doesn't matter if it's for 40k, fantasy or even a historical system, just post it!

    Here's one to start things off:

    An inquisitor asks for a deathwatch team to get a relic for him from the clutches of a secret chaos base on a feral world, pretty standard. However as soon as the battle brothers arrive, one of them gets strange dreams which always detail the answer to the next challenge or chaos ambush.

    When they finally get there, they are confronted with something big, a bloodcrusher alongside a bunch of chaos cultists for example. When they finally get done with it, or stuff gets too bad and they are about to die, an eldar strikeforce teleports in, secures the relic and teleports out again. It turns out those prophetic dreams were actually just machinations of a farseer, making the marines do all the dirty work for the eldar! Of course, maybe the inquisitor isn't quite innocent in all this...
  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Well as most of you are aware I tend to run Rps that are quite...casual, at times lore breaking if not bending and lean towards comedy. One of my most recent endeavors, and something I might form the whole basis of an Rp on, was taking another race and twisting them into something else. Of course the first question one might ask is, why not use the original race that fits the new altered one? Because Orkstartes are way cooler and more fun than regular renegade Astartes I say!

    Having another race imitating another due to some quirk or artifice can lead to interesting situations. Orks playing Astartes felt a bit obvious but I had fun with it and so did most, if not all, my players judging by the feedback I got. So a good series can be first meeting this strange new foe, mayhaps a crazed Tech-marine who thinks himself a Necron...and through utter lore break has infiltrated a dynasty and took over an actual tomb world. Perhaps you've got a Haemoculus that converted an entire Cabal into 'Tyranids', a Carnifex made up of True-borns or Wyches would be a hilarious, pointy, disgusting prospect no?

    A series of missions for this could generally work like this: Meet the threat, Defeat/Retreat from Threat, Find the heart of the matter and tear it out. Short, simple, hopefully sweet. My Death Watch folks have currently beat the first and second stage of the matter and we have moved on elsewhere for a time so things don't go stale~ BUT THEY SHALL BE BACK!

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